WATCH: Trudeau Asked Why Cannabis Company Founded By Former Liberal CFO Is Getting Hundreds Of Millions In Secret Cayman Islands ‘Investment’

Trudeau claims he’s changing marijuana laws to reduce the influence of organized crime, so why is he dodging questions about shady offshore donations?

In Question Period, Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt asked Justin Trudeau about some shady occurrences.

It turns out that a Quebec cannabis company founded by the former Chief Financial Officer of the Liberal Party has received over $200 million in anonymous ‘investments’ from a company in the Cayman Islands.

The company’s investors are kept secret.

As Lisa Raitt said, “Canadians deserve to have the assurance that there’s no organized crime element within these secret investors.”

While trying to answer, Trudeau seemed thrown totally off-guard and stumbled badly.

Watch the exchange below:

Trudeau stumbled even more than usual – and that’s saying something.

Then, he totally avoided answering the real question, which Lisa Raitt called out by noting that Trudeau was just reciting his tired and empty talking points.

How can Canadians have any trust in the changes to the justice system surrounding marijuana when Trudeau can’t – and won’t – even answer the most basic questions?

If the new system ends up benefiting anonymous offshore donors and those with political ties, then it will be just another example of Trudeau and the elites rigging the system against the rest of us for their own benefit.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. Wow?? Is this offshore Canadian tax dollars being moved back to make more money for the off shore account, I wonder. Lisa Raitt has done some very good investigating and I hope she will continue and that we will actually hear about it.

    1. “International Narcotics Control Strategy Report”

      US rates Canada once again as a “major money laundering country” in annual drug report
      By Christine Duhaime | March 12th, 2017A

      “major money laundering country” is one whose banks and financial institutions allow financial transactions involving significant amounts of proceeds of crime. For several years in a row, Canada has been identified as such (see our other annual reviews here (2016), here (2014), here (2013) and here (2012)).

  2. Hey trudum! You and your cohorts are pieces of shit! Kids shouldn’t be using this. Shame shame shame on you.
    You are truely evil. Destroying the younger generation is a crime that I really hope you will pay for.

  3. Canada looks like it could be a major producer of cannabis for the world market so it would not be surprising if there are foreign interests involved. Lots of profit when it sells for ten bucks a gram retail.

    Kids will always be able to get a hold of it regardless whether there is a legal and/or black market. Education on the risks is key. Lots of info already out there that might be of interest to parents.

    1. Info. available showing the correlation between Pot use and early onset Schizophrenia. Pot is also a “gateway” drug! Trudeau is not only Stupid but Evil!

      1. wow pot is not a gateway drug, prescription drugs are and they were made to be, so people keep wanting them you should do some research

        1. Its second in the line of tobacco as the gateway, but of course its a gateway drug. But the stoners like to ignore the reports that many heroin and crack addicts attempting to get straight tell their story about their problems starting with marijuana but being offered or needing something more mind altering.

  4. As someone who has been an athlete and a sport official in the past I find that he does not answer the question. Frankly I wonder, why does the government not legislate full disclosure of investors, if they have not done so? And at the same time I would call for drug testing of all MP’s, Cabinet Ministers, Senators and Deputy ministers. after all who is the bigger threat, an official in government at a senior level who uses drugs or an athlete?

  5. What a low life SOB this PM is!!!He is a sleazy slime who cannot answer any question with any honesty!!! HE is a Traitor to his country and to all Canadians…well except for his dazed followers>He is not even a good actor he stumbled on his lines which is indicative of a liar!!!!!

  6. Foreign Liberal criminals are laundering their drug money and buying Canadian companies? Are they Communist Chinese or are they Mexican cartels? Who knows. Both are friends of Trudeau.

  7. It doesn’t matter what you ask him,,,all you ever get is the same song and dance he always does, but he never answers the question. He just spews out what ever comes into his tiny brain figuring that it sounds like an answer and it is an answer,,,just not an answer to the question he was asked. Chances are that he is one of the silent investors, probably under a different name.

  8. Just goes to show that the political criminal class can jump to the head of the cue when it comes to screwing Canadians. Even more than they already screw Canadians, that is.

  9. Well done Lisa Rait.
    Trudeau is a liar and a fraud.
    What a joke to think that legalization will stop drug crime. He dang well knows it’s going to boost their business and put it directly in the hands of children. A 12 year old will be able to carry 5 g of marijuana knowing there will be absolutely no consequence.
    I can’t wait until this creep is gone…as well as the rest of the Liberal party.

