INSANE: Trudeau Government Tells Public Service To End Use Of Words Like “Mother,” “Father,” “Mr.,” “Mrs,” Forcing Switch To “Gender-Neutral” Language

The federal government continues escalating the absurdity of their political correctness.

In a change nobody asked for, the Trudeau government plans to ban front-line public service workers from saying Mr., Mrs., Mother, and Father.

That’s according to a report by Radio Canada, who gained access to government documents stipulating the change. Here are key parts of that report:

According to documents obtained by Radio Canada, the French-language arm of CBC, front-line staff must now “use gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language.”

“This avoids portraying a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender,” says a copy of speaking notes prepared for managers and team leaders.

“It is important that Service Canada, as an organization, reflects Canada’s diverse population and ensures that the views and interests of Canadians are taken into account when we develop policies, programs, services and initiatives,” says the directive.

The new guidelines also rule out using terms such as mother and father because they are “gender specific” and instead says the neutral term of “parent” should be used instead.

The same goes for honorifics such as Mr., Mrs., and Ms. and in both languages. Instead, employees are being directed to address customers by their full names or ask them what they want to be called.

After the Official Opposition raised serious questions about the proposal, Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos ‘clarified’ the measures, in what amounted to a desperate attempt to backtrack.

Of course, that’s not what the government document says according to the report. Workers are being told that they must use “gender-neutral” language, not that they have the choice of whether to use it. The report notes that the document specifically rules out the use of terms like Mother and Father.

So, what Duclos is doing is simply trying to distract from the truth of the insane order to the public service, hoping people will believe his tweet instead of the actual government documents referenced in the Radio Canada report.

This has been a usual tactic of the Trudeau government, who introduce some unpopular change and then try to distract from what the change really is with some spin, while not actually altering what they are doing behind the scenes.

In fact, reports already contradict what Duclos is saying:

“According to an official, who asked to remain anonymous because they are not authorized to speak on the issue, the new directive is already in place and has led to some difficult situations for civil servants. “It happens that we talk to people and we ask, ‘What is the name of parent number one?’ People do not understand,” said the official.”

So, the policy is already in place, and is already causing problems. Quite different from the claim by Duclos that it’s only about using “gender-neutral” terms when people object. Most people wouldn’t have a concern about different terms being used if someone asked, but what is concerning is the government trying to wipe out terms that are simply based on the facts of human biology.

Instead of balancing the budget, reducing the tax burden, and ensuring our national defence, the Trudeau government is trying to socially engineer our nation. It’s creepy, it’s a waste of resources, and it distracts from the real job of governing Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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100 comments Add yours
  1. Parent one? I don’t want to be parent two. This is divisive and see myself getting into an argument the other parent on who is number one.

    1. Just what I was thinking wouldn’t that put one parent more important than the other ? So ridiculous Before this can be posted it says to write your name and email so I tried to put parent 1 but was not accepted!!! Lol

    2. All most feels like mom is always going to be the parent listed behind dad don’t you think? Makes me feel like they are moving toward the way things used to be where a woman’s name on things with her partner didn’t mean much. I can remember my mother trying once to access my parents joint bank account for some cash and they told her to go home and get her husband because even though her name was on the account he was the primary account holder. That was the day my mother made him split the money in the account in half and she went to a different bank and got her own account alone.

      1. Never ever had trouble using a joint bank account ,been doing it for 40 years , proud very very proud to be called Mrs and mom and grandmother anyone trying to change that needs to find their own identity before trying to change mine

  2. So you cannot travel out of country, because all other countries need to know if your male or female sometimes if your married and who to. This happened to a lady getting a new passport here in Ontario and she could not travel, had to return home, till she got it fixed. I wonder when we will need new names no female or male names, maybe start numbering us so they know exactly how many peoplekindof live in what was Canada, before we became gender neutral and no more children were allowed to be born.????????? No men, no women=no children=no need for marriage??????
    Stay out of peoples bedrooms, communist Lieberals.

    1. Well said … Liberals have gone beyond ridiculous. Liberals can call themselves whatever they wish but please leave the rest of us the freedom to make our own choices as to how we wish to be addressed.

  3. this is why mandatory drug testing of liberals should be enforced… canada is the laughing stock, the but of all jokes thanks to truduh!

