DANGEROUS: Trudeau & Liberal Ministers Threaten Judicial Independence With Comments On Gerald Stanley Verdict

It’s a dangerous move for the Prime Minister and Justice Minister to intervene and make comments on a case that is still before the courts.

The ruling in the Gerald Stanley case, in which he was found not guilty in the death of Colten Boushie, has divided the country.

Unfortunately, instead of seeking to bring the country together, or refraining from interfering in what is still an ongoing judicial matter (because of potential appeals), Justin Trudeau and some of his ministers have inserted themselves into the situation, in what is a very dangerous move.

While the death of Colten Boushie is tragic, it appears that the Trudeau government has put emotion ahead of the importance of protecting judicial independence – one of the cornerstones of our freedom as Canadians.

Here’s what Justin Trudeau said both on camera and on Twitter:

Some have pointed out that while expressing his sympathies for the Boushie family is entirely appropriate, Trudeau didn’t express any feelings for Gerald Stanley’s family in this situation – who, though they didn’t lose a family member – have also been through a difficult time in a situation they certainly didn’t ask for.

Other ministers also commented:

However, the more serious comment – and potential problem – was made by Justice Minister Jody-Wilson Raybould:

There are two big problems with Wilson-Raybould commenting on this issue in this way:

First, the case is still before the courts, as the government could appeal the verdict. By weighing in on the verdict, Wilson-Raybould casts doubt on whether any appeal could be heard fairly, as she is the top justice official in the country.

Second, she casts doubt on the entire justice system, and even threatens judicial independence. After all, by saying the system needs to “do better,” she is really saying that the jury was wrong to find Gerald Stanley not guilty, and she is saying that she – and by extension the power of the entire federal government – would have liked to see a guilty verdict.

This is very dangerous, as it raises the serious possibility that the government is seeking to make the system “better,” by skewing it to their own personal and political sense of what rulings should be made, and who should, and shouldn’t be found guilty.

The hypocrisy here is massive, as I pointed out on Twitter:


This is an issue bigger than whether people agree or disagree with the Gerald Stanley verdict. If politicians decide to intervene on every verdict they disagree with, judicial independence will be destroyed, and a cornerstone of our democracy will be lost.

Both Andrew Scheer, and Peter MacKay, have pointed out this is a big concern, as noted in a recent report.

‘”Inappropriate” was the word former justice minister Peter MacKay used to describe the posts. “It undermines the system of justice, quite frankly, to have politicians weigh in,” he said, adding the case could still be appealed, so they are technically commenting on a case currently before the courts. Unwarranted skepticism of a properly conducted trial will set a dangerous precedent, MacKay concluded.”

“Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer called Boushie’s death “tragic,” but said the independent judicial process must run its course without political intervention. “It’s appropriate to show concern and support… for the family of the victim, but I think it is important that we remember that politicians don’t decide these types of things,” Scheer told reporters in Halifax. He also said that the situation warranted a discussion about challenges faced by young First Nations people.”

With the Trudeau government already moving to weaken free speech and “regulate” social media, our country is heading down a very dangerous road if judicial independence is weakened.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Unfortunately, a lot of White Canada cannot relate to the Stanley family. I can, because along with North Battleford, I have lived in indigenous-heavy areas, and I have personally been the victim of hate from natives.
    People may wonder why North Battleford is the area’s community hub and the largest settlement, while Battleford is a small town. I will tell you why: because during the Northwest Rebellion, the native rebels sacked Battleford and the white settlers had to flee for their lives across the river. You can to this day visit the foxholes where the royal rifles dug in against the rebels.
    I don’t doubt whatsoever that the Stanley family will be spending the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders.

    1. Yep. Some Reserves are beautiful and well managed. I spent a year in Masset, surrounded by a not-so-nice reserve. Not a place to live. Two suicides and lots of whites beat up on the way home from the local Legion. Two were hospitalized.

