SURVEY: Majority Of Canadian CEOs Favour Protectionism For Tech Sector

Results show recognition that countries need to use trade policies that help protect and strengthen growing sectors within national economies.

A survey by GE of 2,090 executives in 20 large economies shows that there is widespread support for protectionist policies to defend the tech sector in individual nations.

As noted by Axios, “Business executives across the globe—typically a chorus of free traders—favor barriers that would protect and foster technological advances in their own country, according to a new survey.”

Support for tech protectionism ranges from 71% among CEOs in the United Arab Emirates, to 39% in South Africa, with the average support level at 55%.

56% of Canadian CEOs support protectionism for the tech sector.

These are interesting results, as they contradict the usual message of the elites that has tried to turn ‘protectionism’ into a dirty word.

Of course, that’s because the elites want to break down nation-states and impose centralized control, which means open borders and ‘free trade’ without any limit.

Yet, a look at history shows that almost every wealthy country succeeded in large part because they imposed tariffs and trade restrictions to protect growing sectors of their economy – instead of having their own economic independence eroded by letting in a flood of foreign imports that destroy national businesses.

That’s why it’s time for us to move beyond the narrow economic debate the elites try to impose, and take steps to put our own economic interests ahead of everything else. In many cases – as with the tech sector – that will mean protectionism, and we shouldn’t be afraid to protect our own economy.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. That would be why Trudeau was in California last week. In particular, Silicon Valley.
    So if Canada protects it’s ‘technology’ sector and builds great success from it, what good does it do when he takes our sovereignty away and hands us over to One World Order, as he intends.

  2. Check it out and see where the global elites think we are at.
    It will be an eye opener

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    Then think of China and what is going on there.

    Time to wake up!

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  3. We especially need to put in place protectionist laws against China so that specific companies can not be purchased by the tech thieves and the human rights abusers.

  4. The CEO’s in the tech sector know very well that with an open trade agreement we would be swamped by companies operating in less sophisticated Countries,like 90% of the rest of the world.

    Isn’t it odd how some groups are so favored,even if it hurts the average citizen,while others have to battle foreign competition every day.

    The CEO’s had better brush up on their bribery techniques.

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