WATCH: Trudeau Says Top “Complaint” Of Canadians Is “You’re Not Bringing In Enough Immigrants”

All the polls say otherwise, showing how totally out-of-touch Trudeau is from the Canadian people.

Justin Trudeau said many dumb and dishonest things on his trip to India.

Among those dumb and dishonest things was a comment that is totally at odds with all the facts when it comes to what Canadians think about immigration.

While in Mumbai, Trudeau said that the most common complaint he hears from Canadians is “you’re not bringing in enough immigrants.”

Watch Trudeau’s comments below:

Of course, we know that the polls say the exact opposite.

For example, a 2017 poll by Angus Reid found that 57% of Canadians say Canada “should accept fewer immigrants and refugees.”

Also in 2017, the Association for Canadian Studies found 38% of Canadians said Canada is taking in “too many” immigrants, 41% say we are taking in “about the right number,” while just 10% say Canada is taking in “too few.”

So, Canadians are clearly not complaining that immigration levels aren’t high enough.

Note how Trudeau calls it a “complaint,” yet another way he shows his arrogance.

We know that Canadians are concerned about taxes, the budget deficit, government corruption, healthcare, infrastructure, national security, Trudeau embarrassing us on the world stage, and many other issues far above thinking there are “too few” immigrants.

Once again, Trudeau is lying in order to create the illusion that Canadians support his agenda, when we don’t.

Canadians are not asking for more immigration – something the Trudeau government is ignoring as they push a massive increase bringing levels up to 340,000 per year.

So, Trudeau is not only being dishonest, he is being undemocratic, by purposely pushing an immigration agenda Canadians oppose and then lying through his teeth about it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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47 comments Add yours
  1. Nothing our idiot PM says or does anymore will surprise me. We just lost 50 years of Confederation. He also said that Canada was back. Well I think we are back, about 150 years backwards. So I guess what we have to do is save everything he says and does and then bring them all out in 2019 when the election takes place.

    1. Amen. Never have I seen stupidity so in your face as him. Mentally he’s 2 bricks short of a full load. I also have said nothing would surprise me! Ha, every day the idiot comes up with something more! Slap palm on forehead.

  2. Turdeau is just a manipulative liar when he says Canadians want more immigration. Immigration under a Liberal government should be suspended to protect the country. “A nation without borders is not a nation.”

  3. What Trudeau ‘hears’ depends on who he surrounds himself with. If it’s yes men and immigrants looking to chain migrate their families. of course he may hear that. On the other hand, he may have just pulled that statement out of his ass. My sense is it’s the latter.

  4. What is very interesting Fernando is the Trudeau immigration seems to favour for the most part specific religion that a larger percent of them will not integrate into our basically Christian society and result in potential future problems verses a good balance of all religions.
    And also a Trudeau is immigrating a large percentage of unemployables verses the opportunity to immigrate those with careers, wealth and knowledge that will help Canada in employment and GDP,… and the original reason for increasing Canada’s population base in the first place.
    Trudeau knows the educated vote for the party of their choice much more so than the poor and uneducated who will always vote Liberal like they owe them.
    All Trudeau seems to care about is votes, money and power and shows much disrespect for hard working Canadians including those retired and our veterans.

    1. you are completely ignorant of immigration laws, that is evident… in fact your comment suggest you have no clue how government works at all.

    No wonder other nations are distancing from you, your acussations and especially from your support for terrorists and terrorism. YOU DESERVE TO BE THROWN OUT OF PARLIAMENT into the streets where reality is.

    1. On April 2nd, (Easter Monday) 12:00 noon at City Hall across Canada a protest is being held to demand his stepping down and calling an election. I agree with everything being said here. Thank you Spencer for keeping all this in the forefront so we can share.

    2. This unqualified man-child should never have been treated like an adult, let alone elected to any position. Without daddy’s money he would have been just another talentless bum.
      Out in the street is too kind, he and his cabinet should be subject to investigation for supporting terrorism and hate crimes.
      I agree with Elizabeth, you were too polite.

  6. We have to stop immigration until we clean up this huge mess that the Lieberals are making, This also puts our new refugees and immigrants at risk, which will make Canada look even worse. Like the last Conservative government was doing, trying to organize their arrival, limit the numbers until we can give them a proper place to settle.
    Although I was just asked about the Syrian refugees: If all these Jihadists are here also why are they not reporting them as they must be scared of them? But our government likes terrorists?? maybe they are afraid of this government also?? We must get organized and set things up to really be able to help some that we can afford, that we have jobs for? and housing for etc. so they do not have to create or join a criminal element to support themselves. But like the countries debt that the lieberals think will balance itself, the Lieberals think these people can balance themselves. We are Rudderless and need desperately a Canadian government for Canada NOT LIEBERALS. They should be in jail with their terrorist “friends”.

  7. Can I just turn him over my knee and give him an old fasioned spanking and send him to his room with no supper because he’s acting like a spoiled child that thinks he knows everything. Good grief, why are we putting up with compulsive liar.

  8. We as a country need to vote this fool out. Please just vote the liberals out and let them take their traitorous leader’s with them. Before its to late and our country is ruined. Trudeau has made it clear he certainly doesn’t care about Canadian citizens or the real issues that need to be addressed.

  9. Which Canadians and which Canadian businesses is he talking to who are complaining about him not bringing in more immigrants. What are his priorities! If Canada does not wake up – its game over.

