DEMOCRACY? McKenna Tells Saskatchewan The Feds Are Imposing Carbon Tax Whether They Want It Or Not

Apparently, the Trudeau government thinks ‘democracy’ means doing whatever they say without questioning anything.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau government are refusing to listen to the voices of people in Saskatchewan, and are saying they will impose a carbon tax on the unwilling province.

As noted by the CP, Mckenna sent a letter to Saskatchewan environment minister Dustin Duncan saying Saskatchewan has to design their own carbon tax or she will impose a federal carbon tax on them: “The other nine provinces have taken us up on that approach,” she wrote. “It’s unfortunate that your government has not yet chosen to do the same. “I remain hopeful that you will change course ahead of the Sept. 1 deadline for all provinces and territories to submit their carbon-pricing plans.”

“To be clear, we cannot accept your request not to price carbon in Saskatchewan,” she said. “In the event that your government does not adopt a price on pollution that meets our standard, we would have no choice but to ensure that a price on pollution applies in Saskatchewan, just as we would anywhere else in the country.”

Saskatchewan is refusing to back down, with Premier Scott Moe saying their position hasn’t changed. The provincial government still opposes the carbon tax.

The actions by McKenna and the Trudeau government show the danger of centralizing power – especially in the hands of authoritarian minded people. Individual provinces should be able to try out different policies and economic approaches, which enables better competition and experimentation. By forcing all provinces into a one-size fits all system – especially when that system is an economically damaging carbon tax – the Trudeau government is creating more resentment, and is overstepping their bounds.

There’s an interesting contrast in how they are handling the carbon tax issue – asserting federal power in a dubious way – and how they are handling the Trans Mountain pipeline dispute. Even though the Trans Mountain project crosses several provinces – firmly making it federal jurisdiction – the government refuses to act.

Meanwhile, even though a carbon tax should be a choice left up to individual jurisdictions, the Trudeau government arrogantly acts as if it can impose whatever they want.

This refusal to listen to the people, and a refusal to listen to levels of government that are closer to the people, is a dangerous trend that must be stopped and reversed, or Canadian national unity will continue to weaken and our nation will become far more divided and far economically troubled as our democracy erodes and withers away.

Spencer Fernando

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    1. that is going to be a force to be reckond with but remember trudeau is stacking the courts with omar kahdar Lawyer

  1. Ontario is giving the Liberals the Boot in June and Doug Ford will be the new leader of Ontario. Doug has said time and time again he will axe the carbon tax. So Saskatchewan just has to hold off a few more months and they will have a new allies against Trudeau, Also Alberta will have a change in power in May 31, 2019 and will toss the Carbon tax, Plus Monday, October 21, 2019 is the Last Day Trudeau will be Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer does not want a Carbon Tax either. So the Federal Carbon Tax will only be around 11 months and then its done and dusted!! Why even bother!!.

  2. Democracy? We have never had a democracy. We have a tiered system of Parliamentary Democracy as everyone knows. The Feds are at the top of the hierarchy so get over it, no matter they are, in my ‘conservative’ opinion usually wrong.
    Every little community having different rights and rules is anarchy and chaos and that’s where we are headed with more and more diverse schisms in our “multicultural society”.
    We need “One Land One Law” (and not sharia either nor aboriginal).
    The carbon tax is an unjust abomination, so use it to ride the LIBS out of town with tar (sands) and feathers. (oops, probably not an environmentally friendly statement)

  3. Such draconian measures by the federal government impacts that province’s resource development which belongs to the province according to the division of powers in our constitution.

  4. Trudeau thinks he is running a dictatorship. Not good! Soon Ontario will join Saskatchewan in removing the carbon tax and more provinces will follow suit. And “on fera un pied de nez” to Trudeau.

  5. Hey barbie – #1. Provide proof that carbon is responsible for changing the climate. #2. Prove that taking money from families will counteract any changing climate. #3. We demand video evidence that you can go down to the ocean and stop tides from changing.

    BC has had a carbon tax for years and there was no change in air quality in Beijing nor did it make any difference in the forest fires in BC or California, so where is your fake tax supposed to have an effect?

    BC just announced a 4.3 cent increase in gasoline tax but Horgan clearly said during his campaign that the existing carbon taxes did nothing and the new increased carbon tax would simply go into general revenues.

    Liberal and NDP carbon taxes are just taxes, nothing more. Fraud and theft.

    1. Del, I agree with your queries of Climate Barbie about this fraud. Could also ask Andrew Scheer why he whipped his MPs to support a Liberal motion to affirm the Paris Climate Accord which at the same time took a jab at Trump.

