WATCH: Catherine McKenna Calls Conservatives “The Government”

She also falsely tweeted that the Olympics were happening in North Korea.

When she’s not busy imposing regulations that damage our economic competitiveness, Catherine McKenna keeps making funny mistakes.

Recently, she tweeted about the Olympics with the hashtag #Pyongyang2018.

Only one small problem there:

Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea.

The Olympics are taking place in Pyeongchang – which is in South Korea.

McKenna North Korea Tweet

McKenna had another interesting flub in Question Period, where she referred to the Conservatives as “the government opposite,” eliciting laughs among the Opposition.

Watch the moment below:

Perhaps in addition to her ability to manage the weather, McKenna can see into the future. If so, many Canadians will be glad to see her prediction of the Conservatives winning government again.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter/YouTube

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  1. As we have discovered Lieberals are delusional and easily confused. What I can’t figure out is how do they get through the day without hurting themselves.??? These Lieberal politicians are like a “Special Ed Class” and require extra supervision.

  2. Hey Spencer // Thanks for doing your part in helping to dethrone this perverse and damaging regime currently in Ottawa. It’s important work for our Country. Hopefully your messages are reaching and beginning to swing your generation. However, I would prefer only a couple of the more important commentarys/day would be more appreciated…as much as I despise Barbie. This comment is only for your consideration.

    1. RAY DECORBY — I like the way Spencer puts forth his commentaries … I think they all are important. It is important that we see/read/learn everything these idiot Liberals are saying.

  3. She is not supposed to be the ordinary citizen who can make mistakes. She is a MP for crying out loud. Huge mistake with the location of the Winter Olympics 2018. Unforgivable.

  4. A direct result of WhackJob Justin’s 50/50 gender cabinet – a cabinet NOT based on merit or competence.

    Never in Canadian history has there been such a mixed bag of unqualified nincompoops running the country, starting at the top.

  5. Here’s something else Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said in a recent interview with Don Martin, CTV’s Power Play.
    Martin: “Gender impact? How does that fit into a pipeline approval process?”
    McKenna: “So I’m really glad you asked that, because people are like what’s this gender thing? Well, imagine that you have a number of people going to a remote community-many men. What is the impact on the women in the community? And actually, once again, smart proponents understand this, so they’re going to put measures in place. That’s all it is. It’s just taking a smart approach to thinking about…what’s going to be the impact of a major development in a particular area.”
    Moe: “I swear I did not make this up.” She’s the female version of Trudeau.

    1. They are experts at contempt for the intelligence of Canada and Canadians. We aren’t nearly as stupid as they think we are.

      How gender is involved with a pipeline is incomprehensible. Could it be that she is as stupid as Trudeau? Trudeau is clearly low on the intelligence pole and barbie isn’t far behind.

      Every response starts with “so”.

      1. Gender and pipelines? Easy… male pipe fits into female end of pipe and then welded. Ask any pipefitter and he can tell you that. Beyond that, there is no other relationship between pipelines and gender.

    2. MOE SOMERS — You nailed … gawd … she is unbelievable & so is Trudeau … as the saying goes; all these LIBERALS, especially including McKenna & Trudeau are as dense as 3-bags of Sh!t.

  6. Add Geography to McKenna’s list of “topics she knows nothing about”, but babbles on about in a confusing litany that makes no sense and leaves the listener thinking “huh?) Obviously she takes “Turdeau” lessons in how to speak at length and say absolutely nothing.

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