CONCERNING: Trudeau Government “Fix” For Canada’s Jury Selection Process Could Make Things Worse

“Fixing” a process that isn’t broken on the basis of temporary emotion and a desire to “do something” is incredibly dangerous and will further erode the already-crumbling judicial independence in our nation.

The Trudeau government is moving fast to “fix” the justice system in the wake of the Gerald Stanley verdict – particularly the jury selection process.

As reported by the Toronto Star, “The Liberal government will propose Criminal Code changes next month to reform jury selection rules, bail processes and other justice measures that it says have long led to unfair treatment of Indigenous people in Canada’s legal system.”

Also, “Wilson-Raybould signalled changes to jury selection rules, including the elimination of what are called “peremptory challenges,” which allow prosecutors and defence lawyers to object to a certain number of potential jurors — depending on the type of crime — without specifying any reason.”

This is based on the perception – which spread surprisingly fast – that the jury was somehow biased, or that a jury with a different racial makeup would have reached a different verdict.

However, those perceptions are not based on any facts, and the idea that the selection process is “broken” has not been backed up by any facts either.

This was shown in a recent report by Candice Malcolm in the Toronto Sun, key excerpts of which are below:

“Almost half of the prospective jurors in the Colten Boushie case were Aboriginal persons, according to one member of the jury pool. However, the reason there were no Aboriginal Canadians on the jury in this controversial case is because so many deliberately opted out of the process. Other First Nations prospective jurors, meanwhile, were openly and outwardly biased during the selection process, according to one prospective juror who spoke to the Sun.”

The prospective juror says more than half of the 100 or so prospective Aboriginal jurors were granted exemptions, and were then able to head home, leaving about 45 Aboriginal prospective jurors.

There were also some very disturbing details revealed by the prospective juror:

“As the prospective jury describes, some of the remaining 45 or so were vocal in expressing their bias and signalling to everyone in the room they were unfit to serve on the jury. “You could audibly hear some of them talking amongst themselves, discussing how they were going to hang Stanley, or they were going to make sure he gets hung, or that if they don’t get the results they want, that they were going to handle it themselves,” the person said of the Aboriginal people who remained. This account comes from one individual who spoke with the Sun, and has not yet been corroborated by other witnesses.”

This is exactly why our justice system gives the defence the right to challenge and reject jurors. What Trudeau seems to have forgotten – or is purposely ignoring – is that our system starts with a presumption of innocence, and is not designed to make politically-motivated convictions.

As we can see, while no system is perfect, it seems our jury selection process is working as it is intended too.

Imagine if the system is changed and a similar situation happens, except the defence can’t challenge jurors who may be massively biased. People would be convicted even if that conviction is based on anger and bias, instead of facts.

That would destroy any remaining credibility our justice system has, and turn it into an injustice system. By acting based on temporary emotion and virtue-signalling, the Trudeau government is putting our entire system of justice in serious peril.

Read the full Toronto Sun report

Spencer Fernando

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  1. The Clown Prince Trudy thinks he can bully Canadians into accepting his point of view on important matters. Wrong!!!!!

    Any sane Canadian would give the little clown prince the “double index finger” or Kid Rock salute and then walk away.

    Trudeau must be removed before he does any more damage.

  2. By #buttsandturdo standards the Toronto Sun would be Nazi. If the Liberal government doesn’t back down on this pandering stance that the jury selection process needs to ‘liberalized,’ I think he be brought down.

  3. Just part of his breaking down of Canada. Before it becomes totally broken perhaps now some of our honest judiciary will do something to stop the traitors of Canadians or were they all bought out already like our Liberal government. We are doomed as a good country. Instead of making false promises to the native people Trudeau should have been helping them as he said he would to get their votes, but being not ready to honestly *rule” he just continues with all of our downfall, divide and conquer. Total kayos, with just the greedy left to fight amongst themselves. I hope the new refugees are ready to move countries again with the rest of us refugee Canadians.

  4. Because no Mother should have to fear for her Sons life every time he goes out drinking to Rob and assault a Farmer and his Family.

  5. You see, My-way-or-the-highway Trudeau can’t be bothered with the FACTS. He’s like an obnoxious teenager who THINKS he has all the answers, whereas us adults in the room know better. Unfortunately this 46 year old teenager has full reigns over our country. God help us.