    2. Summani i have lived in Battleford the hate that u feel expells from every pore in your body other beings sense that some react clean up you evil mind and the paranoia will dispell I am a descendant of the inhabitants of Batoche & proud Metis Fear is a derivative of hatred there is nothing to FEAR

  2. Stupid strikes yet again. You don’t go on someone’s property inebriated looking for trouble and expect the owner to welcome them in and serve drinks. The fact of the matter is they were trespassing and to have stupid speak in like Fashion is a disgrace. Honestly is there anything the idiot can do correctly?

    1. I agree; well said. And P.M. Potato & his entourage of fries, feel that they MUST stick their noses into every little thing. They’re a scary & creepy bunch.p

    2. Stupid is a racist Remark Drunk Indian is also a racist Remark Execution style MURDER is Not the penalty for trespassing and it is U that is a Disgrace to all humanity NOW go PRAY for a Better World!!!

  3. funny, I don’t recall any words of sorrow from Trudeau for the Speers family while he gave Khadr his $10.5 million dollar tax free cheque after killing Christopher Speers!!

  4. have you forgotten one thing with new imam of canada, he is above the law, the whole liberal party is above the law. no one can do or say anything about him and his government, he will bringing in a new law soon, besides losing our free speech, we won,t even be allowed to say anything on social media about this mr. fake artist in ottawa.

    1. Well, we as Mr. Potatohead ‘s EMPLOYERS will NOT go quietly into the night & let them take our democratic rights. We need to stand up & be heard.

  5. If Gerald Stanley sues the government for defamation or something akin to that, Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould should pay this one from personal funds. Along with the Carribean vacation embezzlement, the Kadhr payoff, Justin owes Canadians a lot of money. OK, Ontario and Quebec voted with their hearts for JT. In 2019 they must vote with their brains or Canada deserves to be broken up.

  6. This is tragic event from any and all positions, however, it has become dimensionally even more tragic because of Justin Trudeau and his justice minister offering ill advised comments on the outcome. In Trudeau’s defence, he simply does not have the intellectual capacity to understand the ramifications of a PM commenting on a case that is technically, still before the courts. In regard to the justice minister weighing in, it can only be considered as appalling and regrettable that someone in that position would offer opinions on the outcome of a jury’s unanimous decision. These poorly considered actions by members of parliament, leave our judicial system without a source of confidence and respect. As a nation we have fallen into a realm of, expected stupidity, in all government comments and decisions.

  7. The country is overwhelmed with failing provinces and also Canada at the hands of people who have no achievments are there for the money and are devolutionists they deserve a one way bus ride or ship to a communist country like china or rocket boys great idolistic nation that is in the barrel of dung boys optics. Trudy deserves no recognition as a leader.

  8. Shades of the Trayvon Martin case! If it happens in the USA, five years later it will happen in Canada. Bloody virtue signalling politicians pandering to a voting block are the worst enemy of democracy and a fair system of justice.
    Trudeau should have NOT opined on this or any other local case. If it was a case of national import,such as the attack on the Parliament Buildings a few years back, of course a PM or any MP can state their opinion,but in a local case such as Bouchie/Stanley, the politicians have to trust the system THEY set up,and trust it to work.

    Yes,Wilson-Raybould should have known better,but perhaps in her Liberal arrogance she believes the rules or laws don’t apply to her. This is clearly interference in an ongoing case, something a Judge would be dismissed from the Bench for doing.

    The “discussions” Scheer called for must include questions as to why a group of young FN’s living on Reserve are driving around drunk,carrying a loaded rifle in their vehicle, stealing property from local farmers. Where are the Chiefs and Band Councils and their FN social services before they commit an act which could end badly?
    And please don’t try to tell me this was a “one off”, has never happened before,or since. I’ve been reading about this problem for years on the Prairies. It’s too bad, but not the least surprising Trudeau has taken his direction from Obama, play the race card, pander to a voting block,create more divisiveness in the Nation,and above all,Blame Whitey.

  9. What would compell these ministers to comment on this case . With this government some full of liers and cheats you think they would take a rest from sticking there preverbal Feet in their mouths.
    What a sad bunch of sheep .

