Canada Needs A Massive Investigation Into Extremist Influence Over The Federal Government

The Jaspal Atwal debacle points to the desperate need to investigate and eradicate any extremist influence over the Canadian Federal Government.

Former Liberal cabinet Minister Ujjal Dosanjh – who Jaspal Atwal was accused (though not convicted) of attempting to kill – has raised a serious warning about the influence of Khalistani extremists over the Canadian government

Here’s what Dosanjh said in a radio interview:

“Do you have no shame?” is the question you put to the prime minister.

Oh, absolutely. Do we have no shame? I mean, do we have no shame that we are taking, as part of our delegations, our receptions, the man who tried to kill an Indian cabinet minister? That’s what I meant.

And I said that the Khalistani sympathies … have seeped deep into the veins of our political system, and I maintain that.

Part of the reason the government of India and the Indians are mad is that Canadian politicians have never stopped — never ever stopped — going to these parades where these violent murderers like [Air India bombing mastermind] Talwinder Parmar are glorified as heroes.”

Dosanjh’s concerns must be taken seriously.

We are seeing what is, in many ways, a failure of integration. While many people of all backgrounds integrate very well into the Canadian family, there are some who keep fighting old battles and use Canada as a base to settle-scores overseas – or to attack innocent Canadian citizens.

That’s what has happened with Khalistani extremists.

Yet, instead of demanding strong Canadian unity – meaning people give up their old battles and work for the good of Canadians – many politicians – especially Justin Trudeau – pander to those who want to tear other countries apart and have no true loyalty to Canada.

Our nation must not accept the idea of Canadians of convenience using our nation plot against other countries. There needs to be loyalty to our country, not to some extremist group.

That’s why there must be a massive non-partisan investigation into the influence of all forms of extremism over the Canadian government, and any extremism that is found must be rooted out. This may require new laws governing the activities of government members, and it will take leadership for MPs to end political pandering and instead truly serve Canadians.

MPs would only support such an investigation under intense pressure, and that means the Canadian people need to demand it. Contact your MP at the link below and let them know you demand action to investigate and root out extremist influence over the Canadian federal government.

After all, if our government is being influenced by foreign extremist groups, it’s not really the ‘Canadian’ federal government anymore.


Spencer Fernando

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  1. Unfortunately my MP is Ralph Telltale. He would have me arrested and deported for making such a proposal. He is one of the morons that promotes this!

  2. I couldn’t agree more, and the
    sooner the better. This is more serious than anyone will admit, especially given this governments recent actions and penchant for
    welcoming ISIS terrorists . The entire government should resign or be booted.

  3. Same with ISLAM as Justin Trudeau has many members in his own cabinet who are members of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD terrorist/extremist organization and who also continue their hate for others here in Canada- including us! However like justin trudeau, they also plan to destroy Canada and us so he has no problem pandering to them as he may need them at some point to finish the job of destroying us and Canada if he is unable to finish it himself. He is doing a wonderful job though of destroying us and Canada all on his own as Canada no longer is a nation as we have no borders (except where we Canadians are concerned- got to get the duties, tariffs and taxes on our shopping don’t you know!!) while the rest of the world gets a free pass and once here are considered by him to be “canadian”- with more rights to be here than WE CANADIANS- and they aren’t questioned, denied entry, removed or their backgrounds checked and they don’t have to work, assimilate, pay their share or respect our culture, land, laws or anything else. IF THAT ISN’T TREASON I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS! WHY ARE CANADIANS ALLOWING THIS?? GOT A DEATH WISH?????

    1. JILL: I never used to be “Political” but the Selling of Canadians and Canadian Culture is so right in our face now…the trouble is that Trudeau was always transparent in campaign about his real Agenda but Canadians were asleep, did not do their Research, just blindly trusted that things would be “all right”, Government would merrily represent their interests. I have friends, yes, well meaning people who are still “In Trance” haven’t a clue as to what is really going down…the Lesson being “Not Enough to be Just Nice” …one has to do their own research…which is so available on Sites like Fernando Spencer…But Still there are lots of Canadians seemingly in Deep Denial Mode..

  4. Hey he doesn’t care who they are, if he can gets money or votes thats all he cares about.
    He and the rest of the libtard in Canada are disgustingle evil. Personally I don’t think they have a brain between them.
    Everyone of them should be investigated and punished, or are we going to allow the same dishonest crap the Americans had to put up with for so many years and now are having to fight to get the unraveling done.

  5. Yes I did email my Liberal MP Bob Bratina, He has been around Hamilton for a while. I told him this was also destroying the Liberal Party. I just hope someone will look into this and get Canada back together.

    1. Nancy, I also live in Hamilton….nice to meet you…I just get so so Angry at what Canadians are allowing…I twitter the Opposition Andrew Scheer, pester him “How will We Get Out of this Mess”…Bless Andrew Scheer, He never lets up in Parliament, is appalled…at Trudeau’s actions…non action I should say…Trudeau never answers his questions…always gives the same, the same Vague non answers.

  6. C-371 would have gone a long way to prevent funds from terrorist countries from arriving in Canada, but of course the LIBs shot it down as that is one of their biggest sources of revenue. A foreign country can ‘donate’ millions of dollars to a foundation without raising an questions of its final destination, they can redistribute the funds through a shell company or organization and the money is laundered.

