VIDEO: Speaking In India, Trudeau Forgets How Old Canada Is

#TrudeauInIndia keeps getting worse and worse, as he forgets #Canada150 and says our country celebrated the “100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Justin Trudeau’s disaster vacation in India keeps getting worse.

While speaking in New Delhi, Trudeau talked about how both Canada and India celebrated anniversaries:

Said Trudeau, “Our countries both marked some big milestones. You celebrated the 70th Anniversary of Indian Independence, and we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation.”

Except, last year Canada actually celebrated 150 years of Confederation, not 100.

Trudeau apparently doesn’t even know how old Canada is, despite the gigantic amount of money his government spent promoting the event last year.

Watch Trudeau’s fail below:


How will he embarass Canada next?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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32 comments Add yours
  1. He just keeps on getting more idiotic every day. First the lie about the billions of investment in Canada, now this!!!!
    Can’t we somehow get rid of this fool?

  2. You sir, are doing the Lord’s work exposing this arrogant airhead.

    I pray that Canada will be able to recover from a term under him.

    1. Same here! I am so worried by all the consequences of his actions! Specially all the borrowing he is doing to send hundreds of millions to other countries.

  3. Ballad to the Ethics Queen.
    Mary, Mary, never, ever, contrary ,
    How does your swamp grow?
    If I refuse to look, how would I know?
    All this Liberal slime…but I am out of time!!!
    Canadians dare not ask if I did ,or not , my task…
    How does my swamp grow?
    Just silence the Media bells and bury the cockle shells
    And keep my rich boys out of the” Guilty Row”!

    Trudeau vacations in India. Forgot the Bahamas vacation.Did you forget it?Are you getting value for your money?

  4. We CAN get rid of him… but it will take determination, resolve! We must mrach on parliament hill en masse, demanding his resignation, and it is not about marching for a day or a weekend, it is about a continuous march throughout the year, gathering more and more to protest, being persistent and coordinated! Those who do not mrch on parliament hill should march on federl government offices across Canada emanding his resignation. Ideally, Canadians should go on strike across Canada as a show of real protest, just like people of other countries have successfully done! Petitions should be created and signed demanding his resignation as well.

    1. We realy want him out of our gouvernment ! He is te most dangerous kind of Pm that Canada never have ! He insulted Trump when he decided to open frontiers off Canada while USA closed there one. Now, he don’t understand why Trump give a shit to Canada in the free trade agreement ! That guys is realy crazy. The real question is …..why he is totaly axes on Muslim islamist and he decided to re intagrated djihadiste in our country ! It’s completly abnormal ! By the way, i will be not surprise like a Quebecers that all country decided to don’t make any affair with Canada in the futur ! My dream, ans it cause Trudeau don’t like Quebecers is that all country prefer to make affair with Quebec !

  5. YOU JUST CAN”T MAKE THIS UP! It just get’s worse and now the memory of telling a audience in India that Canada just celebrated our 100th Anniversary of Confederation. Mr. Trudeau stood on a stage in Ottawa and made a speech on our true 150 years of Confederation. I truly ponder if Justin Trudeau is doing this on purpose or it’s planned to upset Canadians, but whatever it’s working. Canada was always one of the most respected Countries in the World, and in two years Justin Trudeau has turned Canada into a laughing stock of the Worlds population. Eight day business trip but actually it’s only half a day on Friday for actual meetings. That means with his family and the traditional wearing of India dress, he really has turned this into a $ 1.8 million dollar holiday at the Tax payers expense. I truly believe that he couldn’t care less how the Canadian Taxpayer feels about spending their hard earned money. Let’s be upfront Mr. Justin Trudeau truly doesn’t like Canadians from European stock and states that the immigrants deserve to be in Canada more than our Fourth Generation Canadians who built this country. He truly has to go, he is not our Prime Minister for many of us and unfortunately we have to live with his clown like personality until October 2019, How many sleeps is that!

    1. I agree with you – he treats Canada as a stage & dresses a different part each day – whether it is the Gay parade or visiting other countries, he disrespects out Country every time he turns around and opens his mouth — and then he says “our Veterans are asking too much”. We as Canadians deserve better!!!!

    2. Sadly, most of the media and the elite are in bed together, and much of the general public don’t seem to fully understand the transformation that has been taking place in our country and now accelerated to historic levels. Patriotic Canadians who adhere to western values along with the First Nation’s people of Canada (who 100% deserve the opportunity to reclaim and preserve their cultures) need to stand together and call out these traitors for what they are so that we can all look forward to rich and fulfilling futures.

    3. You know the best way? Get out and vote in 2019 and take your friends and relatives to the polls. Too many Conservatives did not go out to vote in 2015.

  6. Maybe he was reading his Dad’s speech from 1968?
    (One little two little three Canadians)
    We love thee
    (Now we are twenty million)
    (Four little five little six little Provinces)
    Proud and free
    (Now we are ten and the Territories sea to sea)..

  7. too bad freedom of speech is gone in canada boy oh boy what a fucking idoit i can say i think he got drop on head a few to many times or Mom smoke the dope

  8. NORBERT KAUSEN, Your idea is great but there’s just one issue with that – we are the ones who work for a living. If we were living off the government and didn’t have real jobs we could and would protest 24/7 until this part-time drama teacher is gone. Meantime, I say we just give the Queen a call and impeach this traitorous impostor.

  9. He also said Canada had 12 provinces, quite a while back. There is enough content to keep a stand up Comedian busy for a year. The CBC is trying to downplay the Atwal meeting. He has been a longtime friend and Liberal supporter.

  10. He didn’t forget. There was a teleprompter right there.

    This is an an illusionists trick. “Misdirection is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another.”

    Trudeau’s shtick is to get us all pissed off at him by focusing on his so-called blunders or oddities (Canada 100, socks, pre-law teacher, engineering student, etc.) to distract us away from his real intentions. Trudeau may not be the brightest bulb but he didn’t get to his high position without the right traits for what the elites want him to do (and he’s darn good at it).

    I have yet to read anything come out of the media on this trip about mass immigration but Trudeau was signalling to the world that Canada has open borders and multiculturalism/diversity trumps all. There was also some agreements signed between Canada and India. One agreement ($$ attached) was about uniting Canada’s/India’s youth in sport (Hayley Wickenheiser being a hockey ambassador to India and many other non-traditional hockey counties. Hayley is working with a volunteer committee to bring Team India Women’s team to Canada in 2018) all the while in Canada many families can’t even afford to put their kids in hockey because of the high cost.

    I’m so glad the elites in this country have their priorities in order and are looking out for our best interests — not.

  11. PM Zoolander was, after all, only a part-time drama teacher, not a history teacher. He can’t be expected to remember such difficult things.

  12. This video needs to be posted on you tube so more people can see it & share it. If it is on you tube someone needs to post the link.

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