REPORT: Trudeau Government Denies Rumour That Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son

Government responded to unsubstantiated rumours that Fidel Castro’s recently deceased son Fidelito left a note referring to Justin Trudeau as his “half brother.”

The Trudeau government has been forced to officially deny unproven rumours that Justin Trudeau’s real father is Fidel Castro.

The denial came after rumours spread that Fidelito (the son of Fidel Castro who recently killed himself), had left a note referring to Trudeau as his “half-brother.”

However, those rumors have not been confirmed, with the Cuban government saying there was no suicide note left by Fidelito. There is no proof that such a note was left.

As reported by the AP, “A story claiming Fidel Castro was the father of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not true. The Canadian government denied it, Cuba has never claimed it and Trudeau’s parents didn’t Cuba until several years after Trudeau was born. The February 1 suicide of Castro’s oldest son, Fidelito, spurred the most recent report on several sites, claiming that Fidelito left a suicide note referring to Justin Trudeau as his half-brother.”

The idea that Trudeau’s real father was Fidel relates to the noticeable similarity in their appearances when they were young, and the closeness of the Trudeau and Castro families – disturbingly expressed in Trudeau’s fawning statement after the death of Fidel Castro.

However, the official timeline casts doubt on any idea that Trudeau’s father is anyone other than Pierre Trudeau, as noted by the AP:

“Trudeau was born a little more than nine months after the marriage of his parents and more than four years before Margaret made a much-publicized first trip to Cuba and met Fidel Castro.”

They add, “Experts say it would have been impossible for an earlier visit to Cuba to go unnoticed.”

It is highly unlikely that Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s father. The real issue is why he shows such an affinity for those like Castro, and China’s Communist “Basic Dictatorship,” as it’s very disturbing for the leader of a democratic country to be supporting brutal authoritarian regimes.

Instead of rumours, Trudeau should be held accountable for his unwillingness to stand up for the Canadian values of democracy, liberty, and free speech.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. There’s actually no denying that Pierre is Justin father. Justin is merely a better looking image of Pierre. I did hear it mentioned, on Michael Coren’s show, that Justin inherited his mother’s hair and unfortunately his mother’s brain.

    1. True, but you have to admit the resemblance between JT and Castro is uncanny. Margaret Trudeau was what they use to call a loose woman; she had a thing for powerful, creative and brainy men. Fidel was known to scr*w anything that moved. He didn’t even bother to take his hat off.

      Justin’s hair would seem to favor Castro, not Pierre. Maybe some day some enterprising journalist can steal a straw from Justin’s lunch and do a DNA test.

  2. I wish the idiots that start up these stupid rumors would realize the harm they do to the opponents of Trudeau,by painting all of us a lunatic conspiracy theorists,and not credible on ANY subject. Justin is the son of Pierre and Margaret, not Castro or Mick Jagger or Keith Richards or even Clint Eastwood.

    Maybe Gerald Butts started the rumor,to gain sympathy for our beloved PM.

    I just heard a rumor the other day that Andrew Scheer is the illegitimate son of Harpo Marx, just look at their photos side by side!

    Jack Layton resembled Lenin, but as he died in 1924,doubt he could have fathered Jack except in the spiritual sense.

  3. Trudeau has shown contempt towards Canadian Veterans, Canadian taxpayers, and Canada as a nation. He is frequently disrespecting Parliament, by often refusing to answer questions from Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer, instead he “dances” around some preformatted script that says absolutely nothing. Prime Ministers are supposed to always answer questions from the Opposition Leader when they are both in Parliament. So, since Trudeau is treating our democratic system and his job as a total joke, it’s only fair that he gets treated like a joke as well. And now the world and “peoplekind” everywhere…know Justin is indeed an international joke.

  4. …. Trudeau should be held accountable for his unwillingness to stand up for the Canadian values of democracy, liberty and free speech ….

    “Canadian values?”

    “Democracy, liberty and free speech?”

    Them was the Good Old Days.

    And then came the traitor: Trudeau Père!

    And there went Canada ….

    1. Hi
      Who would have thought Canadian values could be so controversial?
      Plenty of ink has been spilt in the past few weeks over the suddenly taboo topic of promoting Canadian values.
      The consensus from Canada’s elites has been to condemn the very idea of listing our values, let alone asking newcomers to respect and adhere to them.
      But a far more controversial idea about Canadian values and identity was recently proposed by our very own prime minister. And the media barely batted an eyelash.

      Late last year, Justin Trudeau told the New York Times that Canada is becoming a new kind of country, not defined by our history or European national origins, but by a “pan-cultural heritage”.
      “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” Trudeau said, concluding that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.”
      Even the New York Times called the suggestion “radical.”
      Despite Trudeau’s bizarre musings, Canada has a proud history and strong traditions.
      Canada has never been a homogeneous society — defined by a single race or ethnicity — but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a distinct culture and identity.
      Our identity is rooted in our history, and it’s impossible to divorce the two.
      Canada’s democratic values and traditions date back over 800 years, to the signing of the Magna Carta by our political ancestors.
      That document helped enshrine our natural rights and freedoms, and limited the government’s ability to impose its powers.
      Canada, perhaps more than any other Western country, is a living manifestation of that great document.
      We live in the greatest country in the world. My biased opinion aside, the Reputation Institute ranked Canada as the most admired country in the world.
      Our peaceful, free, fair and just society is the envy of the world. That is why so many people around the world want to come to Canada. They want to adopt our values.
      But Trudeau takes this all for granted.
      He doesn’t think there is anything special about Canadian history or traditions.
      Instead, he suggests Canada is nothing but an intellectual construct and a hodgepodge of various people, from various backgrounds, who just happen to live side by side in the territory known as Canada.
      Trudeau seems embarrassed, even ashamed of our Western culture and values.
      Far from standing up for Canada and promoting our core principles at home and abroad, Trudeau frequently apologizes for Canada.
      That’s why he feels no shame in speaking at a segregated mosque, where women and girls are forbidden from entering through the front door, or sitting in the main hall.
      He can call himself a “feminist” while also tolerating the subjugation and segregation of women, when it suits his political interests.
      That is also why, while in China, Trudeau told the one-party authoritarian state that Canada, too, is imperfect when it comes to human rights.
      Trudeau blurred the distinction between Canada’s peaceful, free society and that of a communist dictatorship.
      He equated Canada — a democratic country that always strives for peace, justice, liberty and equality — to a closed regime with a sordid history.
      Trudeau is wrong when it comes to our values and our identity. And his ideas are far more controversial than the proposed vetting of newcomers.

      I don’t think that Trudeau and his Liberal minions have any power or mandate to change our system of government; the very system he swore an oath to protect and serve. His actions are more like that of that of a coup; a type of revolution, where the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus occurs. How is this not treason?

  5. Actually there was an article published last year by someone who knew Maggie and the Trudeaus, and Mrs. Trudeau had indeed gone to Cuba more than once before and after she married that old pervert.
    This is now documented.

  6. I could believe this story; I started calling Trudeau Castro Jr. because my friend does…it became automatic…no, it may not be a”Nutty Conspiracy Theory” as we are lied to about everything in the Mainstream Media, they the Media are the True CONSPIRATORS…nothing is too “far out” these days..the Elites turn truth literally upside down, make up any narrative for the “Sheeples”…if this story is true…why did we have to get Castro Jr. Trudeau? Why didn’t they keep him in his Beloved “Homeland”???

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