    1. Luckily, Trump is a far bigger idiot than Trudeau, so not to worry…the world is too busy laughing at Trump to bother with us. That insane monster is the joke of the world right now.
      As near as I can figure, I think this crap will only matter when filling out government forms? I don’t think they’re saying that we have to verbally address each other any differently. I kind of get it in a way. I think there may be a lot of people out there who have 2 Mothers, or 2 Fathers. I guess there are no proper forms for those folks? There are also people out there who are choosing to raise their children as “gender neutral”, I’ll bet we’re going to need a different form for that too. (Which seems really nuts to me, but who am I to judge?). This doesn’t seem like the end of the world to me, or even that big of a deal in the big scheme of things. It does seem like a giant waste of time and energy though. I say let’s have a plebiscite.

      1. I beg to differ. Trump may have his faults but idiot he is not .. now Trudeau is a different story and an idiot from the get go. You must be believing too much left wing media propaganda which is the majority media. I’ll take Trump for our P.M> over Trudeau any day. Trump is not embarrassing the U.S – it is the media that is embarrassing the U.S. by not providing information on the positive things Trump has achieved. He is cleaning the swamp and will meet with controversy in doing so but Trudeau is filling the swamp and made Canada a laughing stock. All this gender junk is just that … we are who we are and we can please some but not all so let’s not fix something that does not need fixing.

        1. I also agree with you Janet. I have spent the last five summers in Canada and find the Canadian people very admirable. But I can’t understand why Canada has a Prime Minister (although I think he would rather be called “King” or “Emperor”) who has no qualifications for the position and was elected only because his name was Trudeau. Canada deserves better than a globe trotting, wanna be movie star.

        2. I agree and since parent 1 is probably going to be the father I think all us mothers should ban together and sue the dumb ass Trudeau for insinuating we are 2nd rate. I have said all along I would be glad to trade Trudeau for Trump. At least Trump is cleaning up the Country. Yes he also has some bad idea but Trudeau hasn’t had ONE good idea since he got elected. In fact I doubt if Trudeau has ever had an idea in his life. Get rid of this idiot before he has flooded the Country with ISIS.

      2. Please do share what Trump has done other than make it one of the best economies in a long time, brought North Korea to their knees and been tough on China. Do share how he is ruining America…I will wait.

      3. I did not vote for Trump or Clinton. A few things Trump does I like and many I don’t. I would take Trump over Trudeau any day.

      4. You sound just like one of those Democrat Liberal Nut Jobs from the U.S.! LOL! And Trump is by far the BEST thing that has happened to America in at least a decade – really, since Ronald Reagan! He is a brave, SMART, business man who loves America & doesn’t even take a salary! Quite different from the past president! But your Trudeau – he is dangerous for your country & it’s citizen’s. He is too dangerous to even be laughed at! I feel for all the good people of Canada! And YOUR country & MY country had better (if we’re intelligent) hope that each of us are successful, because the failure of either will most certainly affect the other! Don’t know if you are a praying person (maybe not, you don’t sound like you love family values) but it is time for SERIOUS prayer for the whole world! (And I mean prayer to the TRUE God!)

  4. The same insane policies as fellow ‘progressive’ traveller Kathleen Wynne. An outcome of Bill C-16 which half the Conservative caucus supported and Jordan Peterson raised alarms about.

  5. GO FUCK YOURSELF, TURDO. You can use whatever words you want. MINE WILL NOT CHANGE because I’M SANE and CANNOT be brainwashed.

    1. I so totally agree with Valerie Clark. In fact, I wrote a similar reply to another one of these communist Liberal ideas regarding mankind!

    2. Bravo ..Valerie Clark; too much is too much; Enough is Enough; Turdo needs a Psychiatric Examination…locked away somewhere far Away…

  6. Go F yourself liberal.
    God made me to be a woman and a mother and so I will be til the day I die.

    1. I agree. After all what would we call Mother Merry or Sister Teriesa. I hope for the sake of Jesus we don’t change “Man Kind” next.

  7. What about my rights. I want to be called a man. A father and on occasion even Mr. then I will introduce myself if I feel friendly. Treating me as neutral is disrespectful. I identify as a man. A hardworking, honest and Canadian man’s man! So tired of this. I was brought home wearing blue. I will go out wearing blue. A nice blue power suit with a man’s tie. Double Windsor knot!

  8. Can someone please shut this eunuch up. And pleaae look up the word eunuch in the dictionary…. perfect description of trudope !

