SAD & PREDICTABLE: Liberals Try Playing The “I’m Offended” Card To Distract From Trudeau’s India Trip Disaster

When the Trudeau Liberals are on the defensive, they start accusing their opponents of being “offensive.”

The Trudeau government is doing everything they can to distract from Justin’s disastrous trip to India.

They’ve thrown the public service under the bus, pushed the national security advisor to spread a conspiracy theory blaming India, and now they’re playing one of the most predictable cards in the Trudeau Liberal deck:

Accusing opponents of being offensive.

In the House of Commons, Liberal MP Ruby Sahota said she was “incredibly offended” to hear a Conservative MP call Justin Trudeau’s outfits during his India trip “costumes.” Watch Sahota’s predictable comments below:

Of course, costume is a word often used by official institutions to refer to the ways various groups express identity through dress, as in the use of the term “national costumes.”

Additionally, Justin Trudeau’s clothing choices were heavily criticized by people within India, many of whom felt Trudeau was pandering and condescending.

So, what are seeing is a predictable, and sad attempt by the Trudeau Liberals to try and put the Conservatives on the defensive and distract from Trudeau’s lack of accountability and seeming cover-up surrounding the conspiracy theory spread after his trip.

People can see past these tactics, and we can see that the Trudeau Liberals will be ramping up these sad attacks on their opponents the more desperate they get.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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    1. You have the right to be offended, just keep it to yourself. I also have my right to be offended and I am, by a less than intelligent PM, who spends the time I am paying for, pretending to be what he is not, and he is not an Indian of past times and generations of folk dressing. He was there not to serve the Khalistani. His trip really had no purpose worth the money and that offends me too. That is our well being burning for the sake of extreme liberal narcissism from the part of this Gov. That is not just words. That is money taken from the taxpayers pockets.
      The liberals are, more than ever, abusing the Canadian willingness to be seen as generous to foreign countries. Balance, however, is not a virtue the Liberals can brag about.
      All his theatrical performance would not gain the approval of Bollywood scouts looking for people to fill the need for” crowds” in an Indian production.
      Your expressions of being offended, offends me, who have the right to offend you ,when I feel like it. When I express my opinion, I have the right to think as I do. Take it or leave it as everybody else has to do. Trudeau constantly offends Canadians, and you let him do it and we take it. That is called Freedom of Speech for the ones who never had it, till they came to this country. Your extreme sensibility is an old game of oppression ,that I hope ,Canada, after the Liberal era is erased from our memories, will still have some strength left to fight. Or we are free or we are not. There is no in-between.

  1. Ruby Sahota posted on Twitter she was offended and has received a storm of laughter and derision for her fake outrage.

  2. I think she is confused! The people of India were offended and laughed at the Prime Minister because the majority of Indo Asians no longer wear that clothing except to weddings, they themselves admitted that to the press. She made reference to ” white clothing ” which I view as a racist remark, the western clothes we wear are not racially based! Trudeau made a complete fool out of himself, and I believe he knows it, his cabinet needs to let it go now, or no one will ever forget it!

    1. She obviously still believes she is Sikh. Which in itself is fine. She is Canadian first. And being from the lower mainland. I have to live among her culture. None of them wear the elaborate clothing that JT wore, on a regular basis. These items are saved for special occasions. Like us with our Tuxedos. Put the phony rhetoric, back in the basket. Quit trying to deflect JT’s pandering.

    2. Imagine a world leader visiting Canada with his family and they all dress up as lumberjacks, the next day as Mounties and the next as Eskimos. What would you think?

      “WTF, are they mocking us or just plain stupid”.

  3. During Trudeau’s er trade mission to India, Indian PM Modi didn’t even greet him at the airport, instead sending his junior agricultural minister (‘little potato’ joke?), whereas when French PM Macron arrived 2 weeks later he was warmly embraced by Modi at the airport.

    JT is so dumb he’s not even aware he has been dissed. (Likewise during his trade mission visit to China.)