  10. Again copying his partner in globalism Barack Hussein, sock boy takes the side of the criminal who was known to be violent and who threatened the man who shot him. It’s a wonder he didn’t try to start some race riots like Barry O. did. Sock boy is a total laughing stock. He can’t think for himself.

  11. I researched what happened at Gerald Stanley’s farm the night of the shooting. I am not going to describe what happened or how it happened, but, people should research this and see the other side. I wanted to hear the whole story….you should too. Also, Trudeau should NOT be interfering in the Canadian Justice system! Will the next thing we hear is that Trudeau is going to give the family of Colten Boushie 10 million taxpayers dollars just “because” and we all know what that “because” means….I don’t want to explain. Of course all Canadians feel bad for the Boushie family and Gerald Stanley as well! Do you think we would be seeing Trudeau tweeting these same comments if the child was from a non-person of colour family whose ancestors came here from Europe, the UK and such countries after WW2….the immigrants that Trudeau wishes would disappear….another comment about the people who immigrated here from the above mentioned countries….On TV there is a commercial about the Ad Standards council. The commercial is in black and white. There is a gentleman wearing a 1960’s style suit and he is standing in front of a table and a small black and white TV is sitting on the table. So, the man starts telling us all about the Ad Standard council, and while he talks, the camera goes to the screen on the little TV…as the man say the words “in 1963” which appears on the TV screen, but it is the next scene that tells me that Trudeau and his Ad Standard Department are trying to wipe out any history that came before 1965. To continue, so the man says “in 1963” and then there is a shot of the peace tower and the camera pans to show the RED MAPLE LEAF flag that was not introduced until 1965.! People may think I am over exaggerating, but, that clip is historically wrong, so most people who were born after 1965 know no other flag! I called Ad Standards to complain. I spoke to a nice young man and he was surprised that we had a flag before the maple leaf….he had no idea. He did tell me that I wasn’t the only call he got. I called and left messages with the CEO and Communications Director. Now, I noticed that the video which is on the Ad Standards site, as well as YouTube, has the Maple Leaf part cut out. BUT, the ad is still running on TV (CBC) with the Maple Leaf still flying high in 1963. What bothers me the most is that I wonder if the people who created the ad, knew that they were making it historically incorrect and just shrugged their shoulders, or are they part of the group that knows no other flag? Thank you for letting me sound off about that commercial.

  12. What do the Liberals propose. Is it to bribe the judges to get their way. This Prime Minister is ruthless and ignorant of the Rule Of Law and the constitutional significance of his arrogance.

  13. I am disgusted with this LIBERAL GOVERNMENT!

    Canada needs a Prime MINISTER!

    There are no SAVIORS in political parties! The Will of a Real Majority of Canadians must reign in the next government of Canada!

    There are laws, that are colour blind, and the verdict in the Boushie case is a JUST outcome!
    There are consequences to to violating the personal and property rights of Canadians, and I do not care where you come from, or what race or ethnic background you are born into!

    Our survival as a Free and Sovereign Nation depends on Peace, Order and Good Governance!
    We have been failing on all three fronts for the last 50 years, and electing partisan governments will not serve the ASPIRATIONS of the Canadian People!

    2019 will be our only opportunity in this country for the PEOPLE to determine our National Direction, or we lose on the Promise of Canada to be a LIGHT to the world!

    Elect Non-Partisans in every riding of the country in 2019 in order that we the People, and a Real Majority of Canadians can right his ship we call Canada before we sink into the history books as a country that could have, but did not!

    It is our time to answer the call to be a LIGHT for Truth and Justice in a True Democracy!

    Canada needs a Prime Minister!

  14. Just this past week he stated publicly he did teach law in BC school.
    Does anyone know where he studied law?

    Discussion of this case by PM and Justice Minister is problematic.

