Legal Expert Says Trudeau’s Colten Boushie Comments Could Jeopardize Fair Trial

Trudeau’s decision to interfere politically brings the independence of the justice system into serious question.

Legal expert Sean Robichaud – a criminal defence laywer in Toronto – says Justin Trudeau’s comments on the Colten Boushie case, in which Gerald Stanley was found not guilty in Boushie’s death, could have “tainted” any possible appeal by the Crown.

As reported by Global News, “By commenting on a particular case, it may affect the ability for Crown to proceed with the case if an appeal is granted,” Robichaud said. “I would have serious concerns moving forward, then. There will be a suggestion by the defense that the jury pool is now tainted and fair trial cannot proceed.”

The comments are also a risk to democracy:

“Robichaud said any public comments from the prime minister or justice minister questioning the credibility of the judiciary pose a threat to Canada’s democratic system, especially a potential appeal process, as the courts should be equal to the legislature.”

Robichaud’s comments fit with what many have pointed out: By weighing in on the verdict in this case, Justin Trudeau is attacking the idea of judicial independence, which is a very dangerous move.

By reacting emotionally and impulsively, Trudeau and the Justice Minister have sought to impose their own political perspective on a justice system that is supposed to remain impartial.

That’s why Trudeau’s comments were more than just virtue-signalling, they represent an attempt to exploit a tragic moment in order to destabilize and alter the justice system by enforcing a political bias.

It’s divisive and dangerous, and it puts our country on a very perilous path.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Another example of why this man should not be leader of any country. Intelligence is seriously lacking in most things he does and all things he says if not scripted.

  2. “pose a threat to Canada’s democratic system” – OF COURSE they threaten Canadian law. Our laws are simply an inconvenience to Liberals. Dictators don’t have much use for stupid things like laws, They are simply ignored unless they can be used for virtue signalling or to pander to “peace” cults. The little man had better start staying home rather than jetting around the world, polluting all the way.

    Pres. Trump has dumped on Canada twice in the last two days, and why not? Pea brain has broken all kinds of protocol in bypassing the President and making deals directly with State Governors and company CEO’s. The man-child will be pissed if and when Pres. Trump starts dealing directly with Alberta to negotiate becoming another State.

    This jerk has no clue about real life.

  3. His only comment should have been “Sorry … no comment”!
    Same for his minions.
    The question that really need to be asked of everyone (no matter of which race) should be:
    “Was this race … or REPUTATION?”
    Think about that … and answer truthfully.

  4. What a complete loser. That`s what you get when you hire a part time drama teacher to be Prime Minister. I am surprised that Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould would use this verdict as a reason to reform the justice system. It is an insult to one`s intelligence that had the jury pool been from a different racial groups, a different result would have been found, but I guess that`s also how OJ was acquitted of murder. One would like to think that a jury considers the evidence and makes their best judgement irrespective of race. Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould should respect the judicial process and appeal the verdict if plausible grounds can be found.

  5. sadly our man-child does not know enough to keep his mouth shut and let the legal system work… would not be too upset if cuba welcomes him home…

  6. I would go so far as to say that Trudeau and his party’s interference in the judicial system is a very dangerous slippery slope that has serious unforeseen consequences that could more than just effect our democratic process, rather it may will alienate Canadians so far, as to cause the dissolution of Canada as a country. Currently, it is dividing the country irreversibly and destabilizing it visibly!

  7. Those who support the Boushie family are trying to retry the case in the court of public opinion. This has proven to be disastourous thoughout history. Our courts have evolved over centuries and are finely honed. They work. Mr. Stanley was found innocent in a court of law and that is just and proper. If this court of law is not accepted, then all cases past present and future may be in jeopardy. Having the media and politicians takes sides in unfair, unjustified and unethical. Typical of the Liberal governemnt and Trudeau.

    1. Jeff….I clicked on your link, and only got the categories, “Media” “Events” etc. When I clicking on “events” the message came up that “nothing could be found.” It didn’t look like a Facebook comment….I tried a few times..same thing???

  8. The PM and the Justice Minister use public forums to impart subjective POV’s of a criminal system trial that all people involved say was a lawful and legally properly run trial. There was no kangaroo court in this shooting case. But these two nitwits generally impart that the Judge, Prosecution, Defense and mostly the lawfully picked 12 person Jury from what is said to have been an interviewed pool of 200, WERE WRONG and RACIST! by the acquittal.

    Neither Trudeau nor his Justice Minister HAD/HAVE ANY FACTS TO BACK UP THEIR IDIOTIC PUBLIC OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER!!! They are over stepping their govt. powers and infringing on the Justice system.

    Their opinions may jeopardize the credibility of the Canadian legal system and risk social problems from their idiotic, self-serving, virtue signalling words.

    The irony of this all is the glowing HYPOCRISY of our PM as he ignorantly derides a lawfully completed criminal court case, yet as to #Metoo and the utter over the top B.S. of this sexual harassment and abuse stuff circa 2018, our manchild, virtue signalling PM said, “WOMEN NEED TO BE LISTENED TO AND BELIEVED!!!” as to allegations of sexual harassment and abuse. He has no problems with judging on allegations of such OUTSIDE ANY SYSTEM OF DUE PROCESS!!!

    Our PM is simply a leftist, sjw, tool and an arrogant and ignorant trust fund baby PM. HE NEEDS TO GO! If Canadians vote him and his leftist, sjw party back to office in Oct. 2019 then this country will DESERVE ALL THE VIRTUE SIGNALING, LIBERAL, SJW, PINKO, SHITE IT WILL GET!!!

    I do fear for the future of Canada and more so the future of the greatest society ever to grace this planet, THE WESTERN DEVELOPED WORLD, WARTS AND ALL!!

  9. It already has. I won’t trust the Justice System anymore today thanks to him and the attorney general for commenting on this. And the AG should have realized that the jury worked for her and now she casts doubts on anything even being close to a fair trial.

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