PURGE: Trudeau Government Removing All Conservative Appointees From National Energy Board

Under current legislation, those appointed to the board under the Conservative Harper Government would have kept their positions until after the 2019 federal election.

It seems the real goal of the Trudeau government’s new “environmental legislation” is being revealed.

The National Observer is reporting that “All 19 politically-appointed members of the National Energy Board are slated to be swept from their positions under new environmental legislation introduced last week by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.”

The government openly admits that the upcoming legislation is meant to remove those appointed by Stephen Harper.

“While public servants would retain jobs in a restructured energy oversight regime, the bill introduced in the House of Commons is designed to jettison the current members of the pipeline regulator, the federal Natural Resources Department said on Tuesday.”

This purge of Conservative appointees will only add to the growing concern that the government is stacking the deck against the energy industry.

Tens of billions of dollars in investment has already been lost as companies see Canada’s energy sector as less profitable and less predictable.

Because of how the Trudeau government is imposing carbon taxes and expanding bureaucratic regulations, our energy sector loses competitiveness by the day, and it’s only getting worse.

The head of Suncor Steve Williams recently said“We’re having to look at Canada quite hard. The cumulative impact of regulation, and higher taxation than other jurisdictions is making Canada a more difficult place to allocate capital in.” 

While the Trudeau government has deceptively tried to give the impression that they want some projects to be approved, their actions show the complete opposite. They are intentionally weakening our homegrown energy industry.

At this point, a political purge of the NEB is disappointing, but not surprising.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Liberals have taken Ontario down=”have not” province, the east coast is liberal=”have not” provinces, so if they hurt Alberta more??then =”have not” province. British Columbia is the only “have” province left, because Quebec has never shared across Canada it always needs as it is distinct and always supported by all of Canada but usually governs us all. How long will British Columbia be able to support all of Canada?? We all carry so much debt. What do you think is going to happen now?

    1. That is the point at which BC and their “me first” policy will drive them out the door, the first province to leave confederation. It was always ok to have Alberta carry the biggest load of transfer payments but you can bet that BC will not be willing to be gouged like Alberta was. Say goodbye to Canada as a Confederation of provinces.

      1. Gordon, Quebec never ever signed on to the confederation. They are not part of the union. However, they collect all their own taxes and still collect 11.3 billion in transfer payments mainly from Alberta. All provinces had to agree to the federation and Quebec did not Pierre decided as the head of a non government at the time that 9 was all we needed. How can the head of a non government make decisions for a government that does not exist? Quebec is distinct all right. Our fed government is de facto and Trudeau being from Quebec should not even be leader nor any MPs from Quebec.

    2. The lotus Land citizens of lower mainland and Victoria and the Vancouver Island are in a World of their own. The Interior residents are very similar to Alberta’s citizens hard working, wanting projects to be implemented so that the trades people and the service industry will thrive. Interesting figure is that 59% of B.C. Residence make under $50,000 per year, The big wage earners are in Vancouver. They control all aspects of what’s good for B.C. from legislation, to environmental. The Interior residents are considered second class citizens, except for Hollywood North Kelowna with it’s Calgary and Vancouver Elitists. They only think of themselves and consider the Pacific Oceans Theirs, so in Summation British Columbia would never support Confederation the way that Alberta has for decades.

    3. The ideas of Doug Christie, Western Canada Concept and Western Block will arise in response to the Trudeau policies. Of course we will need our version of CSIS to protect us from CSIS.
      It is also possible that Trudeau is purposely devaluing Canadian investments to pave the way for a Chinese takeover. I vaguely suspect China and the US are Mutt & Jeff in the globalist consolidation of Canada.

    4. Uh, you’re forgetting about Saskatchewan, also a “have” province after decades of “have not” under NDP and PC regimes.

    1. Trudeau is a mentally incompetent, deranged want-to-be dictator! I worked in Psychiatry long enough to recognize that something is seriously wrong with this boy! He is unfit to lead this country.

      1. Do NOT go onto the CBC site and say things like that. They consider any comment even slightly negative about Trudeau to be hate speech. This is something that is expected from an organization that is financed and controlled by Trudeau and Butts.

    1. He’s stacking his commissions with stealthy minions representing the New World Order. Soros is undoubtably involved as Trudeau fulfills his mission to destroy Canada, while mouthing words suggesting otherwise.

  2. So typical of this government. Discouraging revenue producing investments in Canada through over regulation. The carbon tax will do NOTHING to lower emissions except leave Canadians with less income. He’s got to go!

