VIDEO: Trudeau Refuses To Condemn Butts’ Tweet Comparing His Critics To “Nazis”

His refusal to condemn the disgraceful tweet from Gerald Butts shows Trudeau quietly endorses such horrendous demonization of democratic critics.

During Question Period, Justin Trudeau was given numerous chances to condemn the horrendous tweet from Gerald Butts that compared Trudeau critics to “Nazis.”

Here’s what Butts tweeted:

Gerald Butts Tweet

As the Conservatives pointed out in Question Period, the tweet by Butts – who Trudeau has said in the past speaks for him – is deeply disturbing.

It points to a government that will stop at nothing to demonize people who criticize them, and that demonization often leads to terrible abuses of government power and the brutal suppression of free speech and free expression.

That’s why Trudeau’s response in Question Period would be so important. He was given a choice between condemning the dangerous and divisive rhetoric of Gerald Butts, or he could support it through his refusal to condemn it.

As you can see below, even when given numerous chances, he didn’t condemn it, showing his true agenda is to tear our nation apart for his own selfish benefit:


Growing evidence of a dangerous Trudeau agenda

The past days and weeks have seen the Trudeau government muse about suppressing speech (disguised as confronting ‘hate speech’), regulating Facebook, and attacking judicial independence.

People are seeing clear and growing evidence that the Trudeau government is seeking to expand their ability to suppress democratic opposition.

That is something that all Canadians – regardless of our political views – must oppose.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. With respect to Trudeau and Butts, I like to say ‘birds of a feather flock together’. As well, since when does the puppet control the puppet master.

  2. Disgusting, but predictable, that Trudeau to deflect from answering straightforward questions, would accuse the Conservatives of using lines straight out of the Rebel magazine and Rebel webcasts, clearly his and Butts’ media nemesis. The Rebel, an online conservative news and commentary site, does not have a magazine. Trudeau and Butts try to create a narrative of associating the Rebel, headed by a Jew, Ezra Levant, with Nazis, extreme right wing, hard right, Islaomphobes, homophobes, racists, bigots, etc., etc. If Scheer, who threw The Rebel under the bus, or any other of his caucus, had any backbone they would appear on the Rebel.

    1. Privy Council will not even discuss goings on in the “Dominions”. I tried to inform the Privy Council in London the likely malfeasance being done in the Queen’s name in Canada and didn’t even get a reply. I’m beginning to suspect “Royal…(fill in the blanks) is a franchise that is used to do an end run around responsible government.

    2. K. AKA Kel, it is up to us, the people of Canada, to march on parliament hill in protest and DEMAND the immediate resignation of Trudeau and his gang of misfits! We would also march on ALL federal government buildings in cities across Canada, and be continuous and persistent. It would not be a matter of a one day march, it would have to start on a particular date, then continue unabated throughout the year, and into next year… until Trudeau resigns! We must also create petitions to present to the privy council and to the Governor General. or whatever it takes to have him and his ilk, removed from office! Canadians must show determination! In other countries, whole countries were known to go on strike!

  3. I’m seriously sickened by this smug ASS!! He thinks he doesn’t have to answer to the People of Canada??? Yes he does, his Butts buddy made it perfectly clear what they think of the Right, and it’s not ALT-RIGHT, Butts makes it sound like we’re a bunch of Bible thumpin, Booze Cruzin, uneducated crazy rednecks. I for one want an apology!!! We’re not all going to sit and sing Kumbaya and have a group hug, we’re here to take care of business.

  4. Hey rectum, your response regarding The Rebel this shows you are absolutely terrified of free speech media. Scared of The Rebel? Hahahahahahahahah. PUSSY HAT. Coward.

    It is clear sock-boy considers Canadians as Nazis. The Nazis were close associates of Muslim terrorists, likely related to Khadr, Monsef, Khalid and other friends of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Liberal Party. Of course Butts knew that and Trudeau refused to defend him therefore he agrees. Trudeau hates Canada. Trudeau hates Canadians.

  5. I pray that Canadians have now figured out what a total disaster he is, and will do everything in their power to make sure that Trudeau and his bunch never get a second term

  6. I would go so far as to call Trudeau, Butts and the WHOLE Liberal party a bunch of “Nazis”! Butts is comparable to Goebbels… or maybe Himmler…

  7. To my knowledge the only other government that called it’s people Nazi’s was Hitler and his fascist regime. I think free speech was not allowed etc. When are Trudeau and Butts going to start working for Canada and not for those that want to take over the world. When did Canada develop it’s third Reich? They are nasty and yes should apologise and step down. We are Canadian and a good people.

  8. My parents (my mother is a Canadian born Australian) believe Justin Trudeau does have a selfish & extreme agenda. Both recall his father’s halcyon days. Pierre was a mentally unstable narcissist who lived live to the extreme –mostly out of Canada & in the USA, Hollywood to be precise & in many sordid affairs with film stars of the day. His wife, Margaret was driven to the edge of insanity by his treatment off her, of which violence was part. She was of a delicate nature, he bullied & eventually drove her to spend most her adult life in psychological institutions. It has been said she attempted to take her own life a number of times. For all the family wealth Justin never sought to be the doer of good deeds but concentrated on obtaining the power through family fortune & who he knew would be of use to him with the intent to be what he is now….Canadian’s PM. Junior Trudeau’s agenda is that of communism. In his persona of a Dictator he sees himself ruling Canada with his sycophants by his side (yes, he has assured them they will find this undying support very profitable). He (Justin) is as his father was — a basically weak & conceited man who craved attention and power. The consensus of opinion from family & friends still in Canada is Trudeau is a dangerous person, full up to his shifty eyes with grandiose schemes for his & Canada’s future. His “grandiose schemes” do NOT include the freedoms we in Australia have & Canada pre Trudeau did have. Fact is he intends to follow the Marxist agenda, a police state. Be warned Canada — Trudeau, like his father — sucked you all in big time (especially the ladies who just love his pretty face) You voted him in, therefore the responsibility is on your consciences, as should be the feeling of shame for what you did to your Country BUT HE has no conscience about his cruelty & megalomania, his delusions that he is much greater and more powerful and influential than he really is may work for him in poor downtrodden Canada — to most of the rest of the world Justin Trudeau is no more than a clown. He has a little boy’s mind which is not developed fully — the majority of Australians who actually know his name & what he represents finds him exceedingly amusing in his paltriness & psychotic nihilism. HIS is the revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of the social system for its own sake.
    Study his past, the fact he has NEVER been asked to work & never offered to. His father was I guess his example. As they say the apple does fall close to the tree.

    1. So well reported. We witnessed some of senior’s behaviours as a politician and of Margaret, his wife and Justin’s Mom. She experienced health issues which were assumed to be associated with senior’s behaviors. Justin has a sinister hidden agenda. I would also like to see a full exposé of principle secreatary, Gerald Butts. Both these guys need to be removed from political influence in Canada.

  9. It amazes me that people are surprised by this, Trudeau is a man that admires the Chinese government’s control of its citizens!!!!

  10. I am only offended by the ‘nazi’ remark because I am offended by the juvenile name-calling at this level of government. “Libtard!” “Oh yeah, well your (sic) a nazi!!!”
    The CPC is turning this into fake news by making it about Jews.
    Everyone should grow up.

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