UH OH: Convicted Attempted Murderer Jaspal Atwal Says He And Justin Trudeau Are Friends

It keeps getting worse for Justin, as the PMO desperately tries to deny the claim that Atwal and Trudeau are friends, even as Atwal says they had conversations together in Atwal’s Hummer.

The PMO’s attempt to distance Justin Trudeau from convicted attempted murderer (and former Khalistani extremist) Jaspal Atwal has totally fallen apart.

Atwal himself is saying he and Trudeau are friends, and they have known each other for years.

As noted by the CP, “Atwal said he has known Trudeau for years. During one of Trudeau’s visits to B.C. in 2008 or 2009, he said the pair sat together in Atwal’s Hummer and chatted. “We know each other. He knows my name, he’ll come and say, ‘Hey Jas, how you doing?’ We have a good relationship I never see any problem,” he said in the interview on Saturday. “But now he says, ‘Oh Jaspal’s not supposed to be here, this and that.’ It surprised me.”

Trudeau’s PMO spokesman Cameron Ahmed desperately tried to deny that Trudeau and Atwal are friends:

“That is not true,” Ahmad said in an interview. Asked about the Humvee conversation, Ahmad said: “I don’t know what he’s referring to there, but no, they are not (friends).”

The problem for Trudeau and the PMO is that nobody trusts him anymore.

Of course the PMO will say he’s not friends with Jaspal Atwal.

They can’t admit it’s true, so they have to deny it.

Yet, this government has lied over and over and over again, and the total debacle that was the India trip revealed that special Trudeau combo of dishonesty and incompetence to the world.

Interestingly, Atwal is also questioning the PMO claim that they rescinded his invite:

“Atwal said his invitation to the Canadian high commissioner’s dinner in New Delhi was not rescinded. He said he volunteered not to attend because he thought it might embarrass the prime minister after photos of him with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau at the event in Mumbai garnered negative media attention. He said he told a Liberal party official: “I don’t want to see our prime minister embarrassed. I will not come to Delhi, so please take me off the list. This is what I told them.”’

Clearly, this is a massive scandal.

It seems the Trudeau PMO has been caught perpetrating massive lies – including a pathetic and dangerous attempt to pin the blame on the Indian government – something the government has provided ZERO evidence of.

That’s why there must be a full independent investigation lead by both the Conservatives & NDP into the Trudeau government’s possible connections with Khalistani extremists (though it’s unlikely Jagmeet Singh would agree to that – if he doesn’t the Conservatives should demand it on their own).

If Trudeau refuses to agree to such an investigation, Canadians will have every right to believe that he and the government have something to hide, and we will have every right to demand a vote of non-confidence. In fact, considering the lies the PMO already seems to have been caught in, and considering how Trudeau so massively embarrassed our nation, the Canadian people deserve a non-confidence vote in Trudeau right now.

Canadians deserve answers, and the dishonest and deceptive PMO clearly won’t provide them. Only a full investigation can get to the truth, and anything less is totally unacceptable.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. I have called for the Conservatives to call a non-confidence vote for some time which gives them an opportunity to list the manifold reasons why.

    1. Unfortunately, the Liberals have a majority government, thanks to imbecilic Canadians, so unless the Conservatives can convince Liberal MPs and NDP to side with them, nothing is going to happen. The only other option is a continuous series of marches on parliament hill and federal buildings across te country, by Canadians demanding his resignation… and perhaps a general country-wide strike, if Canadians would have the resolve.

  2. JT is like the the handsome cocky jock at school, who gets the girl, drives the cool car and nobody cares if he has morals or a decent IQ. He’s the coronated son of King Pierre. Watch as he fumbles his way to victory all the way to 2023. We hate ourselves, because we love him.

    1. No, Greg, actually the majority of Canadians no longer “love” that miscreant! He WILL be gone this next election…. or… Canada will be gone! I most certainly do not lok at him as a “handsome jock”… he looks like a mindless, babbling imbecile, and the only reason he drives a “cool car”, is because his daddy left it to him, as well as boat-load of money.

  3. Is the ideologue, would be dictator, Trudeau, being manipulated by multiple terrorist factions? His blind ambition and hopes of winning yet another block of voters should backfire. If we believe it is not manipulation of a low intelligence politician and he actually knows what he’s doing, parliament must call for a full and joint CSIS/RCMP/Senate investigation of the PM and his PMO as support for his removal from office.

  4. True DUMB has NO morals or scruples, face it, and we this being known and admitted to he must be removed, and the government investigated. Every libtard in the house is as guilty as trueDumb because they have not resigned or crossed the floor. Treason against Canada is what they are guilty of. If this govt. gets away with everything what incentive is there to break this?

  5. Really? A non confidence vote by a minority government will do nothing as there will be NO libs who will vote against him no matter what their constituents want. It would be good if they were allowed to freely vote but trudo has said his mp’s must follow the party line with everything. A self proclaimed dictator & many in the east see nothing wrong with this imbecile.

    1. You are right, Doug, though it is a mjority government. We, the people, must take action to have that miscreant and his gang of crooks removed from office!

  6. The selfie Clown Princess of Canada is as much a friend of Jaspal Atwal as he is of the Aga Khan. Close friends. Tht is why Trudeau had him along on this holiday.

    Is this going to be a two million dollar holiday?

