PATHETIC: Trudeau Government Tries Blaming India For Invite Of Convicted Attempted Murderer To Dinner With PM

Even though a Liberal MP already took responsibility for the invite of Jaspal Atwal – which was almost certainly known by the Prime Minister’s Office – the government is attempting to shift blame for their disgraceful debacle.

The Trudeau government has tried a pathetic political trick to somehow distance themselves from the invite of Jaspal Atwal – a convicted attempted murderer and former member of an illegal Khalistani extremist group – to a dinner with Trudeau.

They used a “senior government official” to claim that the invite of Atwal was actually orchestrated by the government of India – in an attempt to make the Trudeau government look bad for being connected to Sikh extremists.

Obviously, this is a pathetic attempt to avoid responsibility, and people can see through it.

As Andrew Scheer told the Toronto Star“I believe the prime minister either needs to substantiate these claims, that elements within the Indian government have played an active role in embarrassing our prime minister, or he needs to disavow these statements. The implications of saying that elements in the Indian government have played a role in this are profound.”

Scheer makes an important point, as Trudeau appears to be takng the most cowardly possible approach.

Not only is Trudeau refusing to back up what an anonymous government source claimed, he won’t deny it either. So, he’s trying to have it both ways by having the government level a serious accusation at India so he can avoid accountability for the Atwal invite, without saying anything about the Indian government himself.

It only adds to the disgraceful debacle that was Trudeau’s trip to India, and it shows once again that Trudeau refuses to ever accept real responsibility for anything.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. This is going to drive a further wedge between Canada and India thanks to this bumbling, inept, excuse for a PM! We must rid this country of this corrupt Liberal Government. In the 2 years that they have been in power, there has been an insurmountable amount of damage done to Canada’s once proud reputation.

  2. I am confused! The Trudeau family continued to wear Indian clothing during the visit that only depicts either the old elitist clothing of the Raj Princes created by the British or as worn in today’s Bollywood movies as normal Indians do not wear such clothing. I am surprised that the left media has not pounced on Trudeau for “Appropriating Indian culture”. Oh, I’m sorry, when the left do it, it is “cultural appreciation”, like his native tattoo. Well as the New Deli Newspaper said,
    “There are also real fears in India that Justin Trudeau will never leave”.
    “The Hindu god Ganesha has eight arms, but for some reason he isn’t using even one of them to strike down this prancing Canadian man-child:

  3. I want to see Scheer’s remarks on the disasterous Trudeau eacapade to India on the FRONT pages of every major paper! Scheer should headline every evening newscast. If won’t cover Scheer they are part of the left wing or globalist cabal and Canadians should boycott the papers and cable news offerings. I no longer want to hear from Trudeau, the ‘national embarrassment.’ Put him in a closet and roll him out at the next election. He’s just play acting the role of PM. His ministers answer all the questions in QP. He really isn’t needed is he?

  4. What is it about Libtards that they’re unable to accept responsibility? Oh yeah, it’s their inability to grow up. “The devil made me do it.” – Flip Wilson

  5. THAT is what liberals are SO good at doing AND do, push the blame on someone else, lie and cheat, to defend their, arrogant, self-entitled, pompous actions, which turn out to be criminal! The Liberals have GOT to go, NOW!!!

  6. I am just surprised that the Lieberals did not blame Mr. Harper again, they usually do.
    They are like spoiled misbehaving, underhanded, lying terrors, now it is beginning to be noticed around the world, and they are smart enough to know that Mr. Harper was well known, trustworthy, very intelligent, and respected everywhere he went around the world. Oh yes Mr. Harper was Canadian and so also polite. Mr. Scheer I really hope you are a second Mr. Harper and if we really get to have a real election and you are elected that we will respect you as much, I hope you know how to fix this huge mess Trudeau Lieberals have made.

  7. Trudeau is the scum of the earth and the Indian Prime Minister needs to know that Trudeau is blaming their government to set the Liberals up. How low can you go? The mainstream media needs to expose Trudeau for who and what he is. If Canadain’s don’t open their eyes soon to the atrocities and the lies of this government, Canada will never recover. Trudeau should have been held for treason for his acts against Canada. He must go.

  8. I read Jaspal Atwal’s travel trip was not authorized by India, but somehow he got through on a road with political blocking.
    If India did not want him there, why believe they would orchestrate this meeting?

  9. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become the laughing of the world and a huge embarrassment to the people of Canada. Where was the Puppet’s Puppeteer while he was Embarrassing the people of Canada.

  10. Well we all know that nothing a liberal does is ever their own fault, it is always someone else. This has been public knowledge since the libs have existed.

  11. It seems Justin might be up to more than he says? An investigation of who and what Justin’s and his father Pierre really are or were might be helpful? During WW 2 Pierre was reported to have been a Nazi symp, either he was or he wasn’t? Justin who thinks his Dad was so right for his time! How Pierre handled some militant French Canadian separatists by sending some off to Cuba says what? Pierre then making Canada officially bilingual, even though there are so many other languages groups that were in Canada long before the French ever arrived included the Canadian aboriginals whose right have been suppressed so often, and the ancient Scots. And Justin who wanted to separate and create his own land? Maybe Justin can tell us the details about that as well? What have Justin and Pierre really been up to in their time? And why has the main stream media not been telling the people more about this family that loves it seems by other laws who has had a few members breaking laws while enforcing laws on others? Frankly I could never vote for them….

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