FORD NATION VICTORY: Doug Ford Officially Declared Winner Of Ontario PC Leadership Race

Ford leads populist revolt to take back power from the elites.

It’s official, Doug Ford has won the Ontario PC Leadership race over Christine Elliott, in a big populist revolt against the establishment.

Despite Elliott winning more endorsements from PC MPPs, Ford connected with grassroots party members.


Doug Ford – 6,202

Christine Elliott – 6,049

The race had been closely fought, and Elliott had refused to concede after a recount. The PC executive was booed on stage when they earlier announced that everyone should go home and the results would be declared at an unspecified time. Now, the results are in and it’s a win for Ford Nation.

Notably, Elliott appears not to have conceded, as you can see in the statement below:

Ford showed leadership fighting against the carbon tax

Ford had campaigned strongly against the unpopular Liberal carbon tax, showing leadership on the issue and pushing Elliott and Mulroney to match his stance.

Additionally, Ford also made an appeal to the many people concerned about sex ed programs in schools, advocating for showing more respect for parents.

Importantly, Ford showed a repeated willingness to speak out for the grassroots, rather than directing his message towards the politically-correct elites.

Now, Ford Nation will begin the fight against the Ontario Liberals, working to put power back in the hands of the people.

Ontario voters now have a real choice, between the Ford Conservatives fighting for taxpayers, and the Ontario Liberals who work only for the entrenched elites.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Now the people need to take back the federal scene & every other province. It’s time to take out the marxist liberal trash & get back to real politics without the snowflake SJW agenda.

  2. This is the BEST outcome as far as I’m concerned. I did not receive my ballot / verification in the mail so I’m glad my first choice won. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of the anti Canadian, globalist, open border, etc. liberal cancer. Awesome.

    1. I actually think she was trying to save it. I see Ford to the PC’s as what Bill Vander Zalm was to the Social Credit in BC and after one term in power we all know what happened. At least if the Liberals fall to third maybe the PCs can move en masse there after 2022 and make the Ontario Liberals a pro free enterprise coalition like the BC Liberals instead of a left of centre tax and spend party.

  3. I personally was asking the Executive to get their chit together one week prior to the cutoff deadline to vote as 1,000s upon 1,000’s were shut out due to their incompetence! I am asking where my vote went and how does a postal code end up being 9999. They IGNORED the grassroots and should be paying everyone back their membership (as it was promised) buy your membership so you can vote…and then IGNORED them!!

    Further, on facebook, their was Doug’s camp who were the only followers who said they weren’t getting their ballot email. Late night before and morning of the cutoff time, there were some saying they could get it done for them.

    The voting system is archaic, flipping a coin if still a tie.

    I for one am asking if my VOTE was even counted and those in my area! This is not democracy!

  4. Elliott challenging the outcome, nothing less than the groans of the establishment. Earlier in the evening with her big smile, she looked like Hillary Clinton sure that she woukd win and was supposed to win.
    Elliott thee strikes and you are out; you don’t get a walk. Back to the dugout.

  5. Now the real battle begins against the leftists.
    It s a sunny day for Ontario and all Canada though .
    Our most important province just may be pulled back from a cliff if Doug can
    prevail in June.
    Happy wishes for Ontario from Quebec !

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