  7. There are more recent pics of the two birds of a feather, together with the criminal’s family.Our Prime Mistake has a long relationship with this fellow. Pictures from 2011 and others only one or two years old.
    Trudy pretends not to know the Man? Same level of sincerity he uses when he devoutly prays to the Indian gods. His Muslim God is not going to like such farces.NEITHER DO WE.
    For these scandals to be put to rest, we should send the PM and his minister of Finance to a very far away place ,where they can play Halloween with all ethnic groups and all religions, ALL YEAR LONG.Out there, where Primate-kind can flourish in some 60 or 70 different gender flavors of the day .There, the budgets balance themselves and the taxpayers are dumb and blind( those are the best kind) and do not demand receipts for the PM’s vacations and theatrical attire. How did Canadians get to this point? By letting CBC and CTV spin lies and laugh at Trump, and by blinding Canadians with smoke screens to hide our OWN clowns.WE ARE MAD.We should be yelling in the streets.. Out with the banana republic and out with their Media.!!!

  8. Democratic, decent Media does not need subsidies. If it needs subsidies, it is a failure or has no value to offer. Tabloid and bought journalists can find other jobs more appropriate to their faulty characters. And if they do not, I am not crying for them. They can always have a future polishing Kim J. Un, or any other Dear Leader, or they can try the UN.

  9. Trudeau is friends with so many terrorists of different groups that it is really scary to have a PMO who does not respect the post he is holding and is blatantly putting the Liberal government in a position of total corruption. Trudeau was caught with so many lies that we dont have enough fingers to count them all. He has disgraced Canada as it has never been seen before with any other PMs. His trip in India which was really a masquarade will costs taxpayers millions. Last year for a 2 day trip to France and Germany, the trip costs $448,000. Yes for ONLY 2 days. Trudeau thinks that taxpayers ‘funds are his own expense account and trust fund. The Liberal MPs bear as much as the shame and blame as Trudeau for supporting his shenanigans.

  10. He has a majority Spencer…a non confidence vote will not do it unless liberals vote against him. I still think a citizens arrest enforced by the military is our only hope. Fly that idea up your flagpole.

  11. Finally, the talk of a Non Confidence Vote! This Treasonous Lying Traitor should have been Charged and REMOVED a long time ago! He has committed Treason and has Lied his way through every BAD Situation that he and his Band of Monkeys have Created! Canadians want this Thief and Traitor GONE like Yesterday! I hope that Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives do their JOB and have him REMOVED! Canadians have been waiting for the REMOVAL for a LONG Time! Time’s UP!

  12. Cavorting with terrorists, then denying it is indeed deeply disturbing and should warrant a comrehensive investigation by CSIS and the RCMP! It would be questionable just how objective they would be, however.

  13. Will the liberal mps rise against their leader and walk out in front of him for the sake and decency of their constituency who pay their salaries or, will they all continue to defend their madness love for Justin? The answer is on them alone.
    Unlike the fake news in Canada that ONLY love Justin and the liberal party, the Indian reporters love their country FIRST.
    ATWAL will take Justin down with him now.
    The Indian gov will think twice before doing any business with Canada while liar Justin is in power which so far, many countries have turn their backs on him e.g., south korea, japan…….

  14. Finally, the talk of a Non Confidence Vote! This Treasonous Lying Traitor should have been Charged and REMOVED a long time ago! He has committed Treason and has Lied his way through every BAD Situation that he and his Band of Monkeys have Created! Canadians want this Thief and Traitor GONE like Yesterday! I hope that Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives do their JOB and have him REMOVED! Canadians have been waiting for the REMOVAL for a LONG Time! Time’s UP!

  15. “The PMO’s attempt to distance Justin Trudeau from convicted attempted murderer (and former Khalistani extremist) Jaspal Atwal has totally fallen apart.”

    I wonder what makes jaspal atwal, a convicted murderer, ‘*former* khalistani extremist’??
    Did he publicly renounced extremism and apologized for his extremist views, is there any proof??
    For all we know he may still be holding extremist views. And that goes for other sikh minister with ties to sikh extremists in Falsedeau’s cabinet.

  16. You’ve heard of “Rocket Boy” … well, we’re just as bad … we have “Costume Boy”.

    Are you libs embarrassed yet … ???

  17. Khadr; Boyle; now Atwal…..you are the friends you keep!

    “Trudeau is the mascot of all that is wrong in this world today…the stench of his hypocrisy waifs far and wide” Adjit Datta, Indian columnist on his trip. Google him

  18. The image on this page was block/censored when sent to Facebook, so I saved it and uploaded it separately in a comment. So lame… Of all the images Facebook doesn’t censor you got to wonder ‘who’ is actually offended by this one?

  19. Does Justin care about ethics, about the law? Will any in the leadership Tories walk over to a court house and file some kind of a legal information calling for an investigation or any charges based of any of the possible things Justin has done? I would not hold my breath…For example what did Justin do in the House of Commons to a Tory MP? Something about swearing at him and physically grabbing him hard? Not a physical assault? If not why not? And I remember the picture of Justin participating with another former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien making a joke about the so called Shawinigan handshake? Was the so called handshake not an extreme physical assault with an injury to the man, so where is or are the Tories as leaders, why not walk over to a court house and lay an information about JC? Now we could ask about Justin and his drug use, who was his supplier, who was his brothers suppler’? How did his brother escape the law if he did? Now maybe the Tories leadership does not care? Is it all so often about finger pointing until they get into the House as PMO again? It frankly sickens me as I do not use any illegal drugs and I do not drink over the limit and drive so I am very fed up with the arbitrary service, the arbitrary service of the RCMP, that they give to law abiding people like me when I cross the border of a province at times as I have in the past a few times and get pulled over and asked to blow? Maybe if an athlete at the Olympics can be tested why should we not just ask but demand that the MPs and Ministers and the PM to all take drugs tests and blow and expose their drug suppliers or be cancelled from the government pay cheques…? I am fed up with their hypocrisy…after Justin and his colleagues embarrassing activities in India are not more Canadians now more aware of who Justin sadly might be or really is?

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