WHAT? Trudeau Says “When You Are A Baby, You Are A Scientist. If I Make This Noise, Wow, I Get Milk.”


At a science event with Bill Nye, Justin Trudeau – one of the most esteemed scientific minds of our age – had this to say about scientists:

“Every human being starts off as a scientist. When you are a baby, you’re a scientist. If I make this noise, wow, I get milk.'”

A few versions of Trudeau’s “wisdom” were quoted, including the one below by Paul Wells:

Later, a video emerged of the comments, with Trudeau apparently saying every human being starts of as a scientist:

As if that gem of ‘wisdom’ wasn’t enough, Trudeau also falsely called Science Minister Kirsty Duncan a Nobel Prize winner, even though she is not.

So, Trudeau is both making a fool of himself once again and lying as usual.

Just another day at the office (AKA outside the office doing another photo-op) for Justin.

Patrice O’ Hamilton summed things up perfectly on Twitter:

“I’m paying him for this? The west is aflame, NAFTA half dead, budget just crashed in a heap, and he does milk jokes? Go to the office and get working…..geez already.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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22 comments Add yours
  1. Who was it said ‘this guy is profoundly stupid ‘-anyone want to put money on him not saying something idiotic before the weekend?

  2. In the past, I would be embarrassed for our low IQ PM, and upset that he was making Canada a laughing stock with his virtue signalling feminism. Really, that has passed. I now laugh at Canada too and the fools who elected him. Keep it coming PM, you are helping our cause.

  3. Just part of the clown show … are you libs proud yet … ???
    Bet you can’t even figure out where you went wrong …

  4. Spencer, I’m electing you to be Trudeau’s “Dutch Uncle.” A Dutch uncle refers to a person who gives you honest feedback, ie; when our Prime Minister is being an absolute jerk. Family, friends, and cabinet Ministers CAN’T or WON’T tell him. Some tough-love is in order. Spencer, do it for your countrymen, oops, countryman. Damn, I mean countrypeople. “Save Us.”

  5. There’s only one word for someone as idiotic as this, someone that can’t do ANYTHING without embarrassing Canadians and can’t open that massive hole on the front of his face, without something totally MORONIC spewing out EVERY FREAKIN TIME, and I am thoroughly convinced now that, that word is … interbred!

  6. Good God, is there no end to this man’s stupidity?

    “We have to rethink elements as basic as space and time..”

    1. Time and space are anything but basic, and we do need to rethink them. Seriously, what exactly is time and how does it really work? Is there more than one dimension of time? What happened before (for lack of a better word) our space-time came to be? Was time and space ever separate from each other? What happens to time inside a black hole at the singularity?

      Some of these questions about time cannot be answered with current knowledge even by our most intelligent minds and physicists that have spent their entire careers asking themselves these same questions and more.

      Ask a random person on the street to describe time, you’ll get a very basic answer with little to no nuance. Maybe they will something about how one full rotation of Earth on it’s axis is equal to 24 hours or one day. Maybe you’ll hear about how one full rotation of the Earth around the sun is equal to roughly 365 days or 1 year. After that, ask a physicist to describe time and you’ll get an extremely nuanced answer that could take over an hour to explain and after your conversation you’ll end up with many more questions than you started out with.

  7. Justin Trudeau is Many Thousands Times more STUPID than Canadians even thought. This Moron has to be REMOVED ASAP! Canadians have been Begging the Conservative Party to do Something, Anything to REMOVE this Idiot from office, but to No Avail. This Treasonous Traitor has done Everything to Help Destroy this Country, Including TREASON, which is a CRIMINAL Offense, and the Conservative Party Claims to have their Hands Tied, and Can’t do Anything. They are waiting until the 2019 Election. Canada will no longer be Canada as we knew it and as we have loved it. I, and Hundreds of Thousands of Canadians Disagree! Something Can Be Done and Has to be Done!

    1. Ann, I agree. I have time and again appealed to the Conservatives to call for Trudeau’s resignation or, as a minimum, call a vote of non-confidence which would allow them to provide the litany of reasons why. Failing that, patriots can surround Parliament Hill demanding that Trudeau and his totalitarian regime get out! Some Chinese Canadian patriots have started protests across the country and, sadly, to date, few other Canadian patriots have joined in.

    2. And get another Harper-like retard to run our country instead? Back to treating our innocent cannabis consuming brothers and sisters like criminals and sending them to jail, turning them into actual criminals by the time they get out as a result of living the prison life instead of providing them with a safe place to purchase their cannabis without having to get it from risky, shady drug dealers who could lace it with all sorts of dangerous chemicals and hardcore drugs, or provide them with the help they need if they are struggling to contribute to society in a meaningful way or to maintain a job to support themselves and their families.

      I want a Prime Minister that doesn’t have their head so far up the American military’s and corporate America’s metaphorical butts that they can see their metaphorical stomachs. That Prime Minister I describe does not exist in the conservative party.

      1. Marijuana?? That’s your concern? You need a heavy dose of reality. The military? This country has no means of defense. It’s a sitting duck. The American military you diss may save your ass one day. Speaking of corporate America…Do you think Canada’s corporations are any better? Marginally better? Two wrongs don’t make a right; but similar inequities exist here.

  8. Is it possible that maybe he gets this profound wisdom after he smokes a bag of weed?
    It seems he has been suspicously high on a couple of occassions. If that is the case then he should be drug tested and if tested positive that would be grounds for removal from office I would think. If his judgements and implementations are not done of a clear and sound mind, that should call into questions his ability to govern. Rob Ford got destroyed for his addictions, one would think this would be a way to destroy Trudeau and being removed from power.

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