DISTURBING: Trudeau Threatening Strict Regulations On Facebook

Justin Trudeau has consistently shown an opposition to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and it’s no coincidence that he’s threatening to “regulate” Facebook – one of the social networks where opposition to his government is growing the fastest.

A Toronto Star report reveals that a source with “direct knowledge” of a meeting between Justin Trudeau and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says Trudeau is threatening stricter regulation of Facebook if they don’t “stop the spread of misleading information on their platform.”

Here’s a key section of that report:

“As Canadian political parties prepare for the 2019 federal election, the source said Trudeau suggested Ottawa could intervene if Facebook doesn’t adequately address the issues. The source described the conversation as “constructive.” Trudeau’s comments came during a meeting with Sandberg at the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum in Vietnam last November. According to the source, Trudeau was particularly concerned about Facebook identifying the origin of partisan “news” posts or advertisements. Neither the Prime Minister’s Office nor Facebook would discuss the specifics of that meeting.”

This is both disturbing and massively hypocritical.

It’s hypocritical because Justin Trudeau’s close friend and top advisor Gerald Butts just called Trudeau’s critics ‘Nazis,’ and his government lies and spreads misleading information to Canadians on a daily basis.

It’s disturbing because we know that what Trudeau really wants is to eliminate info that is opposed to his worldview. He wants to move towards criminalizing opposition to him and his Liberal government, and use the power of the state to banish information he dislikes from social media platforms.

Additionally, while the Trudeau government claims to be worried about outside powers interfering with our election through Facebook and Twitter in 2019, they have no complaints about the massive amount of money spent by Tides (funded in part by George Soros), on anti-Conservative campaigns in the 2015 federal election.

Trudeau’s disloyalty to our nation means he has no problem with foreign interference when it benefits him, and is only concerned when he thinks it will hurt him.

Dictatorial turn

As we can see, the longer the Trudeau government is in power, the more dictatorial they become. Until they are defeated, they won’t stop trying to expand the power of government, restrict individual freedom, and suppress dissent. That’s why it’s more important than ever for all of us to keep speaking out, keep spreading the truth, and keep making sure that this government isn’t allowed to conceal their dangerous agenda.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. This man is becoming more & more of a dictator as time goes on, all should be worried as little by little our freedoms are being eroded.
    If he can’t deal with the comments & concerns expressed on Facebook , there is a familiar saying ” if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” & we will gladly show you the door

    1. Funny, as I read this article the same expression came to mind. Get out!
      We are not Nazis but Canadian Citizens are awakening to what has been
      done by this party and are fed up. The Patriots will not shut up and will
      not back down. Many of us may be old but we are also wiser and we see
      the patterns of continued oppression here. This great awakening is
      making great strides in the US today and despite little mainstream truths
      about the fallout from ongoing corruption will spill over to Canadians.
      We can be duped no longer by empty suits that profess ‘our best interests’
      and diversity, etc. Not while they are supported by Soros and the
      rest of the Globalists who wish to destroy our Canada ‘true north strong
      and free’.

    2. Good Comment. I belong to several or more Facebook pages that are all anti Liberal, he cannot do shit about those pages. In Fact i run a Page about the Ontario liberal Government, and it is not about the good stuff they do.

      1. Not true. I left FaceBook after being censored over the Orlando Gay Club Shootings. A friend of mine who trained with SWAT teams suggested the injured and dead at the club were probably shot by the Police. I mentioned this on FaceBook and a number of those reading the post slagged me for not supporting the police. In support of my statements I cross-posted a column from the Global Research Site, linked on FaceBook, written by Judge Napolitano who discussed the FBI debriefing of the Orlando Police, who stated that some of their officers involved had indeed shot innocent bystanders at the club (the alleged gunman was killed within seconds of the Police entering the club, but they continued shooting anyway). My repost was removed and further posts on the topic by me were blocked by FaceBook. So yes, FaceBook already folds when cops want them to. They fold when governments such as China want them to. They will fold when Trudeau wants them to. As far as I know there is no uncompromised social media on the internet.

