TERRIBLE: Convicted ISIS Attack Plotter Abdulrahman El-Bahnasawy Wants To Enter Canada For Trudeau’s ‘ISIS Reintegration’ Program

This is a direct result of Justin Trudeau’s disturbing and dangerous hug-a-terrorist strategy.

Abdulrahman El-Bahnasawy was born in Kuwait and said he wanted to “create the next 9/11.”

The Kuwaiti born ISIS supporter with Canadian citizenship was convicted of plotting terrorist attacks against multiple targets in New York City, and is now seeking to return to Canada in order to get ‘treatment’ and ‘counselling,’ in what is a clear reference to the weak hug-a-terrorist policies of Justin Trudeau.

Global News noted that El-Bahnasawy’s request – made through his lawyers – “could test government’s rehabilitation strategy.”

He wants a shorter sentence in the US – where he was convicted – so he can return to Canada and get “help.”

In a letter to a judge in the US as El-Bahnasawy awaits sentencing, the manager of an Islamic centre in Toronto wrote in support of the convicted terrorist plotter:

“We have full faith that with the love and values that his parents raised him with, he will be able to be rehabilitated to be a productive member of society,” Hesham Youssef, who manages a Toronto-area Islamic centre and was once El-Bahnasawy’s teacher, wrote to the judge. “We will actively monitor him and do whatever it takes to assist his family in providing them respite to help deal with this development in their life. We will do whatever it takes to welcome him back and are eager in seeing him and his family be able to thrive again and look past this unfortunate event.”

That “unfortunate event” was El-Bahnasawy trying to undertake what could have been a horrific attack.

And, those same supposed “love and values” led Bahnasawy to proclaim his desire to recreate the worst terrorist attack against our closest ally:

‘“I wanna create the next 9/11,” El Bahnasawy told an undercover agent, to whom he sent bomb-making materials he purchased in Ontario. The attacks were to occur in June 2016, during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.”

As we know, the request by El-Bahnasawy’s lawyers for him to soon return to Canada is a direct result of the pathetically weak and dangerous ISIS “reintegration policy” of Justin Trudeau.

If Canada had a tough approach, with some combination of deportations, the death penalty, stripping of citizenship, and life in prison for those convicted of ISIS plots and being ISIS supporters, Canada would not be seen as a weak and therefore easy place for terror plotters and ISIS members to return to.

Instead, Trudeau has sent a clear message that things like a so-called “community resilience fund” programs for ISIS fighters – including poetry – are what they can expect in Canada, instead of tough measures designed to punish the enemy and protect Canadians.

Canadians have repeatedly shown that they oppose Trudeau’s idea of trying to “reintegrate” ISIS fighters. Yet, he refuses to listen, and pushes a policy that even the Public Safety minister thinks is unlikely to work.

Trudeau’s weakness puts all of us at risk, and now, another terrorist plotter wants to enter our country to get the red carpet treatment at taxpayer expense.

Thanks Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. This is more total Trudeau insanity. Trudeau has no right, or even ability to be the PM of any country never mind the descent and respected people of Canada. Undoubtedly the dastardly and despicable, self hating, Gerald Butts is behind this never ending foray into disaster for Canadians. The current Canadian government leaders, in conjunction with the Hillary Clinton, and the very sinister George Soros mob, are following a planned Marxist/Socialist/Islamist take over of Canada. Ignore this warning at your own peril. Read, learn, the facts….. this is happening to Canada now. Trudeau is only the dimwitted puppet/front man.

      Trudeau is stacking the deck with all these people pretty soon Bill, Killery, barry, mike , soreass & the rest will be moving right in & there seems to be nothing we can do?? How far does the P M power go. Do we have a fail safe in place for a rough P M ??

  2. Unbelievable.
    No doubt in my mind that Trudeau will absolutely destroy our fine Country – what an ignorant, arrogant, mindless, spineless little man-child.
    This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he does not care for Canada, Canadians or even his own family and friends – he must go NOW – and anyone who supports this imbecile in any way, shape or form needs to go too !

    1. AGREE 100%!! You pretty well covered it All!! At least, Most!! He’s a Traitor,Mentally Unstable, And Very Dangerous To Canadians and Our Country!!! He MOST Definitely, Must Be REMOVED From Office As Prime Minister, ASAP!!! He’s Completely OUT OF CONTROL!!! We NEVER Know, What He’s GOING To DO, Next?? Such A Despicable, Embarrassment To Do Canada!!!

  3. “We have full faith that with the love and values that his parents raised him with ” – – yada, yada, yada –

    Commonly referred to in Islamic culture as taqiyya or tawriya – lying or deceit. This Youseff guy is lying through his beard, hoping to protect one of the treasonous terrorists he taught. Seems he taught him well.