  15. “the independent judicial process must run its course without political intervention. ”

    – Except if it involves Trudeau, Liberals, Sikh terrorists and radicals. Trudeau illegally circumvented “due process” by awarding Khadr the $10.5 million after killing an Allied soldier and likely ordering Government prosecutors not to proceed with charges of treason. By the very definition, Khadr has committed treason by fighting against his own country.

  16. The precedent was set at the townhall meeting in Edmonton when the PM responded to a question about racism. The question referred to the court case in Saskatchewan. All he had the right to say was when a particular case is before the courts it is inappropriate to comment. Instead, he said the status quo is not acceptable. What status quo? The rule of law?
    That’s the only acceptable option available to a democracy. Sounds as if some people wanted a political verdict and not a legal one. Criminal law in a western democracy has no foundation for sacrificing the individual to the group. They must be thinking of trying him by some other legal system. But first, ours would need to be destroyed, to which the reply of secular democrats must always be: defend the legal system that has the individual as its foundation, both the victim and accused.
    (Source: The woman’s voice shook with emotion as she spoke of the media vilifying Indigenous people. She mentioned murder trials underway in Winnipeg and in Saskatchewan where the victims are Indigenous.
    “Racism is alive and real right now in Canada. It is happening to Tina Fontaine’s family. It is happening to Colten Boushie’s family,” she said.
    “What are you going to do for our communities because I don’t see you doing a lot, and that kind of hurts my heart.”
    The prime minister said the status quo is not acceptable.

  17. MURDERER!” They yelled as the verdict was read.
    “RACISTS!” They said, to those who agreed with the verdict.

    But lets back track a little bit here.

    Colten had been drinking. That’s a fact. The other people in the car had been drinking. That’s a fact. They admitted to it. There was a loaded weapon in the vehicle. That’s a fact. They had just come from a different farm, after stealing stuff from it. That’s a fact. One person in the car tried to steal an ATV. That’s a fact. The people in the car admitted to lying under oath. That’s a fact. The others in the car admitted to attacking Stanley’s wife. That’s assault. A scuffle ensued, and due to some unfortunate circumstances, Colten paid the ultimate price, due to his own, and his friends, poor choices.

    Agreeing with the verdict, doesn’t make me a racist. It makes me a realist.

    The economy has been in the shitter for the last what, 3 years? 4 years? And in that same amount of time, the crime rate has spiked substantially, especially rural crime. Look at it locally, when those 3 women were killed after being T-Boned by a vehicle that was stolen in town, and then went to a rural area, cased out some places, and then was reported and chased from a rural area home. These criminals know that the response time for police to get to a rural area, is astronomical, and they’re using that to their advantage. And if they do get caught, they get a slap on the wrist. Steal a truck and wreck it? Pfft, 3 months in jail and probation. You’ve learned your lesson, now don’t do it again young man!

    People are getting fed up. They’re getting fed up with their vehicles getting stolen. They’re getting fed up with their houses being broken into. They’re getting fed up with criminals. And that’s what Colten and his friends decided to do that day. Be criminals.

    Now, have you noticed that not once, have I mentioned race? That’s because race doesn’t matter in a case like this. What matters are actions. To Quote Sir Isaac Newton, “To every action there is always an equal and opposite or contrary, reaction.” Now, he was talking about Physics in that general statement, but the meaning is the same, I feel for this situation. And the actions carried out by Colten and his friends, resulted in an opposite reaction, in the form of a man defending his property, and his family.

    The ones playing the race card, are also playing the victim card. “If Colten was white, and Stanley was Native, he’d be in jail.” No. He wouldn’t. If the cards played the same, but the races were reversed, It would have played out very similar.



  18. Were any of these politicians in court through the entire trial? How do they know that the jurors have made a mistake if they weren’t even there. They just assume that the jurors made the wrong call because the indigenous people didn’t get the verdict they wanted. When things don’t go their way, it’s automatically the wrong way. Maybe there was sufficient evidence that proved the shooting was in fact accidental. These politicians should’ve kept their mouths shut.