  9. What will this idiotic government think of next? Are ALL liberals this stupid? I really can’t believe it, but if they go along with this, all they are concerned about is their job and their pension. What a sad and confused country this is becoming!!!!

  10. So now because of Trudeau who has a LOT OF TIME TO WASTE, we are going to have to be rude since we cant say Mr. or Mrs. or Miss whatever. We will have to say :”Hey you!”. What an idiot! Will they do away too with honourable and all those titles since they dont expect the general public deserves respect.

  11. My kids better not call me or my wife parent# 1 or 2! That is highly offensive! If anyone at a government office did that to me or my wife, I would severely reprimand them and tell them proudly that I am the childrens father, my wife is their mother, and that I will be extremely offended if I was called anything other that that!
    Horrendous! Trudeau, do some damn work for a change and quit messing up our country!

  12. Minister Duclos, an example of a Liberal power-tripping gender grammar cop. Well, here are a few words normal speaking Canadians can use to address Minister Duclos.
    1. Sanctimonious Duclos
    2. Social Bully Duclos
    3. Gender Grammar Cop Duclos
    4. Useful Idiot Duclos

  13. In order not to offend MR. IT’s (TRUDEAU’s) fragile sensibilities about biology and IT’s gender, MR. IT is a complete MORON of mammoth proportions! Trudeau’s parent number 1 and parent number 2 created a profoundly and shockingly mentally deficient lunatic!

  14. Your statement that the Liberal Government is pushing for “New Social Engineering of our society” you are trying to be politically correct, the true rality is that our illustrious Prime Minister is following the game plan of Mr. George Soros for a New World Order. This gender neutral philosophy is so ridiculous, when a full grown male feels like he is a Philippine Female Today. but tomorrow another mental mindset change could have him being something else. Ben Shapiro said it perfectly, at birth you have a Penis or a Vagina that dictates your gender. Being a senior now I always respected my seniors and called them by Mr. Smith or Mrs. Smith, or if the women is single she is MS. This opening up of the Pandora box to the LB-QT populace is not being constructive to our social fabric in fact it is destroying our nation and social values. Leave it at Mr. and Mrs. it shows gender and also respect and what is wrong with that, we could use some more of that in our Liberal society .

  15. Quote: “Orwell’s novel carries a well-founded warning about the powers of language. It shows how language can shape people’s sense of reality, how it can be used to conceal truths, and even how it can be used to manipulate history. “Language is one of the key instruments of political dominations, the necessary and insidious means of the ‘totalitarian’ control of reality” (Rai, 122). While language in the traditional sense can expand horizons and improve our understanding of the world, Orwell’s novel demonstrates that language, when used in a maliciously political way, can just as easily become “a plot against human consciousness” (Rahv, 182).”

    — Jem Berkes

    1. There’s seriously something mentally wrong with this “people” person so called “Trudumb”
      Plz plz get rid of this moron!
      I am so embarrassed to call myself a Canadian anymore!

  16. I want to be address the “Right, Honourable” as the person who should bare thes horourific is making a mockery of it.

  17. out of respect for my aunts, uncles etc….i will always say AUNT OR UNCLE in front of their name because its out of respect for my FATHER AND MOTHER , who taught me this….i have sat quietly this whole time trudeau, while you destroyed our country, put down our military, and changed everything for the LBQT , the terrorists, gender neutral s etc…what about the respect of the other 90% of us who are a MOTHER or FATHER, who like to be called this or MR or MRS MS MISS or what not….we deserve respect as well !!!!! im tired of you stripping us of our God given rights , our rights as Canadians , PEOPLEKIND???? give me a fucking break man….i mean person… tired of your shit and done with it…!! your wife….i mean your number 2 to its parents , must be so proud to be your , well whats the word now instead of wife?? your an asshole trudeau…..and for all you people out there that voted him , i mean IT in, are you happy now….? was the promise of marajuana becoming legal worth all this to you all?? Dam for the first time ever i am so embarrassed to be a Canadian……i really am thinking about moving out of country, i have never thought of turning my back on my country or my flag until now…..
    Signed MRS MOTHER of 3..2 BOYS and 1 GIRL……

  18. Won’t this be a problem for French speaking Canadians? Don’t all nouns have a grammatical gender? What next …ban French!

