DECEPTION: Trudeau Caught Lying About “$1 Billion Investment” Deal, Which Is Actually Canadian Companies Spending $750 Million In India

Trudeau caught in total lie after claiming India was investing $1 billion in Canada – which the government later amended to note that 75% of the investment was actually going from Canada to India.

Justin Trudeau has been caught lying again, as his India vacation continues to be a failure.

Taking some time out of vacationing on the taxpayers dime, Trudeau tried to hype up some supposed investment deals.

He claimed that Indian companies were investing $1 billion into Canada.

There’s only one problem there.

It’s not true.

Trudeau was caught trying to deceive Canadians, and the government was later forced to admit that he was wrong, as noted by Global News:

“Trudeau initially said the entire $1 billion was money coming into Canada but his officials later corrected that it was a two-way trade number, with one-quarter coming from India into Canada, and the rest going the other way. More than half the $750 million Canadian investment in India comes from Toronto’s Brookfield Asset Management, which is spending $480 million to buy a 1.25 million-square foot office complex in Mumbai. Another $200 million comes from Fairfax India Holdings Corp. of Canada, which acquired a 51 per cent stake in the Catholic Syrian Bank in Kerala, India.”

Notably, many establishment news organizations had to change the headlines on their articles after Trudeau’s deception was “corrected,” but one of the original media tweets containing the incorrect info can be seen below:

The media also needed to make “corrections”:

Of course, we know that “misspoke” = Trudeau lied.

In this case, the media was reporting what Trudeau told them, and the responsibility for the deception lies with him.

Once again, Trudeau shows contempt for the truth, and contempt for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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37 comments Add yours
    1. That kind of comment makes you seem desperate to cover up or cast doubt on his lies. As children, we told lies and appologized when we were caught and probably grounded for a week by our parents. As adults doing a job, we get caught in a lie at work it is sometimes verbal warning, followed by written warning, and third strike is termination. There has to be consequences for our actions, and the children of Canada today need to learn these lessons more then ever. This sets no example for Canada on a world stage, no example for our children ad our citizens. This is telling everyone, that there is no accountability. Just shrug your shoulders, roll your eyes and say sorry. Because there are no consequences for our actions. So by you calling it desperate makes you seem desperate, because you obviously lack ethical values and lack accountability in your own life and think all things are made better by simply saying sorry. Well that is not the case I am sorry to say.
      And that my friend is not a Lie….

    2. Ohhh wow your actually sticking up for his compulsive lying and manipulative tendencies… Your a special kids nd of stupid I’d say… Keep being a sheeple and you’ll see…,the hard way as that what it will apparently take…

    3. Wow! Nobody with an ounce of intelligence would make a mistake on such huge numbers. The PM is not paid $15 bucks an hour. Are you implying that Trudeau ‘s IQ is at the bottom of the spectrum and should be excused as an error?

    4. No Christian, it was a lie. Standard practice for Trudeau is to flap his lips without connecting first to his brain. He is clearly intellectually challenged and is completely unfit for politics. Politicians across the entire world laugh at this buffoon, knowing he is simply a laughingstock. He is constantly embarrassing himself, the Liberal Party and Canada, not because he “misspoke” but because he makes noises without thinking.

      He is NOT my PM.

    5. A mistake that just changed 1 billion in foreign investment to $250 million and no guarantee of any jobs which I believe they said would be 5,000. To me that much exaggeration is worse than a lie and very deceiving. Companies pouring $750 million into a foreign infrastructure loses jobs here and increases jobs there. Why do we have a government in place that seems to be so desperate to give all of our money away when our economy is so fragile?

  1. When and HOW can we get rid of this fool! Canadians need to take to the streets in every Province East, West, North and South in a show of SOLIDARITY that we (the public, the taxpayers) HAVE none, NADDA support of this fool.

    Governor General has roles she can play (instead of calling us Nazi’s, White Supremacists, RACIST) on the World stage. It says right in her ROLE and DUTIES that if the Puppet Master does not have support of the PEOPLE OF CANADA she can tell him to resign. Shut down Parliament and Call an Election LOL

    Link on Governor General – this was regarding Harper but applies to this sockboy! Ethics, lying, inciting his new buzzwords on the Canadian Taxpayers, will not pay back the money. He should be charged, along with Morneau and the woman who LIED about where she came from! (can’t remember her name) it is painful to watch them daily on TV 🙁

    Canada is a sinking ship with this fool!

    1. This “so-called” Government must go! We are in deep trouble and the damage is almost irreparable! Canadians must stand together and do something. Trudeau Gov’t scandals are too numerous to mention!

    2. Lied where she came from? Monsef, the migrant who is in Canada illegally but who Trudeau keeps in his caucus. It seems that the Law requiring Members of Parliament to be Canadian Citizens doesn’t apply to Liberals. That is right up there with not having to show or prove your identity when swearing the Citizenship Oath if you wear a Muslim mask.

      Trudeau also took Monsef to Switzerland for what could be “personal” reasons, giving her an illegal Diplomatic Passport. She can’t represent Canada if she is an illegal.

      1. “That is right up there with not having to show or prove your identity when swearing the Citizenship Oath if you wear a Muslim mask. … ”

        The irony Del is that this is what put Trudeau in power. If you will recall during the election (summer 2015) Tom Mulcair was leading and JT was in third place. Then the question of whether a Muslim woman should be allowed to wear a niqab while taking the oath of citizenship became an issue. As I recall one such person, Pakistani Zunera Ishaq, applying for citizenship actually sued our government for that privilege and won. Mulcair was against the ban and subsequently lost the Quebec vote. That’s when Trudeau started to lead in the polls.