        1. Yes it is true. I’ve been blockedc3 times and it was just to tell that something was a false propaganda and lies made by leftist globalists. These evil establishment control everything. Not only Facebook google, youtube, twitter have censor the free speach since a moment it become worst since France has elected the fake president Macron…also an other one who is removing freedom to speach to people. Left is dictatorship people have to see the truth.

  2. Do we recognize a new Hitler. Isn’t this just what happened under Hitler’s regime. Man I hope he gets ousted next election and badly. Like 4th .

    1. I agree with you Sheila. When you read the stories of survivors from WWII, especially those that were initially bought by the propaganda of Hilter and the Nazi’s, Canada is falling into the same ideology and being destroyed by Hitler II (aka Justine Trudeau). Both Hilter and Justine were/are connected tightly with those of the NWO.

  3. Freedom of speech for Liberal views, only. If you don’t have them, you are of course Islamophobic, racist, and non-inclusive and not a ‘person’.

    1. And don’t forget, you’re now a Nazi to boot. How shameful this pos is. Canada is NOT dictatorial China that he so admires.

  4. our dear leader (dictator) truduh! is a very talented man (?) he can suck and blow at the same time… why does he have a foundation? why did outside sources (soros ?) donate over 535 million in 2016? what do they want in return? why the big donation (millions) to the clinton foundation after winning the election? did the clinton team come up and help truduh! win?

  5. I guess his admiration for Chinas’ style of government just continues to shine through. The Left just laps his BS up without any critical thought whatsoever. The hypocrisy from him and the willful stupidity from his groupies is mindboggling. Is it just me or has the Left abandoned its connection to reality. I can look at past conservative as well as liberal figures and be critical of either, some were alright and some on both sides stunk. The HC has become a dog and pony show with the Liberals having reduced themselves to rubber stamps and barking seals. None even remotely dare oppose the CZAR ; and the media, who used to criticise Harper for his tight reign, say so very little about this little squirts’ intolerant, dictatorial grip. He tells Liberal members to not even apply if they don’t support abortion on demand, forget about the notion of representing a constituency ; pushes for every form of restricting free speech that he can and labels anyone who disagrees with him as some kind of bigot. He’s special alright, but if Canadians re-elect this idiot, then stupidity would have reached a level even Einstein didn’t anticipate.

  6. I am all for trying to limit hostile foreign powers from interfering, but this sounds not good. I have found a lot of progressives and yes unfortunately some conservatives too but more the former seem to be intolerant of those with different views. Besides if worried about Russian interference, the Conservatives under Harper were quite anti-Putin so I really doubt Russia has any gains of intervening to help them. Maybe to help Trump who did have a lot of shady business dealings in Russia, but not Scheer who has been a strong opponent of Putin. Now with how cozy Trudeau has been to China there is a worry there. Note unlike some here I support cooperation with China, but we must be careful and only do so much as is beneficial to us not anymore.

  7. It’s my fault, sorry. I post this video Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts tweets and FB posts about 100 times a day or so. They unhappy and he can’t block me cause that would look even worse. Very un-SJW to shun any person. Again sorry about this Canada: https://youtu.be/pVpfg_6cY2E

  8. Gerald Butts Helped destroy Ontario, and now he is Trudeau’s right hand man, he is set to destroy Canada. Just wait until the federal election and I will post all Trudeaus accomplishments, oh wait, there none! He has done nothing to help Canada in any way. His Father fucked the Country, his son is set on destroying it.

  9. I also run adblockers on my Web Browser, so I never see any adds, so I will not be influenced by bad adds, but I have joined a lot Groups that are dead against the Liberal or NDP Platform, and there is not a damn thing he can do about them.

  10. What is most disturbing is that Trudeau purports to be the arbiter of what constitutes ‘fake news’. For me, the rampant islamophobia (fake word) the liberals seek to address via M103 (fake crisis) is a harbinger of future censorship. Leaders of free countries have no business throttling public or private diaologue on any matter. This was Hitler’s tactic, also Stalin, also N.Korea today.