  19. This is not political correctness, as there is nothing to correct. This is however “political stupidness”. This PM has become a total embarrassment to this great country of Canada, a laughing stock and the butt end of political jokes.
    Is this how we want our Prime Minister to be viewed internationally and domestically??
    Time for change.

  20. Absolutely absurd and disastrous and a goddamned waste of time my tax money when I should be receiving dividends from my dictatorship representative governance.
    I want a new government and not a drag queen-like one I am seeing with this Trudeau Retard Party I am seeing since jackass Trudeau stole office with a corruptly paid for voting system that has been like this for decades. Non Voters Unite!!
    CPU Freedom 2017, Non Voters United

  21. How is it possible that people actually support this ridiculous, do nothing, babbling, make up anything to have an issue to talk about, clown government? How do even Liberal MP’s support this clown prince Captain Crayon? Is this country getting so screwed up and people so non-thinking that they just don’t care? We will be so “neutral” soon that we won’t even be a country, we’ll be nothing, living in Whateverland, with unicorns and rainbows. Come on people, wake up!!

  22. No wonder we are having such a problem with especially the young, and now parents 1 and 2 or just one? a lot drunk or high (really this does destroy a family). We have a record number of psychiatric created people, put on more drugs, so can’t think straight again ever. The propaganda the government forces on children about their gender neutralness, when even children realize what gender they are? no wonder without any stability or functional people in their lives, everyone divided, no dignity or respect given by this foreign owned government. we are being systematically destroyed as a nation. Be gone Lieberal/NDP/Bloc socialist propaganda power seeking destruction governments.

    1. What with Trudeau & co’s disgusting roles as Oil-industry shills & SealHunt supporters (besides being blatant climate-change deniers & all-out LIARS) I find this move toward inclusivity & away from bias refreshingly forward-thinking & positive — esp. contrasted with the crass politics happening to the south of us (where building a wall between U.S. & Mexico is actually considered!) Let’s have more such talks advocating increased tolerance not the American oopposite — & while we’re there let me appeal to our PM to END THE BLOODY SEALHUNT (Canada’s Shame) ONCE & FOR ALL.! 4REAL..

  23. It seems Trudeau has a menthel illness. No more ms. mrs. mr. Mother Father Brother Sister or any person be spoken of by gender. What is next?????

    1. BRAVA!!
      However, I do not agree with dropping titles “Mother” and “Father.”
      Makes no sense to me.
      PS How would one address a Catholic Priest? (Hey You?)

  24. Trudeau can go f*** himself. I am a female, woman, a mother, a wife, and no one will tell me how to call myself. And the same goes for the national anthem I’ll sing it the way I damn well please. I will not have my life dictated to me by a dictatorship Pig that is driving our country into the ground and creating more animosity amongst its people and instead of bringing them together

  25. This is rediculas in more then 1 way. Are they really that scared of offending people….. We have Genders they were kind of assigned at conception, :/ you can identify however you want that’s fine but your DNA cannot be changed.

  26. TRudeau really you wonder why you are lost, hated, crooked and thinking these words God blesses aren’t importanted, Trudeau it is those who chooses to not use these priases, not the majority of us. And by the way no one isn’t listening too you sir.
    Trudeau has already hurting many, thinks he is God and thinking these things are good but it is not, praying he be voted out, he is ashamed and disgrace in front of Men and women and God.

  27. So our kids wont be able to call us Mom and Dad anymore? Radical ideology at work here. Complete loss of common sense.

  28. This is terrible. No better way to confuse our tide pod eating generation. I never thought the day would come where we could choose our gender. Also, if a man decides to be a women, I think he would feel more respected to be called ma’am rather and a women who decided to act like a man, is still a Mrs. Until she removes her female parts for male. I’m all for people being who they feel like on the inside , let’s just accept them and call them by what they feel comfortable with.
    Who is backing this guys ridiculousness. We’ve already changed the Canadian anthem. What next. I wish this generation wasn’t so sensitive and didn’t need to be recognized for every change. Be who you want to be, but don’t change who I am, to be politically correct about your gender.

  29. I am honoured to be called mother, mom, Mommy. If someone takes that away from me, a part of me will die. Why should we be called parent 1 or parent 2. Maybe leave all the gender issues alone, if someone has a different preference, they can say that which pronoun they prefer, but in the general public, male/female, mother/father, mr./mrs./ms. is all good.