  6. Justin Trudeau Castro is wrenching up his IDEOLOGICAL TERRORIST DICTATORSHIP… and he is starting to impose it upon his jedi defender of the climate and other MP’s…. this Tyrant needs to be stopped and his cronies who are all working as puppets for him while he is a puppet George Soros and the New World Order globalist and then allow the illegal immigrants and refugees to overtake our country after he has turned it into a socialist dictatorship

    1. I agree.
      It is time this country had a vote on splitting up & not having a dictatorship in Ontario decide what everyone must do. This country has never been a democracy, it has always been a dictatorship decided by 2 provinces while the rest of the country has no say.

  7. I appreciate your columns Spencer and the things you point out thank you. Democracy, a Parliamentary system is a dictatorship by the PMO. All the while we are supposed to bow to royalty from Belgium or whatever? Get rid of royal freeloaders period. Our major media is only interested all too often in movie stars and the royalty and at times spreading fake news, how sickening. Unreal world. Any newly elected government some say in 6 months gets used to living off the taxpayers. Brian Mulroney was reported to have danced with separatists and partied with foreign born business man who gave brown envelopes? Senior staffers were told to use a foreign bank card. Many in Mulroney’s government wanted people to believe that GST was to be revenue neutral? Yeah sure , the taxes would be blown away? Next maybe our politicians regardless of party will have us pay a tax if we do not bend over to kiss them? Did Scheer expose any corruption by Tories, did he help any victims of corruption to expose corruption? Did Ambrose? Reform the way the parties are run, reform the power of the leaders? Take the power, lessen, so they can not use it to have power away in the same way….

  8. This is precisely what we are talking about, regarding the Trudeau regime’s penchant for testing the waters of single party government, where the only law is their law. Trudeau and gang are using the freedoms of demoracy to enhance and further their devious agenda, which includes deep socialism, Marxism and the infusion of convenient Islamic laws. Many, many Canadians need to awaken, read, get the facts, be aware of this government’s true intentions. Ignore the warning signs, such as their actions against Saskatchewan, at your own peril.

  9. Isn t it curious that no body EVER mentions the obvious fact that ”carbon” is and has always been one of the most taxed products in the nation . Its as if oil and its end products are being extracted,
    shipped , refined and consumed by end users with out anyone paying any taxes !
    Try doing the math on your fuel bill and you will see its being taxed like alcohol or tobacco.
    It is the main reason why motor fuel is so much more expensive than south of the border.
    So in the end its just another socialist tax on top of taxes that we all know will ultimately extract ever more money directly out of our pockets and damage the economy indefinetly.
    Could someone from the media with a brain please point this out to the intellectually retarded television networks and news papers please . thank you

  10. Climate Barbie talking tough shit again. Take away her lieberal “talking sheets” and she’d be umming and awwing right up there with the part time drama coach. Oh ya, chastising the critics for calling her “Climate Barbie” because she has daughters and she doesn’t want them hearing about their mother in negative tones. Then stop talking bullshit and start telling the truth!

  11. This is no surprise for a guy that admires communist China to dictate to Canadians. His dad hated the west and i am sure he does to. We have someone who hates Christian Anglo Canadians ruining this country thanks to the shallow idiot people who voted him in.

  12. “Carbon” tax. This is a blatant attack on Canada’s economic activity. Liberals levy taxes. Liberals spend. That is what they do. The money will flow into general revenue, and go to special interest groups. (Hmmm. I wonder which anti-Canadian groups Turdeau will favor??)

    It’s a big stretch; but this country in on the road to Venezuela. Then–The elites; along with the simpleton Turdeau–will leave this ruined country. They just don’t get it: Higher taxes always lead to LESS tax revenue. Bunch of morons.

    If you have the time; here’s an interesting article (US view) on the effect(s) of a carbon tax.

  13. Canadian Tesla, drivers need this tax. How else could Canada afford the “free” Tesla charging stations across Canada.

  14. The problem is that businesses and industry is allowed to buy carbon credits from those who do have as big a carbon footprint, this provides no incentive whatsoever for those who pollute to do anything about it, all the while punishing the consumer who is taxed to the hilt in the name of saving the climate, regardless that the climate has been changing for millennia and will continue to change. Meanwhile the big polluters like China get to thumb their noses and laugh at us silly western countries that tax tax and tax. Remember first it was Global warming and when that was refuted they changed it to Climate change, we are stupid enough to let them get away with it and they will use this carbon tax to do nothing to change the climate in Canada, because there is nothing to change. We have one of the lowest carbon footprints and people should look at where most of our smog comes from, look south of the border and see which way the winds blow.

  15. Of course Justin will take advantage of every possible source of money. He was busy GIVING AWAY MULTIPLE BILLIONS of our money to foreign countries leaders to abuse. Justin GAVE AWAY MULTIPLE MILLIONS to his own foundation, and MORE MULTIPLE MILLIONS to the Clinton foundation and then more millions to others. Justin’s mismanagement and misappropriation of our funds will have him shaking us down for every penny we have. If he could he would take ALL of our incomes and give back whatever is left over, which would be little or none.

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