FAIL: Trudeau Tweet Spells Gandhi Wrong

So much for that expensive taxpayer funded social media team.

Justin Trudeau is already facing intense criticism on his India trip, and now there’s another issue.

In a tweet from Trudeau’s account, the name of the widely revered Mahatma Gandhi was spelled wrong.

A photo of the Tweet is below:

Trudeau Gandhi Tweet Fail

It’s supposed to be ‘Gandhi,‘ not ‘Ghandi.’


While it may seem like a minor issue, Trudeau is already facing criticism by many in India for perceived support for the extremist Khalistani movement – which seeks to tear India apart.

So, the fact that Trudeau – who has a highly paid taxpayer funded social media team – got the name of Gandhi wrong will only add to the criticism of Trudeau’s controversial trip.

Trudeau has already faced what many are calling a snub, after being greeted by a low-level official upon arriving in India.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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13 comments Add yours
  1. A minor mistake given that he minored in rhetoric not spelling…
    Also, where are the SJWs complaining about cultural appropriation?
    I also think that, given the fraction of the time of his visit being set aside for discussions with Indian Officials, there might have to be another call for him to repay a portion of the expenses for this holiday.

    BTW, I will shortly be changing to

  2. The dressage in this ‘Photo-Op’ of La Ste Le Mme Trudeau is most symbolic . . . as is the message left by. the man whose memorial was attended .
    “ Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is. ”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    1. Niclal: That is to express what they feel . The PM is seen as a Turd.
      And look at the beautiful clothes the family are playing with. Should anybody question why the carnival atmosphere? Not even the Canadians of such and other origins, would think of wearing ethnic attire without a specific reason for the event. Talk of cultural appropriation!!!How many East Indian diplomats dress like Native Indians, Chinese Mandarins, or Mexican Style, with big sombrero et all ,when they come to visit Canada? When you go to Brazil ,in a diplomatic mission,, are you going to show up in a Brazilian bikini ? How sincere can that be? Please keep the ethnic fanfare to use at home, so that the real Indians don’t ask us what our foolish PM is doing in India , all dressed up for some secret Parade. Are you going to wear burkas when you go to Saudi Arabia?

  3. A useless thing like spelling is not included when you study drama!!! The whole 2+ years of Trudeau has been one boondoggle after another…far too many to mention here..
    Could we not rid the country of this embarrassment NOW?

  4. I wonder how much this expensive holiday is costing India? Millions? I and all other taxpayers demand a full public accounting. I want to see where every single dollar went.

    Hey Scheer – when this idiot gets back, none of this Mr. Dimples nice guy about this holiday. You always start with “Would the Prime Minister — yadda yadda yadda ” because you know damn well he won’t, due to his extreme contempt for Parliament, for the Speaker, for Canadians and Canada, never mind Canadian Laws and courts.

    Start demanding, not requesting. The idiot won’t answer questions, so provide the answers for him and force him to try to deny. Remind him that there are dozens of Canadians watching his insolent disrespectful pathetic childish responses from the Visitors Gallery and they will be telling others how stupid Trudeau makes himself look. Trudeau is completely unfit for the position of Prime Minister and should resign.

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