  3. Jihadi Justine Castro is fulfilling his evil agenda as fast as he can by eliminating systematically EVERY Conservative Party member involved in every Government Department no matter how much it costs financially or how many thousands of jobs are being lost. It’s deliberate, another nail in Canada’s coffin pounded in by Jr. the muslim mental case, to destroy our Country, graphically display his HATRED of Canadians, and is enjoying his crazy self doing it. Jr. is nuts, stoned, and perverted and has to be stopped.

    1. The nut didn’t fall far from the tree. Trudeau Sr. restructured Canada in such a way that the French could always be used to keep the British off balance. The old “rule by division” technique. Trudeau is going his old man one better: support foreign wars that will create masses of refugees, bring them into the country and now there is another group of people to use in the rule by division game. It’s not the fault of the refugees, who I’m sure would rather stay in the homeland they have inhabited for far longer than Israel has existed. By fighting these newcomers we are playing into Trudeau Jr.’s hands. We should use an old Tai Chi technique of using our opponent’s force against him. Rather than have to wait generations for the refugees to assimilate and figure out the game in which they are mere pawns, we need to work with them to speed up the process. As long as the prisoners in the dungeon spend their time fighting each other no effective work can be done to break out of the dungeon. Remember the waves of refugees that came in our history: Irish, blacks, Jews, Ukrainians, Hutterites… the list goes on. We must do what the establishment won’t. Do you see the Globalist bankers welcoming Sharia bankers into their midst? Not on your life. Compound interest is much more profitable and enslaves those on the borrowing end. Flat fee banking is what our current “banking partners” will resist at any cost. If we are to have any hope of winning our freedom it lies in hanging together, as it were – if we don’t we will continue to be hung separately.

  4. The communist tinpot dictator shows again his incompetence, arrogance and self-righteous idiocy! He has to be removed from office before this country is completely destroyed! Only we, the people, can and MUST do that… now!

  5. The new regulations for approving energy megaprojects, such as pipelines include reviews. Many new reviews pipeline companies must now submit to before their projects can be approved is a
    “gender-based” analysis of the pros and cons. Toronto Sun Feb/2018

  6. You see , Trudeau is getting ready for the CANADIAN take over before the 2019 election . We have to be aware of this ,it will happen as long as we don’t pay attention and listen and read ,and continue sitting on our hands and doing nothing. There has to be a way we REAL CANADIANS can take our CANADA back asap now. or you lose CANADA for ever.
    Thank you

  7. I cannot begin to describe the sense of utter hopelessness I feel when I see what puppet Trudeau and master puppeteer, Gerald Butts, is doing to our country. They are systematically doing a divide and conquer to all Canadians. PItting province against province, people against people and pulling the racist card whenever the PM feels it suits him and now deciding that some parts of our country need to go to rack and ruin. Can we not start a Canada wide petition to have him removed? How many signatures would be required for a petition to be brought into Parliament? We can’t allow this man to continue to destroy our Canada! Not his but OURS!!!

    1. I hear you Moriah. It sucks big time but don’t let those asshats get you down. They are few with no higher purpose and motivated by fear. That can be beat.

    2. Couldn’t agree with you more ,the feeling of hopelessness ,fat chance the GG will ask him to step down .I find it hard to imagine all of his ministers vote to back him even when its criminal.
      Another worrisome fact is that a lot of young Canadians have no idea what is happening to our country as they are too busy trying to scrape together a living . There is nothing reported by The subsidized CBC and most Media. I can see Trump has a swamp to drain while he is trying to save the US of A……….while we have a cesspool to drain with our mentally challenged PM ruining our beautiful country.

  8. Well, that should ensure no projects get approved. And here we sit with no impeachment or recall laws. That’s the only thing keeping this gov’t in power!

    1. You’ve got that right! Without recall legislation and a majority government turdo et al have quickly turned his mandate into a dictatorship out to destroy the country sooner rather than later.

  9. By look in his eyes we can see he is mentaly unstable.Evil eyes.
    Canadian PM is clearly reckless, irresponsible, incompetent, unstable, or evil.

  10. When and how can we the Canadian taxpayer get rid of this fungus we are presently subjected with ?? This Liberal cancer has no regard for whom it hurts just as long as their goals of suppression of the opposing people are met and it suits their needs. We must have some recourse however I know of none but there has to be a way and a group or organization that can fulfill the wishes of the majority. They seem to feel they are above the law and can ignore the requests of the people that form this once great country with no regard for what the outcome may be. It is truly a sad state of affairs we are in and the end can’t come soon enough.