  19. I lost confidence in the Canadian courts while serving as a supporter of Bruce Montague’s “Supreme Court Challenge” to Canada’s gun laws years ago. Bruce structured his challenge at every step of the way as a Constitutional case. Bruce essentially refused to renew his firearms license and continued to operate his gunsmithing business, including government guns owned by the RCMP and the OPP. Eventually the government, after many attempts to convince Bruce to “play the game” gave up and charged him. The Provincial Court in Ontario transcripts read like a satire on how not to run a justice system, including allowing additional charges in the middle of the trial, disallowing jurors who also wanted the courts to rule on the constitutionality of the law and seizing the Montague home in order to deny him the funds to proceed with his challenge. Bruce had to “go on the road” speaking at gun clubs and other venues across Canada to raise funds and drum up awareness of the Constitutional issues involved. Bruce got the conviction he needed to further his Constitutional Challenge. The Appeals court transcript read like a bad joke, with the justices refusing to take the matter seriously, ignoring the irregularities and downright illegalities of the lower court. Having the Appeals Court uphold his conviction, Doug Christie, Bruce’s lawyer, appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada for a decision on the Constitutional issues involved. The Supreme Court, very likely under political pressure or a desire to appease their political masters, refused to hear Bruce’s case. Bruce was incarcerated, placed in solitary confinement, his home raided and anything firearms related right down to gunsmithing books were confiscated. Ammunition was destroyed (probably fired off at the range or disappearing into individual police possession) and Bruce had to agree to a gag order in order to be released from prison. Without a license and no longer qualifying for one Bruce’s guns were not returned. Donna Montague, Bruce’s wife, had her own legal problems even though she had a valid firearms license, because Bruce and Donna lived together. Bruce’s daughter, Katey, assisted by writer/filmmaker Christopher di Armani produced many fine, short videos released on DVD and sold at gun shows and over the internet, receiving excellent reviews from those who support legal firearms ownership – including U.S. Sheriffs.
    Move on to the High River Gun Raids, where RCMP assisted by Canadian military kicked in locked doors in High River Alberta, seizing firearms that had been previously registered despite many guns being locked securely as per the Secure Storage Regulations. The Justice department and the Attorney General of Alberta declined to answer questions as to the legality of these actions. Dennis Young, an Alberta blogger, has been probing and reporting upon this case, using Freedom of Information requests, appealing all the way to the United Nations for answers.
    If you aren’t “connected” to government in Canada, you have no rights that can’t be violated by police and the courts. Anyone care to prove me wrong?

  20. It is as I had stated in other comments, Trudeau is building his totalitarian dictatorship, just like the Chinese Communist Party, which he admires so much! He has to be stopped… we must have a continuous march on Parliament Hill to demand his resignation. If worst comes to worst, we should go on collective strike ACROSS Canada to be heard. We must petition the Queen via the Governor General to have him removed from office for treasonable offenses. He is systematically destroying Canada and we, as a people, are the only ones who can stop him!

  21. These politicians really do need to separate themselves from cases like this particularly the justice minister…the judges are appointed because of their skill and experience…for the justice minister to come out publicly and say what she did could jeopardize any future court cases….what she did that was more damaging was divide the citizens of Canada…we all remember the little girl who falsely said she had hijab cut off twice by an Asian guy…..these liberal bufoons need to dial it back and i mean back alot…

  22. Trudeau you should keep your mouth shut and worry more about what your doing to Canada instead of blaming the courts for a decision that was unnamious among 12 jurors. What about the family that had to face these charges Don’t you think they didn’t suffer either. Your such a dip shit

  23. You say you speak for “millions of Canadians”! Don’t fool yourself. I’ve not met ONE person in Canada who agrees with you. Stop interfering in our judicial system. It’s bad enough that you’ve totally screwed up our financial system. Next election…YOU’RE GONE!

  24. Divide and defeat your enemies, we are being well divided and soon defeated in this country. No one seems to care but a few of us, so it continues. Pan Canada, lawless and fighting among ourselves, instead of coming up with a solution, I think we have lost unless we as a nation can put ourselves back together. Much of the world has been destabilized. Those that have just arrived here are about to see very familiar symptoms from where they left before the wars broke out, I am sorry for them, our country cannot keep borrowing and giving away everything well playing hero to small groups of us. Obviously WE NEED A FAIR AND JUST LEADERTHAT IS FOR CANADA.

