DIVIDING CANADIANS: Catherine McKenna Says “Climate Denial And Misogyny Seem To Go Together”

In Catherine McKenna’s mind, disagreeing with the government on climate issues equals hating women. Oops, did I just ‘peoplesplain?’

The Trudeau government came to power promising to unite Canadians, and usher in a new era of kinder, less divisive politics.

Didn’t happen.

Instead, they’ve gone in exactly the opposite direction, demonizing Canadians in far harsher ways than the Harper government ever did.

Notably, the Harper government spent most of their time directly attacking their political opponents, while the Trudeau government extends their attacks to millions of Canadian citizens.

The latest example of that deliberate effort to demonize and divide Canadians comes in a recent Tweet by Catherine McKenna.

Apparently, McKenna thinks that disagreeing with her on climate change (which she purposely describes using the loaded term “denial”) somehow equals hating women.

It’s totally insane, and it’s a clear effort to demonize millions of Canadians.

This is the exact opposite of bringing people together, and represents a betrayal of Canadians who expect our government to respect citizens with different viewpoints.

Of course, it’s ironic that Catherine McKenna wants people to feel bad for her – a financially comfortable politician – while she showed zero compassion for the jobs of workers in the coal industry she wants to destroy and didn’t even bother providing re-training programs for.

As you can imagine, McKenna’s divisive attack on Canadians isn’t going over well:


It goes on like that. People are clearly unimpressed, and we know that Canadians deserve far better than politicians trying to tear Canada apart.

Spencer Fernando

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14 comments Add yours
  1. When you don’t have the facts, the science, to support your ‘progressive’ trumped up notion of man-made (er, people-made) climate change, then you resort to a trumped up narrative and ad hominem attacks.

  2. It seems that somehow, Canadians have allowed ourselves to be dragged down the rabbit hole and into the “Liberals’ Wonderland” by the liberal imbeciles… we’re at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party… HOW could this have happened???

  3. All part of the narrative of the Trudeau regime. Remember his appointed Governor General, Julie Payette, in a speech at a science conference mocking climate change ‘deniers’, “Can you believe that still today in learned society, in houses of government, unfortunately, we’re still debating and still questioning whether humans have a role in the Earth warming up or whether even the Earth is warming up, period?” And her inappropriate remarks were applauded by Trudeau and McKenna.

  4. Typically Liberal comment, they just keep calling people a Nazi, or a redneck, or an illiterate or an in-informed, because they have a different opinion. Typical.

  5. I suppose you can rationalize ANYTHING. The Earth is 4 Billion years old. Records have been kept for 200 Years. I question anyone that says, without any proof, in 4 Billion years the Earth climate has never changed so fast. The only constant in Climate IS change. Climate change isn’t so fast that man can’t adapt.

  6. As long as the earth has been a planet there has been climate change and we need life giving carbon. The pollution the very rich make by trying to make even more money without lifting a finger to actually work, not wanting to spend any money to clean the air or the soil around those that are really just slaves, working to be able just to live now mainly in poor countries it leaves more profit for them, they make cheap throw out products to pollute even more etc. as we all know these products are throw out garbage but you need it? so now we give more to them to keep buying these things and listening to their propaganda, but as these people have way to much money and have the power to enslave all of us or starve us to death when or if we are not able to work for them, they are buying false propaganda governments to get more power and tax money off of us and tell us we cause the climate change while they are mining and running their ships through the now open waters in the artic, but we the controlled slaves are being collapsed by these super rich, country by country around the world.

  7. McKenna has her marbles mixed. Climate change and misogyny are completely unrelated. If she said the hijab is a symbol of misogyny, then it would make sense or being against the concept of climate change is being against Agenda 21. These would all make sense. SOME LOGIC WOMAN. Get your marbles at the right place.

  8. this government awesome number of blunders testify to their inexperience and awkwardness ….now how can Canadians have faith in their ability to deal with real , substantial problems …a joke

  9. “This is the exact opposite of bringing people together,”

    Yep,and exactly what the Liberal Party has always excelled at, dividing Canadians against one another based on region,language, religion,ethnicity, the LPC keeps us apart then cherry picks which demographic to pander to in the next election. It seems to work quite well in this day of sublime indifference and ignorance.

  10. fake news………..fake news………………fake news……………..fake news……………….fake news…………..
    fake news…………fake news………………
    outrageous comments about citizens of Canada………….must be the new improved divisive
    liberal trend.

  11. She used Shannon Phillips as a champion. WOW! Shannon is working with Y2Y and CPAWS and god knows who else to close all the eastern slopes in Alberta to the public and turn it into a park! A Park in Canada has never ever made a cent. Now good honest people that cant afford the mega vacations like these scum won’t be able to camp or go trail riding. The US is dumping so much money into government right now its sickening.

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