    1. Trudeau, like all social climbers, seems to go uninvited or forces his way through. Why would the Pm of India need to negotiate what, in person? What jobs is the Indian Gov sending our way? Ask Trudy’s vision to solve the problems of India? Trudy can buy his way through the UN because not many countries are very generous to the bottomless well that the UN represents. He showers them with our money, to be noticed ,so that he can talk ABOUT HOW BADLY EVERY GOVERNMENT, BEFORE TRUDY, TREATED THE NATIVES OF CANADA. Now, during this glorious ERA OF TRUDY, THE SECOND TURD, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE. We are now going trough his nightmarish proposals for change to achieve his Basic Dictatorship. Then, Trudophobia is going to be illegal. May be the death penalty will apply….

  4. Where is her costume? She is wearing Western styled clothing and is practicing cultural appropriation. Hypocritical cow.

  5. ok grow up sweetie … you are offended, too bad, deal with it. People in India made fun of the “clothing” that Trudeau wore. One was a typical wedding costume … how often do you wear one of those? Probably once in your life. And yet he and his wife wandered around, different outfits every day. Just grow up. Nobody cares if you are offended. Get over yourself.

  6. So Ruby Sarota was offended by criticism of Justin’s choice of clothing. She also made the incredible statement that Indians wear that type of clothing every day. Yet the media in India pointed out that in fact the people there dress the same as in most Western countries. If you look at the picture of Justin taken with the Indian Prime Minister he was in fact dressed the same as any Western leader. So perhaps Ruby needs to go back to India for a visit and check out what the people there are wearing now. She should also ask a few of them what they thought about Justin’s silly and condescending performance.

  7. Puby Sahota’s blathering indignation rings hallow! She should deliver that ridiculous little tirade to the people in India, given that the Indian locals ridiculed the Trudeaus’ wardrobe, saying that he and his family were playing ‘fancy dress’ given his over the top clothing – choices that went as far as Justin wearing formal wear typically worn by bridegrooms! Indians on social media described Trudeau’s attire as “fake and annoying”. Indian politician Omar Abdullah tweeted, “FYI we Indians don’t dress like this every day sir, not even in Bollywood.”

    The Trudeaus’ looked more mocking than respectful with their over the top clothing, constant head bowing and praying hand gestures. Had Ms. Sahota been offended by these shenanigans it would have made more sense.

    Mr. & Mrs. Dressup (ooops… Parent #1 and Parent #2 failed miserably as the Indian people actually mocked them saying that they themselves rarely wear such clothing to weddings let alone on a daily basis! Most laughable was the pic of the Trudeau family all decked out in over the top Indian attire posing with India’s most powerful Bollywood star, Shahrukh Khan aka the “King of Bollywood”, who was wearing a very conservative black suit, as did most of the other Indians in attendance according to the press. So Ms. Sahota, direct your phoney indignation at the Trudeau family, as it is they who treated the attire as costumes.

  8. So, now the business suit is a white man’s costume. Well, then I am offended by her wearing one and she and the rest of her ridiculous lefties had better stop with this abominable cultural appropriation RIGHT NOW. I say, force her into that outfit she was so ashamed of her parents wearing and let her wallow in it. I am really sick and tired of this outright attack on white people. It needs to stop. That it is happening in our parliament by our so-called “diverse” MP’s (the ones supposedly giving our country its strength), is gravely offensive to me. I hope every single one of these appointed trouble-makers is turfed right out on their asses in the next election. Let them struggle with the rest of the peons to get an honest job where they don’t have this publicly paid for soap box to get on and spew their nonsense.

  9. The Leftists are perpetually offended. That is all they stand for. They have nothing else to offer.

    Somebody should have responded to the perpetually offended young woman, Ruby Sahota, that when the people of India wear their traditional clothing it is just that, clothing. But, when a visiting idiot Westerner, from Canada, dresses up like a colourful peacock in different Indian clothing every day for different events, its a costume.

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