WATCH: During Photo-Op, Journalist In India Asks Trudeau Why “Khalistani Terrorist” Was Invited To Dinner Reception

Trudeau’s India vacation has turned into a full blown disaster.

Justin Trudeau’s India vacation may go down as the worst foreign trip by a Canadian PM in decades.

A specific concern has been the perceived ties between the Trudeau government and Khalistani terrorists – ties the government tried to deny.

But then, it emerged that the Trudeau government entourage (they’re trying to pin it on Liberal MP Randeep Sarai), had invited Jaspal Atwal – a convicted attempted murderer and former member of a banned Khalistani terrorist group – to a state dinner with Trudeau.

This has caused massive outrage in India, and the media there is demanding answers.

Below, watch as a Trudeau photo-op gets interrupted with an actual legitimate question, as a journalist with ANI asks Trudeau why a “Khalistani terrorist” was given an invite:

Trudeau has since said the invite should not have gone to Atwal, yet the PMO was almost certainly aware of it, and didn’t do anything until the media reported on it.

It seems the only real concern for Trudeau is that he got caught, as he seems to have been close to Atwal for some time, as the photos below shared by great journalist Candice Malcolm reveal:

This is a huge scandal.

Trudeau is in numerous photos with a convicted terrorist who attempted to murder a politician from an allied nation on Canadian soil.

It’s a total disgrace to our country, and Trudeau must be held accountable for his closeness to such odious figures.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. I am not surprised that Trudeau ignored the question and the journalist. Looks like an idiot. Very rude. But he does it all the time.

  2. Remember when your parents were invited to dinner out at friends or family homes. Children were told, or threatened, “you behave or we’ll be going back home.” The people of India should be demanding, this spoiled, disrespectful, rude, childish Prime Minister be sent home immediately!
    This childish Prime Minister is PLAYING WITH FIRE. How long will these dangerous people let him continue to play IGNORANT? Poor Sophie, her face says it all…”what?”

  3. This must be enough poof that he has committed Crimes that must take him from power and place the Liberal Government in coercion with Terrorism World wide and allow terrorism to flourish on Canadian Soil. Enough is Enough. There is enough evidence to place any Canadian in Jail for aiding Terrorism. Opposition do something. This fool is spreading hatred of Canada worldwide. He has now endangered Canadians world wide. Soon do not wear Canadian Flag on Backpack. Canadians must insist Indian Government Jail this Freeworld Terrorist. His children will be raised the same way as his Father raised him. It will go on and on. In the future we will have another Traitor banging Government door. Has everyone forgotten about Mulroney. Must stop cycle of family spawned politicians. Trudeau does not have the Intelegence, patriotism, or intestinal fortitude to be an illegal Canadian. Hope India locks him up.

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