“INTIMIDATING EFFECT”: Trudeau Verbally “Attacks” Liberal MP In Caucus Meeting Over Gun Control Legislation

Trudeau’s arrogant and autocratic nature is getting worse and worse by the day.

A disturbing new report reveals that Justin Trudeau’s arrogance and autocratic behaviour is getting even worse.

Trudeau has ignored Canadians over and over and over again, he has sold out our country to foreign powers, he has betrayed his word, and has accumulated more and more power in his hands at the expense of the people.

And now, he’s even attacking his own MPs behind closed doors.

As reported by the Hill Times, “According to Liberal MPs and insiders, Mr. Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) verbally “attacked” rookie Liberal MP T.J. Harvey (Tobique-Mactaquac, N.B.), chair of the Liberal rural caucus, during the Feb. 28 national caucus meeting on Parliament Hill. Mr. Harvey stood up to say that there was a “lack” of meaningful consultation with the caucus over the government’s upcoming gun control legislation.”

“Justin was much too vitriolic and attacked him,” one Liberal MP, referring to Mr. Harvey, told The Hill Times, who spoke on condition of anonymity since the closed-door caucus meetings are confidential. “We’re also supposed to have the right to voice our opinion.”

This MP said the soon to be tabled gun legislation is “scaring the hell out of the Liberal caucus,” especially the ones representing rural ridings.”

Additionally, “Sources said that the whole caucus was taken aback by the prime minister’s unusually angry tone, which they said would have an “intimidating effect” on MPs’ willingness to raise issues in future caucus meetings.”

Liberal MPs are now seeing how Trudeau treats Canadians

Trudeau has been treating Canadians with total contempt for years, and now Liberal MPs are seeing that contempt directed their way.

It’s also notable that Trudeau attacked Harvey – a rural MP – as Trudeau shows total disregard for the concerns of rural Canadians.

As we can see, Trudeau doesn’t want to listen to anybody, he wants a “basic dictatorship” where he dictates orders to Gerald Butts and Katie Telford and they then dictate that to the MPs.

That’s not a democracy.

Now it becomes more and more obvious that Justin Trudeau’s love for dictatorships in China and Cuba is really who he is.

He wants power at all costs, and he is willing to attack elected MPs – even when they are in his own party – in order to get what he wants.

Time for his MPs to truly stand up for Canadians and stop giving their support to Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. With Trudeau’s dishonesty, incompetence, and general bafoonish behaviour on display for the world to ridicule, he’s trying to maintain control of his caucus and now his true “authoritarian” colours are showing.

    1. His Caucus members would do well to seriously consider walking across the floor. That action would show they care more about their Oath to Canada and their concerns for their constituents than they do bowing down to a viscous arrogant dictator who has nothing but contempt for Canada and Canadians and even the Liberal caucus.

    1. we dont have a gun problem in canada, certainly not with legal gun owners… what we have is a problem with our leadership…

  2. Thank you again Spencer for bringing more attention to what is wrong with his whole caucus, why haven’t these brow beaten supposedly democratically elected Liberals not crossed the floor to vote against Trudeau? They are not representing their electors, but blindly following a puppet who is destroying a democratic country. Who ever is the hate Canada puppet master also needs to be gone, with all those people who wanted this mess and debt and no freedom etc. no law and order to protect us, no equality, no rights, just wrongs and division. Maybe he is in a hurry to make us communist, like himself. We need all these people out and very soon.

  3. little boy, spoiled beyond measure by his parents always wants his own way. This child has to go, but the big question, “when will the liberals put a stop to all this childish behaviour’? They are the only ones who can right now.

  4. I have a prediction. If Trudeau doesn’t win the next federal election he will find or cause an excuse to invoke the war measures act, dissolve parliament and enforce martial law.