  11. Well I thought so to. First let me be clear on one thing, I am a PC (UCP in Alberta), Trudeau is incompetent but he is directed by Butts to the core.
    Butts has been and continues to take his queue from George Soros and Agenda 21 and in part the leap manifesto.
    Western alienation is the start to the uprise (excluding BC as they will be infighting for some time ye), Alberta will remain in limbo until the next election we have in 2019. The interesting thing is that PMT is not incompetent to follow the program he has been given, he is concisely incompetent at what he does. Butts is the real mastermind.
    What we are about to see in the latter part of 2018 will scare the shit out of most Canadians.
    We are moving closer to a version of communism without actually saying it than we will ever come. Many voter age constituents are besmirched by this suave character, they (Liberals) are brining in NEW voters (Immigrants) by the 100,000’s who by their own words, believe PMT IS what the world needs more of.
    We Canadians are being pushed back by these new immigrants who have no real idea.
    Mark my words folks, this is just the start and you won’t like whats coming.

  12. Unfortunately we can do nothing!!!! Wait for the TRAITORS to ruin this country they are doing a great job of it. LIBERALS all of them are the scum of the earth!!! They do not give a damn about THE PEOPLE or OUR country CANADA!!!!! When will we realize that most of us are way too complacent about so called leaders and our governments…The liberals must go….I believe we need a massive demonstrations on the hill…we must oppose this dictator now we must not wait till 2019 elections…it will be too late!!! Liberal scum damn you all to hell!!!! I’m 74 and so so fed up with the bullshit politics of our so called political parties…..WHY is the opposition not pulling out all stops and counter all that these low lives implement in the breakup of OUR country. All I can do is pray for the absolute demise of the Liberals!!!!

  13. Trudeau keeps screwing up, every move he does is against the majority of Canadian’s wishes, this will in return wipe his majority out come the 2019, Somehow he think that he can take our voices away, give us new taxes that we don’t want, go on trips almost every month, Invest and build billions in middle eastern countries and China and take investment out of Canada, Give Canada a major disadvantage against the USA with higher wages, taxes, perks etc. Flood the Nation with uneducated non English/French speaking people who don’t want to learn English or even work. Come 2019 Trudeau will go down like the titanic, I predict that the Liberal party will go from a majority to 3rd place, The Conservatives will be 1st, NDP 2nd. The best hope for the Liberal party is to have a leadership vote and elect a new leader with a completely Canadian Liberal platform. Not a United Nations George Soros puppet.

  14. Where is the transparency that the Prime Minister Promise before the last election or in parliament all I see is hypocritical action.

  15. Just one more reason why Alberta and Saskatchewan need to get out of confederation with Canada folks. Even if the NDP in Alberta and the Liberals Nationally are sent packing in 2019, they will come back to haunt us folks in a few short years if we stay in confederation. To ensure that we and our children have a future folks, we have to get out of confederation!!!! Confederation is killing us folks!

  16. Trudeau and puppet master Butts are systematically destroying the fabric of our country. Relying on new immigrants and millennial votes to prop up their agendas which is to destroy Canada. Alberta was cornered into equalization payments EVEN when the are in red ink themselves! Go figure. Trudeau senior systematically destroyed the maritimes by moving any and all industry to Quebec. AN IMMIGRANT FAMILY OF 5 CHILDREN RECEIVE OVER $6k A MONTH IN GUARANTEED INCOME PLUS BENEFITS. Why wouldn’t they vote Liberal!!
    Aboriginal rights are a joke!continued open ended spending that only guarantees more apathy… but on top of that , give them veto powers over energy and any other progress Canada needs economically… Wonder where they think the payments are going to come from next? Wait, Trudeau apologized for Canada’s poor treatment of Indians 250 years ago!… a CENTURY before Canada even existed! Drama teacher; not history teacher for sure!!
    Give lip service to building the pipeline through BC…. but stand quiet when equally illegal protestations from Quebec doomed the eastern pipelines that would have benefited ALL Canadians and re opened refining plants in the Maritimes that were mothballed ( see Trudeau Senior comment above).
    Trump has issues, and problems , but at least his directive is to help business, reduce taxes and open markets for their products. Unemployment is down, stock markets are up and the U.S. economy is growing! Something we cannot compete with – our tax structure and stifling regulations ensure that!
    Canada once stood 14th in the world as a preferred place for investors; we now sit 72nd out of 76 locations worldwide!… Running up the deficits to new record levels ( well past his campaign pledges) guarantees Canada will soon become a third world country, susceptible to foreign ownership and a complete dismantling of our democratic processes and history. Well done!
    He will be able to take lots of selfies then!

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