INSANE: Trudeau Government Invited Former Member Of Sikh Separatist Group Convicted Of Attempted Murder To State Dinner In India With PM

The government rescinded the invitation only after the media pointed it out to the PMO.

It keeps getting worse for Trudeau’s disatrous India trip.

Now, it has been revealed that the Trudeau government invited Jaspal Atwal to a state dinner featuring Trudeau.

Jaspal Atwal was convicted of attemtped murder in 1986.

He was a member of “an illegal Sikh separatist group,” and tried to kill and India cabinet minister while on Vancouver Island.

It is insane that he was invited to a state dinner, and sends an absolutely horrendous message – especially since Trudeau is already facing criticism for allegations of Sikh separatist MPs in the government.

According to a report by Terry Milewski, “Jaspal Atwal, a convicted former member of an illegal Sikh separatist group, was invited to dine with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a formal event hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner Thursday in Delhi. The invitation, which was extended by Canada’s High Commissioner to India, is being rescinded after CBC News asked the Prime Minister’s Office about it. “I can confirm that the High Commission is in the process of rescinding Mr. Atwal’s invitation,” said PMO spokeswoman Eleanore Catenaro in an email to CBC News.”

Now, photos have surfaced showing Atwal in photos with both Sophie Trudeau, and Trudeau government minister Amarjeet Sohi.

Screenshots can be seen below:

Sophie Trudeau Jaspal Atwal

Jaspal Atwal Amarjeet Sohi

The fact that Jaspal Atwal got the invite from the Trudeau government is appalling, and demonstrates either malicious intent by the government, or a shocking level of incompetence, given Atwal’s history:

“Atwal, who did not travel to India with the Trudeaus’ entourage, was convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian cabinet minister, Malkiat Singh Sidhu, on Vancouver Island in 1986. At the time, he was a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation, banned as a terrorist group in Canada, the U.K., the U.S. and India. He’s also been convicted in an automobile fraud case and was charged, but not convicted, in a 1985 near-fatal attack on Ujjal Dosanjh, an opponent of the Sikh separatist movement who later became premier of British Columbia.”

Why the hell did the government invite him?

This is a disaster, as it will only confirm the feeling in the minds of millions of people in India that the Trudeau government has disturbing ties to extremist Sikh separatist groups.

These images will speak louder than any pathetic words from the Trudeau government trying to talk their way out of this, and it once again demonstrates that the Trudeau government is unable – or unwilling – to distance themselves from those involved in terrorism.

All Canadians, and all of our allies, should be deeply disturbed by what has taken place.

It is an embarrassment, and a disgrace that Trudeau ‘represents’ Canada on the world stage.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Screenshots

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17 comments Add yours
  1. Just another unethical lie, I do not think there are many real Canadians that want Trudeau and his gang of Terrorists back here, he is not really Canadian( he hates us, calls us names) and he has spent way too many of our hard earned tax dollars embarrassing us around the whole world.
    I am sure our ONE good previous Prime Minister Mr. Harper will also call and apologise again for Canadians, I will also, I am so sorry India and I have no idea who voted this unethical person in, I still can not believe he is still there.

  2. Trudeau has ties with all TERRORIST GROUPS. We have seen pictures of all this. Ties to Muslim Brotherhood, now the Sikhs who actually wanted part of BC to make their own country at that time and ask the government of Canada. Ya! And now Trudeau is trying to get stronger ties with Iran, this one a TERRORIST COUNTRY. The lists goes on and on. An embarrassment, that is what Trudeau is!

  3. Terrorism is never acceptable. I don’t support terrorists. Putting this in context however, one must also exclude many others in the world, including those terrorists who created Israel and continue a policy of assassination as a means of influencing world events. Even some Americans can be considered terrorists. Or are we admitting that if the terrorist succeeds in achieving his goals he becomes a statesman and above reproach?

    1. It sounds like you are referring to the Jewish people as terrorists. Am I right? Jews didn’t create Israel, the United Nations was forced to after WW2 in order to provide a safe haven for the Jewish people from the Nazis and their Muslim partners. None of the civilized intelligent democratic free countries could have imagined that Muslims would still be persecuting and killing Jews and infidels. 1500 years of continuous violence. Wherever there is more than a minority of Muslims, there is violence, whether it is an entire country like India or a few blocks in an area like no-go zones in Europe.

  4. it is funny but India seem to be more outspoken about our little potato than any other country. It is might strange to think every body in his cabinet are all that dumb

  5. If they weren’t for everything this idiot does and says they would speak out or cross the floor. They must be for him! I look at them and go nuts when I see we are paying for his travel and embarrassed at his childish behaviour. His wife is just as stupid.
    I am sharing and I hope every one that sees this does the same. If the media won’t speak the truth of his ignorance then we the people must share all things. Problem is the left tell me that if I bring it up they will hang up or leave! You can’t educate stupid!
    As for Israel I do not consider them terrorists just had to comment on that!

  6. Trudeau has ties with all TERRORIST GROUPS. We have seen pictures of all this. Ties to Muslim Brotherhood, now the Sikhs who actually wanted part of BC to make their own country at that time and asked the government of Canada. Ya! And now Trudeau is trying to get stronger ties with Iran, this one a TERRORIST COUNTRY. The lists goes on and on. An embarrassment, that is what Trudeau is!

  7. Seriously, how much more do we have to endure? He just keeps making huge mistakes on the World Stage. Then comes home, denying any wrong doing. All he can do is babble talking points and criticize anyone who calls him out on his blunders! He better stop claiming the economy is getting better! LIAR! It’s worse than it’s ever been, and failing fast, because of, and ONLY because of, the Liberal Government. Mostly Justin Trudeau, however, the longer this goes on
    the more guilty his entourage is! I sure like many of the previous comments. I’m glad there are like minded people out there! God Bless, and stay strong!

  8. This is too good to be true for the CPC !! Next week in the House they can attack the Liberal Government on the flight of investment & the sagging economy, 2% inflation, the carbon tax hoax, foreign affairs and trade, integrity re Aga Khan vacation, cavorting on stage and inviting a convicted terrorist to dinner. How long will the mainstream media and cellar dweller cohort of voters (age 18-30 something) support this evil regime? His #locksnsocks don’t cut it and never did.

  9. …and one more thing! What does it say about CSIS, RCMP and Ralph Goodale, Minister of Safety and Security; when they don’t vet the invitation-to-dinner list extended by our Ambassador to India. Imagine inviting a convicted terrorist to a state dinner. We are so effed up under this Trudeau government.

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