  6. I already see this as a defacto change; the jury will be selected without any consideration of due process. The defence attorney will be strapped with a biased jury who will predictably find the accused guilty as charged. Kangaroo court indeed. Now think of how this will all tie in with M-103 once the Liberal dictatorship makes it a defacto indictable offense to merely express dislike for anything Islamic (especially despicable acts of terror!) Can we all see where this is headed?

    1. Hope there are enough level-headed people in the justice system that won’t fall for something so crooked as what Trudeau can cook up. More and more clearly every day we can see how our Judeo-Christian culture is under duress.

    2. Good call TRACY, kind of a domino effect going on here. Or is it that he has to have his hands on every piece of Canada to fill his massive ego and the history books? To make his mark(s) so that his name would never be erased from Canadain history or Wikipedia. The great Justin Trudeau.
      They tried to define a Native type government and a justice system many times to no avail. In the 90’s the last time they tried some very well informed people including Orvid Mercredi attempted to put this together it did not work then and not for lack of trying. Now with this poor excuse for a pm who knows nothing about it, it will fail and lead to further division in our country.

  7. If the Liberal party and the judicial system in this country allows this to happen there will be no justice for anyone. Trudeau needs to be removed as Prime Minister as he has become a very dangerous man for all groups in this country. Native leaders themselves should fight this as it will further place a social wedge between indigenous and non indigenous peoples.

  8. Thanks for writing this story Spencer! I haven’t seen anyone else bring these facts together like you have.

    Trudeau is shamefully using the emotional impact of Colton’s death to make such announcements, including what he spoke about today: the framework for “Recognition and Implementation of Indigenous Rights” which is a component of the UN’s Agenda 2030. It’s got the right buzz words but it’s a Trojan horse that does not have our freedoms and best interests at heart.

    I hope to contribute more about this in the future.

  9. I was called for Jury duty years ago. You go to the courthouse and are given a number, and then everyone heads to the court room. I was praying and praying that my number not be called, but it was. I walked up to stand where the defence lawyer was, the prosecution lawyer was and the accused was. The accused was standing by the defence lawyer, of course. I was asked to look at the defendant while he looked at me. His lawyer then asked the defendant “yes or no” and the defendant said “no’ to me. So, now Trudeau and his lawyers want the reason why I was turned down to be to be made public, instead of it being between the defence lawyer and the defendent only.

  10. What is a national shame is when a man living in Bonnyville, AB was murdered in his home by thieves who came onto his land to steal a pick-up truck. What’s a national shame is when an elderly woman from Debden, SK is beaten with a wooden baseball bat in her own home by thieves. What’s a national shame is when a farmhouse in Colborne, ONT is firebombed with molotov cocktails by tresspassers. What’s a national shame is when at 2 am a pregnant mother near Hardisty, AB hears her vehicle start up on her farm she goes out to investigate and has a loaded gun pointed at her as the thieves leave her property.

    What is a national shame is that people living in rural areas have to fear for their lives when they hear a vehicle roll up on their driveway. Is this someone looking for help, is this a friend, or is this someone here to steal your stuff, burn your house down, assualt you, ram you with a vehicle, trash your property or even murder you?

    What is a national shame is when a man doing some daily chores with his son on his farm is forced to defend his family and his home when a vehicle with 5 black-out drunk violent thieves with a loaded weapon, on a crime spree involving multiple victims decide to come on to his property, ram his vehicles, attempt to steal property and use their vehicle to try and hit the people living there.

    What is a national shame is when the media and politicians then use the dead criminal as a prop to further divide a country, to race bait, to demonize rural citizens, to decieve, to try and distract from the actual problem of unchecked rural crime, to promote an atmosphere tense with fear and anger, to shut down any discussion by calling people racist.

    In any of those situations who would hesitate to defend their family by any means necessary? If we stop looking at this issue through a coloured lense we can see the problem for what it truly is.

    1. Problem is the politicians have their own agendas, they control the narrative, and have a lot of power. The political environment we are in now is so toxic as well. Granted, the Liberals are so bad, but how much better would another party be in this messed up day and age? How much can we expect of the politicians? They should be our servants not the other way around.

      You’ve raised a lot of good points though. It’s so terrible what people do to each other. It’s so hard to comprehend why. What is causing this hatred and what can be done about it? We need facts and not distortions of the truth to come to a point where fair and equitable solutions can be formulated. The solutions to the problems might end at the political level but they start with the individual.

    2. Well said. What is also a national shame is the Prime Minister’s uninformed knee-jerk reaction and interference in the judicial process.

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