  11. This is a website you have to bookmark and follow closely. Vivian Krause has verifiable proof of massive interference in Canadian resources and of clearly illegal support of gangs who hide behind their fake environmental masks. Look for Dogwood Initiative and discover how they interfered in the last election to get Trudeau elected.


    No wonder Trudeau wants to control the media. He is giving $75 million to Canadian media in order to control their websites and to use them to watch our participation. Take a close look at the recent M-103 Committee “Recommendations” . In addition to banning “Islamophobia” (whatever the hell that is), there are portions that want greater powers for the police to monitor our communications on the internet and even our cell phones. Khalid, Fry and their M-103, through the “all of Government” garbage, want every level of Government employee to keep an eye on Canadians and to report anything they decide is “offensive” or “hateful”, and likely have their Liberal Islamic Hate Police pound on our doors to arrest us for not thinking like they want us to think. This goes all the way down to our local City Councils and Counties. This includes facebook but could go as far as smart TV’s and things like Alexa and Siri and other so-called conveniences which are listening to our every word.

    Trudeau wants to spy on us and control us. Trudeau is dangerous.

  12. My God !!!!! justin was not up for the job; justin is not up to the job and justin will not be up to the job……………………ever !!! The sooner you folks out there who still support him realize it; the sooner this great Country can “right” this “devastating wrong” by getting rid of him in 2019. Seriously !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Justin can not restrict this in any way it is guaranteed under the rights and freedoms under the constitution. being a veteran like thousands of my brothers and sisters who served to maintain those freedoms, In a nut shell he can go to hell as far as I am concerned, he will NOT MUZZLE my opinions or thoughts !!!!!

  14. Canadians had better wake up because the threat is real from this bunch. Can anyone not see now the goal of these two is to move to a one party government. He’s already refusing to debate in parliament and pushing to control everyone and everything. Between Trudeau and Butts the damage already done to Canada is horrendous, and may already be permanent. It’s absolutely sickening to see his backbenchers sitting on their hands nodding their heads while he runs roughshod over Canadians. They have the ability to end this but won’t. Wake up Canada, take this seriously, and please exercise your right to vote, because if you don’t get rid of this bunch, it’s all over for our democracy.

  15. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!! I’ve been Banned from Facebook for 2 weeks, Now!! ALL, Just Because I Made UNFAVORABLE, But, TRUTHFUL, Comments ABOUT Trudeau and The Liberal Party!! There’s NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, In Canada, ANYMORE!! AMONG OTHER THINGS!!! Trudeau The TRAITOR, Must GO!!!

  16. Remember folks, when asked at a women’s only forum, early in his term, what world leader he admired most?
    And he said “The China dictatorship that turned their economy around on a dime”.
    Then there’s the dictatorship of the Castros in Cuba. The Trudeau family and the Castro family have been close friends for decades.
    Nobody should doubt Trudeau’s dream to be a dictator. He isn’t officially one, but he might as well be. Actions speak for themselves.
    Also, being a “Global citizen” lines him up for a dictator role in the one world order.

  17. I was afraid of this – Junior Justin is picking up right where Daddy Emperor Pierre Left Off. It is especially frightening that in this day & age that Moron McSelfie can even suggest(!) that his Natural Governing Party can or would even do this!!!

  18. Please stop comparing him to Hitler. He is Fidel Castro Jr. He has more in common with Stalin, Mao, and the late Hugo Chavez than Hitler… so far.

  19. This from a Government site: ***my notes added for clarification???
    (Just figured it out…..the site said ‘for new immigrants’, guess that why
    it may not apply to us who have been here for years.

    …For new immigrants Get to know Canada Human rights
    In Canada, federal and provincial or territorial laws protect the:

    freedom to express your beliefs and opinions (including through free press), * ** free press to include uncensored social media
    *** including those that challenge actions of current Government. ( no jobs for liberals parliament unless believe pro abortion!)
    Enough said.

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