  30. I can’t grasp why one “person” can cause everything that is morally wrong be right! I didn’t not vote for this “person” but this “person” is now dictating even how I have to speak. God have mercy and hold back your wrath.

  31. lmao cant wait to hear a gender neutral Lord’s prayer…..i find God offensive maybe it was a goddess lol! Think Im gonna make this a really big deal!

  32. There are 2 sexes Male and Female . This is not a sexist comment it is a fact. The terms Mother and Father Mr. and Mrs. is just used to differentiate the difference between the two. I dont see how that is sexist in any way . As far as im concerned not letting them say it is bigoted towards the English Language . Whats next cant say man or woman terms that have been around since the English language started . If People actually had a brain they would know the terms they where made out of respect.

  33. No problem. All Justin has to do is get a form called ; ID-10-T(‘s) Application form and fill it out. All Liberals have them available.

    A bunch of ID10T’s…..

  34. I see more important matters that need addressing such as gun control, medical aid, unemployment, immigration and bullying in schools just to mention a few. Get to work and do the Jobs the people elected you for in the first place !

  35. What are you Canadians thinking of allowing yourselves to be led by this effeminate soppy excuse of a man ? The Heroes of Vimy Ridge and Dieppe must be spinning in their graves . Can you imagine this girl like creature charging out of a landing craft on to the Normandie beach ? No ! I cant either .

  36. Trudeau seems to get stupider the longer hes in office. Who voted for this ahole anyways. He works for us and we should be telling the government what to do not them telling us.

  37. This is so stupid and makes no sense to me whatsoever. I have two kids and I want to be called mama or mom or mommy, not parent one or parent two. My kids also loves calling their dad daddy and I have a mother also and I love calling her mom. I don’t care if Truduh or whatever his name is changes the words from the dictionary my family will still be using it. You know what screw that, we’ll just move from this shithole of a country called Canada anyways.

  38. Let’s see. How about banning Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandmother’s Day, Grandfather’s Day.
    Next, we tell the Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola Companies they can no longer sell Pop.
    We can get rid of the Mr., Mrs, Miss, Master and use the term Oy!
    Then we could make anyone with the name Dick apply for a legal name change to something genderless, like Justin or something of that nature.

    Oh and lastly. Ban English and French as the national languages of Canada, as they are both littered with gender-specific phrases. Force us all to speak Turkish, Persian or Chinese which are all genderless.

    FFS. When is this government going to start governing and stop p’ing all our tax payers money up the wall with these hairbrained ideas that pander to a bunch of snowflakes?

  39. The reason for this change was simply due to modern family that now could include two fathers and a child or two mothers and a child…. who do you call Mother? This change is in order to be fully respectful. A suggestion would be to ask the citizen at the beginning of the interview how they would like to be addressed, which would be to the spirit of the new policy.

  40. He’s a leftist lunatic Soros puppet destroying yet another western nation. Trudeau: Finishing the job his communist father? started in ’68. Oh I almost forgot. He coverted to Islam not all that long ago. He needs to go!

  41. This is a slippery slope which doesn’t need to be there! People are female or Male! Mr, Mrs and Ms! Parents are mothers or father not parent one or parent two! Again, why are we bending to a selected few that want to change society which has functioned quite well for thousands of years. The last paragraph is spot on! A lot more important issues to be dealt with other than this which Trudeau doesn’t deal with!

  42. the people who came up with this stupid idea are probably the dumbest on the face of this planet who mean to complicate the daily lives of earthpeople, they don’t have the slightest clue that there’s more important things people need to deal with than their stupid ideas.

  43. You snowfakes are so triggered over a minor change that does not effect you in any way. You have no legitimate reasons to hate this change, you’re just butt hurt because you have to be butt hurt about something. The word “parent” is not triggering, you use it anyway, so why not let people make their own choices for what they want to call their parents. Better to generalize to please everyone than to specify and insult an entire demographic. Get over it.

  44. So, when a baby is born the doctor can’t say, Congratulation, you have a baby boy or girl, it will be Parent #2, you gave birth to baby #1.

  45. All those of you who are criticizing those of us who see this crap for what it is, really you have in fact been fooled, you don’t recognize it – radical ideology, new social engineering, deciding for a whole country how to talk to each other (for the very small few who’s feelings are being hurt). This is true insanity when people start to believe this complete nonsense.
    And ya why it this idiot spending all our money? and on feelings

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