  7. Don’t forget about the Tamil Tigers debacle. Hijacking all political parties in Scarborough ridings, where one could only vote for a Tamil. Using Canada in terrorist fundraising, by forcing their expats to pay monthly (lest their families suffer back in Sri Lanka). As well as becoming incredibly adept at credit card & passport fraud.

  8. I have paid attention to this very subject for quite some time. The concept of “diversity” has gone way too far. Canada has numerous federal government cabinet ministers (HEAD person, leading over and directing an entire department of our government) wh0 are from foreign nations. They were raised from childhood on the values and ethics of those countries. Obviously there are no Canadians who are qualified to deal with such positions!!!??? People who ARE qualified, and who were raised with Canadian values and ethics, “are available here” I guarantee it. Justin Trudeau abrogated his responsibility and disgraced his OATH of office by choosing cabinet ministers based on “race” and or color, rather than qualification and familiar relation to our country. The ministers who are from elsewhere are devout Islamic people raised in an environment and social system quite opposite to ours in Canada. Justin Trudeau as a puppet is selling out Canada to the new world order globalist movement which is intent on the destruction of the strength of Canadians. Driving Canada into a third world condition and the population into deep debt slavery is their goal, their agenda. Canadians don’t have a lot of time to begin dealing with this destructive reality. Your childrn will curse you for your APATHY today if this is ignored.

  9. EXACTLY! Right on.
    Thank you God that Canadian citizens are finally saying this out loud and in the public square.
    Now we can get something done about it.
    First…all elected officials should be vetted for ‘Canadian’ values and if there are ‘any’ ties to extremist organizations they should be removed immediately. All future Candidates must be vetted thoroughly.

    Look at MP Iqra Khalid, for instance, who describes herself as a brown, ‘Muslim’, Canadian. She is taking advantage of her position in office to push an anti-Canadian Motion (M-103) to advance her own personal agenda and that of Islam. Silencing Canadians through this by making false accusations that Canadians are racist and Islamophobic. Iqra Khalid has reported ties to the Muslim Brotherhood yet holds a position in our Federal Government.

    The actions of MP Randeep Sarai should be fully brought into question and investigated for any ties he may have to Khalistan. Even though he has, rightfully, resigned.

    We are not a multicultural nation wherein everything and anything goes. Our laws, our values, our convictions and beliefs were fought for and founded on Judeo Christian principles. Those who battled, and lost their lives, for the freedoms we are so blessed, and privileged, to experience, did not do so so in order to have those Freedoms eradicated. The original settlers, our forefathers, fought to create a Nation that loved God and respected humanity.

    Immigration is no longer the beneficial resource politicians once claimed it would be due to allowing those into our country who do not share the same values. Many, many immigrants come here with deep gratitude and that is evident in their action to learn the language and embrace our values. However, due to politicians salivating for votes, they do and say anything to sell their soul to the highest bidder. This has been our downfall. For had our politicians been ensuring immigration policies were upheld, and the same for all, we would not be experiencing the great divide we acknowledge today. There seems to be no end to the pressure by cultural groups and their demands to bring here what they left there. Frustration and discord are the current outcome. Nations being built within our Nation. Dividing not unifying. Ignoring this fact does not make it any less true.

    We respect China, India and the Middle East that they have their unique cultural and religious beliefs…so why are we not being respected as Canadians for our Judeo Christian culture and values? Why has it become acceptable for our virtues as a nation of goodwill, tolerance and acceptance to be used against us to change us from within?

    We must begin to focus on uniting this Nation by justifiably fully expecting individuals to learn the language, assimilate and integrate. This would eliminate the individual nations being built wherein people immigrating no longer need to learn our language but can rely on their cultural haven to accept them with all the ‘comforts of home’…yet with the added bonus of being in a free, democratic society… without having to contribute to those outside of their niche. Stand in any public space and tell me the conversation being had around you. Nearly impossible. This is not good. This is not unity…this is division. And we’re to blame. We allowed this to happen.

    The Constitution and The Charter of Rights were written and developed to protect ‘Canadian’s rights’ not to empower immigrants demand’s for change. Somewhere along the line, out of possibly good intentions, our leaders have lost their focus and their way on this matter. How much are we willing to relinquish before we realize we are being robbed of our unique Canadian identity?

    After the Social Experiment of multiculturalism has now run it’s course and we are able to see, and acknowledge, where we have, and are, failing it is time to rewrite the Multiculturalism Act to ensure we, first and foremost, hold true to Canadian values, principles and culture. In turn, we assure those who come to Canada for a better life, an unwavering commitment to our Patriotism and loyalty to this Nation that our forefathers and early settlers, and early immigrants worked so hard to build and provide.

    Multiculturalism around the world is being recognized as a failure if the Host countries values aren’t being embraced.

    Our leaders need to show their loyalties to protecting our heritage and to stop the politically correct virtue signalling that is currently going on while selling our country to the loudest nonconformist. We really need to see politicians stand up for Canada’s sovereignty and values. We obviously need clear laws in place protecting our Canadian Heritage, to ensure we will not be put in a position to revisit this nonsense in the future.

    Immigration was never intended to soil the fabric of this Nation, it was intended to add to it’s beauty and strength.

    There should be a value test. There should be clear directives for immigrants so that they can determine if Western society is a right fit.

    I absolutely support and agree with a full investigation throughout our Federal Government, ‘every’ elected official.
    A law needs to be implemented to ensure we do not find ourselves in this position again in the future.

    It is vital that our Immigration Act of 1982 also be re-written to strongly support Canadian culture and demand that immigrants share our values, learn the language and integrate and assimilate.

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