    1. Dave, his father did it, no qualm! I remember it well. What you have said brought back the fear of that time. You are 100% correct. Of course the idiots that wanted their drug of choice to be legal are responsible for this government. From what I understand, the gov. gen. is the person who has the responsibility to close the govt. but isn’t able to look past her nose. The liberals need to realize they were voted in and can be voted out. The citizens of these liberal districts need to be emailing, calling and using snail mail to put their member of parliament on notice that they have to speak! AND CROSS THE FLOOR!
      Thank you for reminding people of what his father pulled all those years ago.

    2. No problem, Canadians have way more legal firearms and ammo than the military. What would Trudeau fight with, pussy hats and colorful socks?

  5. When will Liberal back benchers wake the hellbuo and start supporting the people that voted hem into power. He’s a dictator of that there should be no doubt. He worships the Castros, admires the Chinese communist system of government, a buddy to terrorist sponsoring Iran, what more do they need for gawds sake! Stand up for Canadians, cross the floor and join with the opposition to get rid of this scary mess!

  6. Big shock! He has shown us all his belief he is our GOD AND MASTER since he took office and here we are 2 plus years later and it is getting worse every single day yet no one is even trying to stop him. The damage he has done coupled with what he is planning on doing in the next year and a half leading up to the next election will completely cripple canada and we canadians and the way I see it he is making damn certain NOW there will be no removing him during the next election no matter the cost to us and canada! Either we all grow up , take back what is ours now while removing him and his entire cabinet or there will be no reason to even bother voting in the next rigged election . Besides there will be nothing left of canada worth fighting for at that point and sadly there is NO OTHER CANADA FOR WE CANADIANS TO FLEE TO! tHIS WAS THE ONE AND ONLY ONE WHICH WAS OUR COUNTRY!

    1. Ahh! His strategy is for us to give in to his will. I pray the more centre-leaning members of the Liberal caucus will rebel in the next 12 months as they awaken to Trudeau’s autocratic ways. He is, afterall, a pathological liar/liberal, autocrat. He is doing to Canada what Katwynne has done to Ontario. Breaking the bank and dictating the terms of settlement to empower an autocracy. He will stack the deck in 2019 with Soros voting machines and internet voting which enables vote rigging. He, of course, is working on legislation to fast track refugees and other forms of legal or illegal migrants to Citizenship, the Liberal Party and, ultimately, the voting booth in 2019. I suspect he will try to get 16 year olds into his fold too. He plays better to the uninformed. Take heart! Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick have been weakened but awakened and will fight for the freedom that this country has bled for in Europe, Korea, the middle east and other places around the world.

      So we must speak up for our freedoms and not be bullied and manipulated by Trudeau and his minions. Rally behind Ford, Kenney, Scheer and the other leaders who stand for a free Canada, smaller, less costly and less intrusive government and oppose the borderless, NWO autocracy that Trudeau supports.

    2. There will always be a Canada worth fighting to keep. We will see who in Canada’s armed forces chooses to follow illegal orders should Trudeau invoke his daddy’s “War Measures Act”. True Canadians should flee to the Western provinces where it is still possible to form our own true Canadian nation.

    1. I pray that there is a mass floor crossing. 6 or 7 would get his attention. A dozen to remove his majority. The only other way is to abstain from voting. Sit there in the House and smile while sitting on their hands. The problem is that Liberal MP are as spineless as they appear. None brave enough to call Trudeau out on his BS. Cowards all.

      1. Please stop lumping in all women into that category of liking him for his looks …Many men voted him in …I for one did not.

  7. His ego is badly bruised from what has happened with his overseas “trade” trips and his failed townhalls. Being the man-child that he is, he is going to lash out at those who make him feel even more sore.
    One of two things could emerge out of this. There could be a caucus revolt: Justin is removed from the PMO forcibly by his own party, their believing that he is going to be their downfall next election; they want to keep their jobs, after all. The second thing that could happen is a floor-crossing of rural Liberals to the NDP. (The NDP have more rural tradition in recent times anyway, so they’d be welcomed) The NDP are down in third right now, and it probably wouldn’t be enough to put the NDP in a serious power position right away. However, it’s hard to come back from a blow like that, and the subsequent fighting between the NDP, new and old, and the Liberal core could allow the Conservatives to slip back to where they were in 2011.