  25. there has to be a legal way to remove this man-child from power… children are better seen and not heard… the justice should know better as well…

  26. My heart goes out to the Stanley family at this time. Everything this incident has brought to bear on these people was totally preventable. And completely the fault of the victim. To the Bouchie’s, I am sorry for your loss. However, with the facts now in the public realm, perhaps your boy was not the innocent schoolboy, you thought he was? I, for one see the much larger elephant in the room. How much more do we have to tolerate from such an incompetent Prime Minister. Not only has he violated Ethics, now he has breached legal precedent and spoken against the Justice system, the Liberals are in charge of. How could the court be so wrong on the Khadr case, that he steal $10.5 million of Canadians money, and when the same system finds a defendant Not Guilty by Judge and Jury, he demands his courts “Do Better?” This man’s, oh shit, I mean “PERSON’S,” words, are so meaningless, yet so, so, dangerous. We must remove him from the most important job in the land! I implore my fellow Canadians before it is too late. I tried the committee route. It’s futile, bogged down in red tape, and paperwork. I am too concerned about my country to sit on a mound of dead trees, and see my wonderful land turned into a “SHIT HOLE!” Country. Propaganda, or no propaganda, If you won’t admit there’s a problem, you just become part of it!

    1. Yup, thank you for your intelligent words of reason. Trudeau is a fool, a huge, dangerous fool, and his ridiculous, ignorant grandstanding is reason unto itself for Canada to ditch his idiot ass. In one fell stroke he managed to lower us to the same level as Trump. A nice country being ruled by a psychotic loser. Way to go dude. Way to embarrass and humiliate your country. Please educate yourself on this crime before you open that big, stupid yap of yours again. And hey, here’s a thought, maybe meet with the Stanleys, whom you so horridly judged and condemned, before you shoot off your ignorant mouth again. You are a disgusting embarrassment to Canada.

  27. We are entering dangerous waters when our govts are now influencing our judicial system to garnish votes from minority groups or peoples with certain skin colors etc. In this case the jurors made a decision based on facts as presented which is suppost to be how our juries work. It is frightening to think Trudeau is implying if you go to court facing a visible minority the outcome is now politically preset.This just gives visible minorities a open door to crime without consequence. One more reason to rid ourselves of this failed Prime Minister.

  28. Well I guess they will be filing for a judicial review based upon error within judgement of the law (they have to demonstrate error in law). This is clearly a class-race-religion-political-belief-war that has been ignited by our Leaders. Our time is up and it is time for the new colonists to settle in and implement their beliefs and legal system, I will either be dead, deported or have fled from Canada according to the Liberal tone of today. My ancestors fought for Freedom, Human Rights, Free Speech and Equality; none of us are equal and that is clear.

    Canada is over as we know it, First Nations blames settlers but refuse to stand up to the ones that own ALL THE LAND (the Crown (HRH)). We are not all Treaty people, the only people that reflect the land ownership is the Queen (She is built into the mines and minerals act and takes a direct percent of every extraction in each province) and the Government while the settler slaves work their asses off develop the land and pay-pay-pay and get blame-blame-blame for everything. Review the police statistics Nationally and Provincially, apparently each race/culture/ in Canada 90% of the time kill their own. The minority killers are — SETTLERs.