  10. Tax havens fund Canadian pot companies
    They took advantage of offshore funds


    Cayman Islands: $ 12.4 million
    Guernsey: $ 150,000


    Cayman Islands: $ 32.5 million
    Barbados: $ 202,500


    Cayman Islands: $ 2 million
    Bahamas: $ 549,000
    Switzerland: $ 110,000
    Belize: $ 50,000
    Channel Islands: $ 75,000


    Switzerland: $ 100,000
    Belize: $ 100,000
    Bahamas: $ 130,000
    Cayman Islands: $ 10.5 million
    Guernsey: $ 366,000
    United Arab Emirates: $ 25,000


    Singapore: $ 10,000
    Cayman Islands: $ 20.5 million
    Switzerland: $ 20,000


    Cayman Islands: $ 15 million
    United Arab Emirates: $ 700,000
    Bahamas: $ 751,500


    British Virgin Islands: $ 3 million
    Switzerland: $ 200,000


    Singapore: $ 225,000


    Bahamas: $ 47,500
    Singapore: $ 70,000
    Switzerland: $ 24,400


    Panama: $ 200,000
    Switzerland: $ 188,650
    Bahamas: $ 308,550
    Cayman Islands: $ 8.3 million
    Dominica: $ 47,190
    Belize: $ 40,250
    British Virgin Islands: $ 21,275
    Isle of Man: $ 57,500
    Luxembourg: $ 69,000


    Bahamas: $ 308,000
    Cayman Islands: $ 5.7 million


    Seychelles: $ 765,000
    Cayman Islands: $ 14.13 million
    Switzerland: $ 27,000
    Luxembourg: $ 78,750
    United Arab Emirates: $ 10,500


    Cayman Islands: $ 9.76 million
    Bahamas: $ 50,000


    Singapore: $ 9900
    Hong Kong: $ 47,850
    Barbados: $ 99,825
    Bermuda: $ 115,500
    Cayman Islands: $ 553,000
    Monaco: $ 34,980
    United Arab Emirates: $ 24,750
    Dominica: $ 123,750
    Luxembourg: $ 23,098
    Switzerland: $ 50,000
    Curacao: $ 11,500
    Aruba: $ 5750
    Panama: $ 80,500
    Malta: $ 10,000
    British Virgin Islands: $ 10,000
    Belize: $ 75,000
    Marshall Islands: $ 10,000


    Cayman Islands: $ 4.37M
    Luxembourg: $ 600,000
    Belize: $ 99,750
    Bahamas: $ 225,000
    Hong Kong: $ 499,999


    Cayman Islands: $ 2.28 million
    Bahamas: $ 25,000


    Belize: $ 22,000
    Cayman Islands: $ 25,000
    Singapore: $ 300,000


    Cayman Islands: $ 12.5 million
    Bahamas: $ 70,000


    Cayman Islands: $ 199,500


    Panama: $ 50,000
    Malta: $ 50,000
    Hong Kong: $ 2 million
    Belize: $ 50,000
    Bahamas: $ 10,000


    Bermuda: $ 540,000

    These are the Money Laundering Corporate Organized Criminals, not the Mom and POP medical cannabis owner who is actually putting back into Canadian Cannabis, these fat wallet suits are putting Canadian Patients Public Healthcare money into the pockets of American Investors, which is a crime since it is illegal for them to profit or receive money from the sale of cannabis PERIOD. The Greed is out of control already and it’s not even Legal !!!

  11. And no one see’s or talks about the real crime, since legalization hasn’t begun, these capitalists are making their Blood money(Revenue) from sick, Dying, Disabled, Broke Canadians

  12. We are, uh, moving umm, forward, eliminating the money going to Liber- organized crime and making sure it goes into the coffers of the Liberal Fundraisers, who we hope will be able to buy us votes in the next election.

  13. Here’s half your problem with marijuana legalization. It’s being used to cover up the scandal for the opioid crises that was non other than made in China. An entire generation has been made dependent on the pharmaceuticals that were prescribed legally by our public health system. Namely OxyContin, Oxycodone, after the medical system has deemed these controlled substances highly addictive and detrimental to health. A highly illegal Fentanyl trade started with the Chinese black market. Further used in money laundering schemes driving Canadian real estate to artificially high levels. Wake up Canada, this is erasing the middle class to highly corrupt drug cartels. Marijuana is being used for the decades old problem created by opioids. This drug trade is being used through China, and Mexico via the Triad gangs to fund the Chinese communist party.

    Socialism is the politics of Envy, whence the corrupt free trade proposed by our political parties.
    Stop the creeping invasion.

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