    1. Your suggestion for Liberals to back the NDP is like suggesting we choose between the ‘devil and satan’ considering the political direction planned for the NDP by its new ‘leader’.

  8. Spenser your article and its headline attracted more attention than normal Linkedin registered over 400 views that is a record for me.

  9. “Just not ready” is exceeding expectations. This petulant poser will crash before term. He is so beyond his grade and is beginning to come to terms with that. I think he’s very afraid. Even a good drama teacher can only pretend for so long. There’s real stuff to be done and Justin has been hiding. At a loss and scared.

  10. I can’t believe that a vain, egocentric idiot is actually addressed as “Prime Minister” of Canada.
    Get him out before it’s too late.

  11. All of the comments are certainly pertinent because they are originating from the heart and these are all patriots of the first order . Thanks to Spencer Fernando’s article for enlightening us to the PM’s little tirade last month at the expense of the Jr. member from NB. Christie B. asks how the Liberals were voted in on October the 19th, 2015. Well that’s a very easy question to answer , most of the folks that actually voted wanted his predecessor , The Honourable Stephen Harper out , it was that simple , cut and dried ! Now we’ll have to endure PM Sunny Ways for another 20 months approximately unless he’s truly crazy and calls a snap election and who knows , he may do it he gets wind of a mass crossing of the floor that so many of our respondents want .
    Lastly and more importantly , implementing the War Measures Act . No way this will ever happen as our Military do have guts , contrary to the New & Old Liberals who are afraid to
    cross that floor , forsaking their Country for pension , only if they serve two terms !

  12. The worry some thing we have to consider is the gerrymandering of previous Prime Ministers (Martin ) who passed legislation which grants an annual payment of fifty cents for every vote a party received in the last election. I’ve spoken to several MPs in the past who informed me that because the payment is to the party leader to be used at his discretion.it makes it very difficult to take him out as no one has the resources to compete. We have to remove the petulant little twit but he has the resources to make it rough. I think it’s only natural for someone with his attitude toward the citizens he is cheating and mistreating would have an aversion to an armed populace.


  14. While I won’t comment on the gun issue, I will comment on the buffoonish behavior of our country’s leader. Kick him out boys and girls. We do not need something like JT leading our country.

  15. Does everyone forget that the PM does not swear allegiance to Canada .. no no … he swears allegiance to the Queen! Not sure if you are familiar with what is going on in Britain .. but it’s fast becoming a hell hole. The Queen of England is at the head of the NWO cabal. They want total dictatorship and gun control!!! Trudeau is doing her bidding and he has the backing of scum like Soros and the hidden world elite who also wants to destabilize Canada, the USA and any other democratic nations not under their thumb. The plan is to divide and conquer and make us all surfs to the NWO cabal who want One Word Government and One World Religion.

  16. I live in the riding of the MP who received a tongue lashing. Personally I do not like guns. My husband however owns several as he is an avid hunter. Yes we eat what he kills. I will fight for the right of the people to own firearms. I believe that there should be a process in place in order to purchase a firearm.

    I am appalled that Mr. Trudeau would not listen to one of his own people. I am pleased to see our local MP standing up for what his constituents want, not what Mr. Trudeau dictates.

    1. There already is a process. Training, fees and regulations. Honest and law abiding citizens comply with them. Criminals don’t. So any law that doesn’t direct ALL of its legislative power onto and against criminals, is just a new back-door to confiscation. That is what the registry was about and any more tinkering with gun laws is just more of the same. Liberals and globalists want the entire citizenry disarmed. And there is no ‘good’ reason to want your citizens defenseless, is there??

  17. Easy fix.

    The Liberal caucus needs to not be afraid to vote against this and any other items Turdeau brings forward.

  18. What I don’t understand is why his own caucus doesn’t just tell him to fuck off. If he kicks you out of the caucus then sit as an independent and you can then vote however you like. I think most liberal MP’s have no backbone whatsoever.

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