WATCH: ‘Transparent’ Trudeau Flees From Question About Why He’s Blocking National Security Advisor From Testifying

Political cowardice.

Justin Trudeau’s promise of “openness” and “transparency” is now nothing but a sad joke.

When asked by reporter Laura Stone why he is blocking National Security Advisor Daniel Jean from testifying on the discredited conspiracy theory blaming India for the Jaspal Atwal invite, Trudeau booked it up the stairs instead.

It was total political cowardice, as he had answered a question just a moment before. Clearly, he just chose to answer a question he found easy and ran from a question that was tough.

Watch Trudeau fleeing accountability below:

As Canadians have seen, when the going gets tough, Trudeau gets going… in the other direction away from accountability.

It’s the same attitude we see from Trudeau in Question Period, where he hides behind pathetic talking points, blames everyone else, and refuses to take responsibility for anything.

He knows that his India conspiracy theory has been discredited, and even his own ministers and MPs aren’t able to back it up. Yet, rather than admit an error and take personal responsibility for the total failure of his India trip, Trudeau keeps looking around for other people to blame.

So, instead of actually living up to his rhetoric on ‘transparency,’ Trudeau runs and hides, refusing to let his National Security Advisor testify and give answers to Canadians.

Yet, it seems that the more Trudeau flees from the truth and accountability, Canadians are fleeing from supporting him and his party. 

That’s what happens when promises are broken over and over and over again. The Canadian people will not put up with endless betrayals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. Laura Stone is a reporter with The Globe & Mail. Glad to see the mainstream media starting to show the signs of functioning as a Fourth Estate, instead of as an apologist for the Trudeau regime.

  2. Come on Spencer Why should he answer thè reporter her question when she should have known by now that the media job is to write for him and the liberals in a good light…not be questioned. Had the media done their from day one for canadians and not favour the liberals only, Laura Stone questions would have been answered.

  3. He’s rather be debating disarming the Canadians. Law abiding Canadians don’t need more red tape about guns. It’s the criminals and how they get guns that are the problems. Why doesn’t he debate tougher laws and jail time for those with ILLEGAL guns? You know the criminals who are not going to follow his red tape bullshit anyways?
    How about better self defence laws for person and property to deter criminals? Especially for rural areas.
    Trudeau is so arrogant. Hope he catches the plague on his next worldly vacation.

  4. I would rather be debating gun legislation so I can disarms the little peasents and cull them into submission

  5. Nothing but a narcissistic coward. A lousy coward. If I were to use more descriptive and accurate adjectives, I am sure Spencer would ban me for life. Trudeau, possibly the most hated person in Canada.

    I am honest in saying that if I came upon him badly injured in an accident, I would refuse to waste my cell phone battery on a 911 call to help him. I would use the power to record video.

    Why didn’t the media call him out for being a coward and running away?

  6. once a bull shitter, always a bull shitter. hey fernando, this can be solved very quickly, who did what. shouldn,t andrew sheer try to get in touch with someone from india come to canada, with their explanation. and of course it has to be put on the news nationally. how is that for an idea.

  7. Did you hear that? “I’d rather be disarming Canadians for the One World Government takeover”. Trudeau is nothing but a puppet for the world elite.

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