        Voters were blinded by Trudeau’s ‘glamour’. Mulcair was the attack dog in the HoC against Harper, but only to dimbulb Justin’s advantage.

        So, because one foreigner insisted on wearing a niqab during her oath of citizenship and sued us, Mulcair is now going back to teaching and Mickey Mouse is running the country.

    3. The GG will NEVER fire her boss. He hired her for God’s sake. She is as intellectually challenged as he is, claiming that everything is based on science. She has been in orbit around the world but doesn’t believe in a higher power or that Nature modifies climate.

  2. As an Australian & a person with much admiration for Canadians I find Justin Trudeau an abomination. He is widely disliked & distrusted down here & it’s simple to work out why.
    Like his left-leaning philanderer of a father Justin has been hell bent on turning Canada into a pro Marxist country.
    Putting his ideology aside, if that’s possible Trudeau is one of THE most blatant & serial liars within the veracity deprived political world. Whilst his randy old father spent much of his tenure chasing Hollywood ”stars” & living it up in America — Justin displays the lack of mental dexterity to comprehend that, rather than admire this “wonder boy” other world leaders find his flights of fancy amusing. So, along with his “social engineering” & his obvious disdain, even contempt of the country which has given him all his ”delicate feminine touched little heart” desires, he continues to treat those who elected him with disparagement. He has never had to work a day in his life yet embraced all his privileged position handed him — again as with old Pierre. One cannot laud him for any social issues, simply because the majority have only vague impressions of something indefinable & have no place in the rationalistic system. Trudeau’s inclination to preach moralistically (to leaders, peoples of other countries) is offensive. To visit upon the moral convictions of his countrymen/women, that hectoring moralism he favours — is rightly despised. No one should be so self-righteous as someone policing someone else’s morality.
    Ultimately it will be Canadians who decree Trudeau’s future — his legacy. They will have accepted responsibility for voting him in & therefore have the obligation to determine the results of their decision & act accordingly.

  3. Is there absolutely no way to get rid of him. Can he not be charged by RCMP for theft excepting gifts for to further his political practice.

    1. He just passed a Law stating that Politicians are not responsible if they get caught breaking Canadian Parliamentary Law. I believe he made it retroactive but am not certain.

  4. and the Indian companies and CEO`s that run a 120 year toronto business into bankruptcy and take the pension fund as well back to india, great investment !!!!

  5. His complaint that he is only spending a WEEK! in India is not enough time, but he’s only working for half a day????????? Maybe if he spent his time effectively, instead of touring around with his kids, who should be in school, by the way! What a complete and utter falsehood he presented to these people. Why does he think that rambling off places he just visited, or something new he just learned, is of any interest to us? He never says anything! Just “Should’a, Would’a, Could’a, which turns into Doesn’t, Didn’t, Don’t! As in DON’T VOTE for him again!! Are they aware of how much shite this man shovels out each day? We’re sure sick of it! All of his figures were wrong! What kind of deals is he making? There is still mounds of paperwork, and scads of red tape to wade thru, before anything substantial comes out of this leadership! I won’t believe a thing until I see it happening! He is such a dismal diplomat! No wonder the Indian Government wants nothing to do with him!

  6. Kate what an excellent idea, if we could all send her emails. It would really help if we had Mr. Scheer and the Whole Conservative Party stand up and start this kind of action, maybe our fake news would actually print something about them, standing up for Canadians and even some Liberals that are not as brainwashed would also stand up to these despots running our country into the ground.
    Yes Christian Christian he has lied to Canadians too many times, he is totally unethical and nothing is being done, the governor General should already have stepped in, but since Trudeau put her there she will not but we can try.

  7. Trudeau still does not know what integrity is. It is part of the Canadian PM curriculum 101. We can see that he hasnt started yet. Is he really planning to get down to it once his term is over? What would be the point?

  8. If any normal working Canadian pulled off the crap this idiot does on a daily routine they would be in jail. He is getting away with anything that pops into that vacuum of a brain cavity and is not being held responsible. If you or I evaded all the tax implications that Trudeau and his Finance Minister have done we would be heavily fined or in jail, so I guess when you are in power you just play stupid and get away with it. I’m sick of Trudeau and his whole party pf failures.

  9. Awesome coments. Agree with all except the one who figures it’s alright to lie!
    Having lived through his father’s reign I knew what we would be in for but honestly his off spring should be in an institution. The budget will balance itself! Really, never happened in my 71 years on earth, that should have told everyone what an idiot he is. He lies like our media and spends w abandonment. I honestly think if Canadians hadn’t had the promise of legalized pot he might have not gotten in but we have to remove him before we become bankrupt! I am worried about machines for voting and illegal voting! Agree the attorney gen. should be doing her job but our last one received many emails from Canadians and he did squat as well. Canada, stand up speak up!

  10. I have a fair amount of criminal psychology education because of my previous career and the moment Trudeau came into the picture he could be read like a book. Aside from being extremely insecure, he is a pathological liar that actually believes what he says to a great extent.
    So my point is; how in hell can this multi psychologically crippled creature be even close to be our PM.
    According to his speech in Chicago, he was a math teacher. He needs to get a calculator.

  11. The gov’t explanation for such stupidity on the part of this Prime Minister leads me to finally concluded, Mother Maggie DEFINITELY must have dropped him on his head as a baby! What else could cause such stupidity?

  12. I know it is not at all funny BUT seems to me the whole India trip is like a bad comedy! See Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel utube..nails Him..

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