  4. Did Mourneau’s last budget set aside extra borrowed money to pay this terrorist, when the poor, poor man returns to Canada from the terrible USA that protected itself against us, again.
    Or will it come out of our military spending or helping Canadian veterans, you know those real Canadians who protect Canadians that are not protected or helped when they get home. This is more disgusting Liberal values and right in the middle of NAFTA negotiations, really? They are now looking into Jihadi Jack being returned to Canada since the British really do not want him, they even charged his parents for trying to help him. So welcome all terrorists to Trudeau’s Canada, that will really be nice for our American neighbours.

  5. Wonder if Castro Jr. and company will compose some Poems that will assist in ISIL Rehabilitation? He will of course fund this “Rehab Art” with millions and millions of Canadian Taxpayers monies…
    What can one express but Over the Top Incredulity? there are not words…

  6. What deterrent is there for any future conflicts to stop Canadians from going to participate? Say like Khalistani’s? What happens if Palestine and Israel go to war tomorrow and 1000 Canadians go fight for Israel and 1000 Canadians go fight for Palestine and Canadians kill Canadians? Would any from either side get convicted for killing a Canadian on either side? I sincerely think Trudeau has a screw loose. They all can’t be crazy in the liberal party. The insanity that Canadians are going to have to put up with. There is no guarantee they are not lying just to become sleeper terrorists in Canada. Had ISIS not lost they would still all be over there fighting for the enemy and still trying to kill ally soldier. Perhaps we should go find some old Nazi’s and rehabilitate them too?

  7. Citizenship of Canada is being devalued by this dual citizenship of terrorists. This man does not need to be saved. If Trudeau allows his return, it will just prove this Prime Minister is choosing the “wolves over the lambs.” By all accounts, this terrorist sounds like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  8. Finally there are others like myself who see the entire political plot. Obama. Chicago george soros whose marxist tenacles and money reach into North America politics. Both befriended young Trudeau the glamor boy with his sunny ways and no show in parliament most days. Once there were Stephen Harper and Gilles Duceppe who agreed on many items. These are dangerous games played

  9. Who is Justin really? Who was his father really? How many know that good old Pierre Trudeau was a Nazi Fascist symp during WW2? Some point out that Warsaw, Poland was destroyed by the Nazis, flattened during WW2 when Poles of all ages especially the young raised up to fight the Nazis? Compare that to Paris? And then look at how the Germans sought to flatten London? How did Pierre ever get elected to PM of Canada if more people had known the truth about him? There is much more in the Trudeau’s skeleton closet than the major media like to tell people is there not? Now we have Justin who loved his father and thought and thinks he was so right for the time? Really? Sadly though there are so many skeletons in the Tories closet as well so that all too often all the 2 major parties do is point fingers at each other rather than clean out the stuff. WE need to reform the system by taking power, more of it away from the dictators of the PMO, the party leaders!

    1. Regarding your Warsaw comment, if you want to see a movie about the Warsaw Uprising watch Miasto ’44.

      And yes we do need to reform the system, possibly by having an electoral college (like the US) which does not allow the major population areas to have an unfair advantage over the lesser populated areas. Sounds like something Western Canada needs, eh?

    2. All the posters seem to be very aware of the mentally challenged person we have as our PM – the son of the PM who brought socialism into Canada. Once you bring in a govt. that promises an easy life for anybody, without any attempt to earn his/her keep, you will get a flood of people living off the state – the Welfare State!! People will flood to such countries where life is so easy – you just get on the welfare roll. Canada’s National Debt stands at $1.4 Trillion. Would anybody believe that, when Trudeau Sr. was in power, the national debt was only $20 Billion? To also welcome ex-terrorists to the comfort of the welfare state must be the most ASININE policy that our idiotic Pretty Boy PM has ever thought of. Can Canadians be stupid enough to give him another term in office?

    1. I think the lawyer who brokered the Khadr deal for $10.5 mm was just appointed to the Federal court so a multi million $ terrorist fund is pretty much guaranteed. Trudeau needs to be removed. These bad actors will bring no good.

  10. If he returns are we goong to have to give him a pile of money too? If he is in jail in the U.S., leave him there
    We do not need to be importing terrorists. Trudeau is a big enough terrorist and all we can handle.

    1. If we leave him there, he’ll be guaranteed $10M+, because Trudoh will say his charter of rights have been violated, and therefore, we all pay…ring a bell? Our little DICKtator will make sure his terrorist allies are well taken care of … with taxpayer dollars!

  11. Another year of this insanity and then the Canadian’s can send that freak into electoral and political purgatory.

    One thing I’d like to know – does Canada actually have some kind of rehabilitation program set up to facilitate these poor little Jihadists who want to return to the light? Because I was under the impression that it was all just words that vomited out from the mouth of Trudeau?

    France and Germany (amongst others) have already tried the ‘rehab for Jihadis’ approach. It cost a fortune, the centres’ were largely empty and the success rate was zero.

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