    Here is the future of Canada where settler children are told they can return to their country of Origin, regardless of the fact that those settler children fought for and won Human Rights for all of the stinking — selfish, idiots out there, you can thank a Settler for Human Rights and the UN and the food you shovel into your faces.
    Watch this educational lecture>:

  29. It is apparent these children were not the victim of the person that shot him.
    This child is the victim of a being raised by a family and community that failed to teach him and his friends respect, morals, ethics, integrity. Instead they taught them entitlement, hatred and anger which gave them false rage.
    This division that has been driven between peoples of Canada that built this country standing shoulder to shoulder. This cancer has only ever served the elite among the indigenous, the lawyers and the politicians that enrich thenselves with the suffering of the people.
    Here we have Trudeau with his so many empty promises once again drinking from the trough of misery and suffering.
    Only with leadees like the chief of osooyos band that taught hus people to not wait or except welfare but to be like the ancestors and get off their asses and work. With that work comes pride and accomplishment and with those the demons of alcohol and drugs receded.

    1. These criminals are the victims of their own families, not of society at large. Families who do not bother to instill in their children a sense of right and wrong, of morality, of caring for and respecting their fellow human beings, of caring for and respecting themselves, of respecting other people’s rights, property and boundaries. Families who turn a blind eye to the crime, mayhem, and violence their children inflict on their fellow human beings. And yet, ironically, they are the same family members who scream and cry and rage about racism and every other injustice in the world in defense of their criminal children I am not talking about members of a certain race or religion or belief system. I am talking about human beings who do not give a shite about their fellow human beings. I don’t care who you are or where you come from, if you’re a good person who is kind and fair to others, I will like and respect you and offer my support at every turn. But if you are a violent criminal intent on harming others… I have zero use for you and will not grieve your demise. Nor will I listen to you and families wailing and screaming “racism, injustice!” after people have been victimized and lives, including the lives of your own children, have been lost.

  30. Any such tragic death is sad! I (and most Canadians) was not in the court and did not see or hear the evidence. So to to sit in judgement would be wrong for me and I will not do it. As for the main mainline media I have not seen whether they are bringing out all of the details and more of the background including as to how and why the young people that ended up on the farmer’s land ever may have come to have thought they could do what they did?

  31. Just finished reading this.


    It’s pretty obvious, Wilson-Raybould wasn’t talking about justice for all Canadians, “doing better” when she says it here CLEARLY implies that Gerald Stanley should have been found guilty.

    You can run whatever logic test you want on it, that is what she meant. It cannot be taken in any other way.

    Why else would she say “can and must do better”? Given the circumstances, she was clearly talking about the verdict.

  32. And to think I used to like and respect Trudeau in spite of the many, many Canadians who think he’s a manipulative POS. This idiot grandstanding ends any allegiance I felt for him and his government. You are cancelled dude, cancelled completely. Do you even know the facts of this case? Have you met with Stanleys and the many other victims of violence and theft by criminals like Boushie? Do you have even the tiniest clue what RCMP deal with on reserves on a daily basis? You want to fix shite? Fix the real problem, look at the serious issues people are facing from constant thefts, assaults, threats to their safety and well being – and the safety of their family members, because some people in our country feel it’s acceptable to victimize and rob others. For fun. Then those same criminals scream racial bias when they are caught. Trudeau, how would you like it if someone, anyone (or a group of someones), of any race or creed, pissed-drunk, aggressive and violent, came onto your property, attempted to steal your valuable possessions you worked long, hard and honestly to obtain, assaulted you and your family, all the while carrying a loaded weapon in their possession? Would you feel oh, it’s their right because they are a visible minority and we owe them our land and our lives? Or would you think screw that, I’m protecting myself and my loved ones? Like I said above, you are cancelled. I can guarantee you will lose a lot of support from honest, hardworking, law abiding folks like myself.

  33. Oh, and Trudeaidiot, don’t forget the fact that Boushie and his buds had just been at another farm moments before in a violent attempt to steal their belongings. Did you seriously buy the “oh, we had a tire problem and needed help” bs excuse for being on Stanley’s farm? Did you know that they had been evicted from a public swimming locale prior and had to drive right past their reserve (where they could have gotten help for their “tire problem” in order to get to Stanley’s and Stanley’s neighbor’s farm? Did you think for a moment how long it would have taken law enforcement to reach Stanley? Him and his family were on their own against a group of pissed-drunk criminals. How would you have reacted huh? Idiot.

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