Andrew Scheer Promises Conservative Government Would Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

Conservatives take a stand to support the common-sense idea that Israel should get to pick where their own capital is located.

The Conservatives are saying that an Andrew-Scheer led Canadian government would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital if they form government in 2019.

The statement was posted on the party website:

“Canada’s Conservatives led by Andrew Scheer will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital when we form government in 2019.

Canada’s Conservatives have been, and always will be, a strong voice for Israel and the Canadian Jewish community.

Israel is one of Canada’s strongest allies and a beacon of pluralism and democratic principles in a turbulent part of the world.

Canada’s Conservatives recognize the obvious fact that Israel, like every other sovereign nation, has a right to determine where its capital is located.”

It’s a good move, and it shows the Conservatives are willing to take a stand in favour of a country that shares Canada’s values.

By contrast, the Trudeau Liberals abstained from a UN vote condemning the United States for planning to move their embassy to Jerusalem.

Trudeau has also distanced Canada from many of our traditional allies in favour of undemocratic nations. So, it’s no surprise that he has been unwilling to stand with Israel – the most free and democratic nation in the middle east – and has refused to confront radical Islamist terrorism.

As a result, while it may seem like a small declaration now, Scheer’s pledge to support Israel’s designation of their own capital is a step towards a principled, values-based foreign policy that Canada needs now more than ever.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Shortly after Trump made the announcement, I wrote to Erin O’Toole, CPC shadow minister for Foreign Affairs, to do the same. He responded that he need to do “consultations”. A little late, but got it right.

    1. It’S not just the “little late”, it’s why the late? I’d rather the CPC had a set of principles, policies and values and immediately stated them. Conservatives appear weak when we have to look around, think about it, or are quiet and unnoticed. I’m disappointed in the CPC.

  2. If this is the first kind of promise we are getting from the Conservatives, I am very disappointed. Yes Israel should be able to put there capital where they want, that’s their country, but this was already supported by the USA and they have mostly always done whatever they wanted, they have had many problems to deal with. Maybe if all countries focused mainly on there own countries problems and stopped interfering with other countries politics, maybe we would have less interference here in our politics and then do trade with countries like ours, with set trade laws so there can be control and fairness etc. Back to the first promise from the Conservatives, from a political stand point?? From things I have read the Jewish mostly vote Liberal and we have all heard how upset the Muslim peoples are with regards to Israel so this Conservative move loses most all their votes, then we have supposedly over 30 percent pot smokers, again from things I have read, Canadians if they vote, the LGBT… , the Conservatives will have lost even more support etc. etc. Mr. Scheer please find comments for Canadians, to unify us, the outsiders and Liberals have so divided us all and are bringing the whole country apart and down, ??collapsing, huge unneeded debts. Terrorists and too many at once refugees and still coming, Industries leaving, huge uncontrolled government, varying laws, constantly confusing business, taxing us with abandon to support them and the others that seem to be running everything while Trudeau insults other countries and lies to us and them, we seem out of control the world is laughing at us while we lose everything, we need a strong leader that will be able to get Canada together, that is trustworthy, that we trust and can follow with confidence, knowing they will protect us. we need fair but strong laws to stop this from happening again, we need to make the media independent and not slanted or lying owned by Canadians, make our media truthful in Canada. Have Canadians run Canada, not all the outsiders that only want us to support them while they vacation and insult and embarrass Canadians and Counties we have always been friends with, they used to be able to trust us and keep our enemies out, stop them from destroying the rest of what was a great country. that includes conglomerates running our companies into the ground, controlling our media our laws etc.
    I have no idea how to fix this mess, and I know it will take a long time but a really good leader (who could add and subtract would really help us). Rumour has it that you are very intelligent, we do not hear about you or the Conservative Party, I realize that our media is mostly slanted and false, but they jumped on your support of another country, but gave Canadians nothing as yet, we want to hear about you, we need to know you are honest and a leader we can all follow. (fix the media first, lol). We have become a country of “bitches” “complainers” watching our safety nets fall apart, watching unethical corrupt leaders pulling us apart, insulting all of us. We are here now, and desperately need an honest very strong Leader who can pull us together again, that’s all I want but it really hard to do in this corruption and gaudiness that is Canada right now and getting worse. Are you that man? can you get enough support? since the world or outsiders run the Liberal machine that is destroying things around the world. Can we at least get Canada together again? We need to get back to work again and help settle our new comers and stop more coming until Canada gains control over the Liberal/NDP (one party) big mess, how to clean up, what is the solution? Let us hear from you, I need to know if you can lead us, many Canadians need your help.

  3. While I mostly support Israel and the only democracy in the region; I thought Harper’s unqualified and vocal proclamation was unnecessary and polarizing, globally and at home. After Trudeau’s recent embarrassing debacle in India, and considering the reaction from all sides, on CBC’s recent comment section with respect to the announcement; I doubt Canada has much appetite for more meddling in international affairs at this time. Scheer needs to focus on local issues, of which there are many; spending efforts on ways to show Canadians that we stand for uniting Canadians and not playing identity politics.

  4. While I mostly support Israel, as a western democracy and being the only one in the region; however I could not get aboard with Harper’s grandstanding and unquestioning proclamation of support in Israel a couple of years ago. It seemed inflammatory and polarizing at the time.
    Considering Trudeau’s recent globally embarrassing debacle in China; and also the push-back on the comment section of CBC’s article with respect to Scheer’s announcement; I’m not so sure Canadian’s, of all stripes are in the mood for more meddling in foreign affairs. Scheer and his strategic policy/planning committee ( if it exists) need to be focused on local issues, of which there are many; and policy announcements that UNIFY Canadians going forward, not divisive identity politics.

  5. Isreal is an occupation of another country. They invaded then proceeded to steal land and should not be recognized. The English elite recreated and America militarily supports it. It was created only for the purposes of having a foothold in the region and to expand and dominate. Pure and simple Emperialist conquest nothing more. It is a crime against humanity that the elite have committed and you fools are blinded by lies and deception.

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