  10. what a disgrace. shame shame shame on you. you have disgraced yourself and embarrassed Canadians with your foolish tactics in India. you and your family. How could you stoop so low and allow your family and especially your kids to embarrass themselves and show Indians how stupid you and your family look in the eyes of all those people laughing at you under their breath. Oh look, Trudeau acting silly and bringing his family down to a new low. he was embarrassing them in Canada , and now in front of the whole world…how can he stoop so low…oh, the poor excuse for a leader..and to think we thought Kim was stupid…this former drama teacher couldn’t project a better image of himself then this…god help us all…

  11. Philosophically, the term “dumbing down” is a relative in definition, because what is considered dumbing down depends on the taste, value judgement, and intellect of the person. In Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste (1979), the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu (1930–2002) proposed that, in a society in which the cultural practices of the ruling class are rendered and established as the legitimate culture of that society, that action then devalues the cultural capital of the subordinate social classes, and thus limits their social mobility within their own society.

    1. Unfortunately petitions are not effective; they’re too easy for the powers that be to ignore them. A better route is the taking the government to court.

  12. Both pathetic and disturbing that this sad excuse for a prime minister actually believes his lies. Over 36 million people in Canada and this is the best we can find – methinks not!

  13. Trudeau may be telling his own truth but mostly because he’s operating in a closed bubble and not getting representative exposure to the entire Canadian population. I blame unelected people like Butts for keeping Trudeau so isolated.

    Having said all this, I believe there is some truth to what he’s saying about companies wanting more immigration. I know that at least in the past (perhaps the same today) trucking companies have recruited abroad because they haven’t been able to find enough people at the wages offered to attract enough drivers. We have to compete with the US to a degree so trucking wages are influenced by the North American market. So, foreign workers in less prosperous countries are only too happy to come here to work in the trucking industry and eventually settle.

    For highly skilled jobs, I have a complaint with the federal government’s strategy, and also a sobering thought addressed to young people. What appears to be happening is that we are educating foreign students in top level fields (e.g., STEM) but rest assured a percentage of these same people (what amount?) will be immigrating back into Canada for jobs that ought to be filled by Canadians. This is the face of globalism.

    There’s no darn reason we shouldn’t have a national strategy to ensure we are training people in the right fields for high-skilled jobs. I’m not talking about a big spending program but a strategy for where Canada wants to be in 30 years and then let industry tell Canadians what skills they are looking for.

    As it is though, any Canadian wanting a high skilled job in our own country is going to have to compete (and work extremely hard) with the rest of the world to obtain those good jobs. Nothing wrong with working hard but the odds are Canadians are going to lose out on X percentage of those jobs in our own country. Anyone following the back stories that got lost in Trudeau’s trip could see that Canada is looking to educate more Indians in STEM fields and expect that once trained they will be applying for jobs in Canada.

    We need leaders who put Canadians first, but also, Canadians do need to step up too and work hard and educate themselves, get into co-op programs, etc. I know many young people are working hard so those people get it, but the reality is the Canadian job market is becoming more open to job prospectors all around the world. This changes the game immensely.

  14. Trudeau officially became a traitor to Canada when he recited the Shahada in a Mosque well before his election. He thus swore to believe in and obey and love Allah.
    On what holy book did he take his oath of office? He might just have sworn a false oath and, hopefully, disqualified himself at that time..

  15. I am married to a woman from Guyana of Indian descent. However, the rate of immigration to this country is European in nature i.e. insane. I know that Trudeau probably heard from certain business leaders about this and perhaps recent immigrants themselves looking to bring their extended families; I will grant him that much. He is insane to think more are needed. My wife feels the same.

  16. Yes it’s true, that I am a “LIAR”, a simple minded puppet of the new world order globalists. I follow their orders to achieve their agenda of ruining Canada’s future. I am completely UNWORTHY of my office and when I swore to my OATH of office, I just LIED again. I cannot be TRUSTED in any way, at any time, for any reason. I intend to completely abrogate my responsibility to Canadians while blaming everyone else for the problems I create, and then I’ll find another reason to LIE to everyone. You could justifiably refer to me as a complete MORON and you would be quite right to completely disrespect my existence. Even so, you Canadians are stuck with me for more years, so SHUT UP and watch while I destroy this countries future.

  17. “41% say we are taking in “about the right number” ! This itself is scary. When almost half of Canadians think bringing in that many immigrants is a good idea, we are in BIG trouble. We should shut down at least 90% of current immigration levels UNTIL we get our house in order, most Canadians are working, poverty and crime are reduced to next to nil, we have returned sanity to our education system and then we can consider “allowing” a moderate number of qualified, vetted immigrants who truly want to “assimilate” and become constructive members of a GREAT society.

  18. We need to start thinking what we all
    Have to do before the election, he has to be made a suplier of what he proposed. It’s,, weed, then get him the heck out of government he can smoke in peace preferably in Jamaica or kingdom come,, what did u expect his parents were the same way he does not know any better we need to shut all the doors of immigration now. Enough is enough.

  19. Well now Drama Boy really does need to listen to us Canadians better seeing as not only do we NOT want to be in ANY Immigrant’s we WANT our Veterans Seniors looked after seeing as how Trudeau has told a Vet they are asking for more then the Government can give them and that’s why their in court again with the Government and if you go by the Polls we not only want Trudeau OUT of Office we want him Charged for Everything he has done Against Canada and her people.

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