HATEFUL: Trudeau Advisor Gerald Butts Despicably Compares Critics Of Trudeau’s “Peoplekind” Comment to ‘Nazis’

This continues the dangerous and divisive Trudeau tactic of demonizing critics and brutally dividing Canadians for selfish political gain.

Trudeau advisor – and taxpayer funded government employee – Gerald Butts has disgracefully attacked critics of Justin Trudeau’s “peoplekind” comment.

He didn’t just try rebuking their criticism, he went to the most predictable and pathetic tool of the disloyal far-left.

He compared them to Nazis.

This is what he tweeted:

Gerald Butts Tweet

It’s a horrendous, and disturbing comparison.

If this is what Butts thinks about people across the world and across the political spectrum criticizing an incredibly dumb statement, imagine what he thinks about the official opposition and our democratic system?

It’s deeply disturbing.

Note a few other things:

The location of the tweet is Chicago, since he’s travelling with Trudeau – on the taxpayer’s dime. So, he’s spreading hateful divisiveness while he’s not even in the country.

Also take a look at the ratio of comments (1.1K), compared to the tiny amount of retweets. That ratio is a sign that the tweet has generated massive opposition, which is exactly what it has done.

Butt’s has been widely condemned for his tweet:

Now, we realize that Gerald Butts has a strategy here, which is to divide Canadians and generate controversy to distract from Justin Trudeau’s refusal to pay back the $200K from his illegal vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island.

Yet, it’s essential to realize that Trudeau and Butts are close friends, meaning that Trudeau almost certainly agrees with the hateful demonization of political opponents.

This shows that Trudeau’s real goal is to completely destroy his political opponents by demonizing anyone who doesn’t go along with his agenda.

It’s a dangerous moment for our country, and Trudeau, Butts, and all the others in the Liberal government must be defeated in 2019.

Canadians deserve leaders who bring our country together, not tear us apart.

Spencer Fernando

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19 comments Add yours
  1. OK, If someone calls me a name so be it. I have broad shoulders. Who cares.

    If someone steals from me and calls me a name for calling him out on being a thief and a liar, we have a porblem.

    Trudeau must be charged criminally for his crime. Then the $200K becomes a legal matter. Why isn’t anyone seeing this.

  2. Problem with Butt’s broad brush dismissal is that Trudeau’s gaffe was mocked worldwide, by those on the left and those on the right of the political spectrum, not only by supposed Nazis, according to Butts. For example, from the leftwing Toronto Star, “For the sake of peoplekind, Justin Trudeau needs to shut his mouth”. Butts as a socialist should know something about Nazis, as they are his socialist cousins. A Nazi was a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

  3. Trudeau and his buddies are like little highchair tyrants when they don’t get their way. And to think these people are running our country….into the ground. They don’t have a clue how to deal with conflict or differing opinions or the maturity. Every word they speak comes from a place of hate. That’s what makes them so dangerous.

  4. Trudeau and his left liberal pigs are now dragging this country through the mud with the rest of the world now involved. This country should be ashamed and embarrassed that this is the best trash we could find to represent us on the world stage. They the liberals have such a lack of respect for this country and its history they changed our National Anthem without a peoples referendum.

  5. Butts is displaying Democrat/Liberal identity politics at it’s worst. If you don’t agree with Trudeau’s virtue signalling, all inclusive leftism, you must be a Rebel Media style Nazi. Sorry Gerry, not everyone who disagrees with your puppet PM’s SJW government is a Nazi. There are plenty of valid reasons that real Canadians are increasingly dissatisfied with Trudeau. Your assumption that Liberals speak for all Canadians is wrong.

    1. I am not a Nazi but as a Canadian I have a right to express and opinion and question
      behavior/statements of elected officials. This feels like I live in a communist regime
      The Rebel Media is not the only other alternative news site that Canadians depend on to find real news. Thank goodness for this site for commentary and news that we could never find when our media is bought and paid for to spin your news. Tick tock time is coming for a change
      in Canada. Ethics have died with the liberals in power in the Canadian Corporation.

  6. This only further shows how Trudeau and ugly Butts take their positions really lightly ….a slap in the face to all CDNS who take their government seriously …this is what not WHO you have elected libtards ….4 years of total waste, arrogance, stupidity , and plain disrespect

  7. Jerald Butts at the PMO calling us all “far-right Nazis”. This coming from a hard left Cultural Marxist, and Justine his Boy King car ornament, trying to enforce 1984 Orwellian Newspeak down our throats…not a joke!

  8. Looks like Mr. Butts is engaging in “Hate Speech.” Defined by the Liberal party as any speech that has the intent to humiliate!
    Interesting, that what goes around comes around!

  9. I hope Scheer can correct all the garbage Trudeau’s govt has imposed on Canadians. It would be great to start with M-103 and go from there.

  10. It is great that our PM is a poster boy for left wing “progressive” plain old stupid. Initially he was making Canada a laughing stock but the derision is not toward Canadians any longer; it’s all about Trudeau. Every action is more dumb than the last. Let his puppet masters, Soros, International Bank of Settlements, etc. take their hell bent agenda and just go straight to hell.

  11. Trudeau and his band of idiots are going down in history as the absolute most incompetent and treasonous group of leaders to ever take power in any moderate country anywhere on planet earth.
    Its that simple..
    Remember the hair, “budgets balance themselves”!!! Why is anyone surprised that this is what happens when we elect a ski instructor to attempt to run an entire country.
    He is so far out of his element it’s sickening. Worst of all, there are still liberals defending his inability to run our country, with any viable sign of integrity. He couldn’t even run a lemonade stand.

  12. Hey Ger…best not to whip out the old Twitter account when you’re drunk or stoned. That could be your excuse. Or maybe you were just, you know, joking. Just saying. Now you owe Canadians an apology, or better still, a resignation. I’ll be waiting. PS Please don’t expect another 100k to move back to Toronto.

  13. Gerald Butts seems to conveniently forget that the Nazi Party was SOCIALIST, just like the Liberals, and their leader was a megalomanic narcissist, just like his leader. And of course just like Goebbels, Butts is putting a positive spin on anything and everything that his master does…. so as Principal Secretary, does that make him Butthead?

  14. Does our Prime Minister not realize how offensive the term “Nazi” is to people of German heritage? Or does he not care. That word is thrown around as if it is quite alright. Some Germans find this term to be as offensive as the “n” word. All he had to do is say that it was not the correct thing to say and I would have been quite content with that. However, he is quick to defend all cultures and races ( and so he should ) but not once have I ever heard him defend anyone of German heritage. Do we not count?

  15. The PM’s chief advisor’s inappropriate response to public reaction to “peoplekind” (hooboy, still can’t believe we have to type that!) can be added to the disturbing tweets showing inappropriate censure of the Manitoba courts in the Colton Bouchie (sp) trial. Agree or disagree with the verdict, but the PM is separate in jurisdiction from the courts.
    Is Mr. Trudeau (and his BFF Mr. Butts) taking a page from our garulous southern head of state?

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