VIDEO: Scheer Rejects Identity Politics, Says Government Shouldn’t “Play One Type Of Canadian Off Against The Other”

Scheer proposes agenda that focuses on maximizing the freedom of Canadians, a stark contrast from Trudeau’s divisive big-government approach.

In excerpts of a speech shared on Twitter, Andrew Scheer described his vision for the role of government, and offered a clear contrast from Justin Trudeau.

While the Trudeau government has sought to ruthlessly inflame racial and cultural divisions for their own selfish benefit, Scheer said Conservatives “want a government that doesn’t play one type of Canadian off against the other.”

Scheer also said “Conservatives want freedom that lets the free market work, that keeps taxes and spending under control,” and “opportunity, so that everyone can get ahead.”

Through his remarks, Scheer is outlining a broad vision of how a new Conservative government would act in office, placing trust back in the hands of individuals and families – trusting the Canadian people instead of expanding the power of the government.

Of course, articulating a vision and staying true to a vision are very different things, and if Scheer wins in 2019 (and for Canada’s sake we all hope he does), he will need to be held accountable for making good on his promises.

That said, Scheer’s rejection of identity politics is great to see, as it establishes him as the only leader who is standing against the disturbing trend being pushed by both Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh.

Trudeau and Singh are seeking to downplay Canadian identity, pander endlessly, and use divisive tactics to weaken national unity and turn Canada into a nation of factions battling for scraps from an all-powerful state.

The next campaign is shaping up to be a battle between an agenda of greater freedom & national unity under the Conservatives, or more anger, division, and national weakness under Trudeau/Singh.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. Finally he speaks, I hope he is like the Right Honourable Mr. Harper, sensible, mainstream, not alt right, not alt left and divisive like the Liberals/NDP/Bloc/Green are, pushing globalist agendas, pandering to extremists, etc.. We need someone to unify Canadians again, clean up this huge nasty socialist mess meant to break up our country, give us back unity and equality.
    Mr. Scheer is probably in shock, as most Canadians are, at what has been done to a once peaceful, caring, friendly, but now hugely indebt country, that the world is laughing at, really how stupid we look with these communist leaders loosing our rights and freedom, loosing respect for each other, one big happy sick party does not help a country for very long before it collapses.
    Mr. Scheer, I hope you can stand up to these horrible take over communists, I well remember how awful these destroying people were to Mr. Harper when the best PM Canada has had to date was elected. If these Alt left socialists get in again our country will collapse as Venezuela, or look at the Philippines now fighting to get their countries back after being collapsed by Globalists, it will take a strong miracle man, and a lot of time after all their unethical lying secretive un Canadian wastefulness. I hope that we still have enough, smart real Canadians left to get our country back in workable shape and vote smart, or the outsiders will destroy us from within. Make sure you vote for Canada, not against it.

  2. Sheer has all the answers to what’s going on now and sounds like a saviour. I don’t know how Sheer will do as a P.M. but his common sense idea’s people will like. It doesn’t matter who it is that becomes the next P.M. as long as they are not trying to make us in an Islam state and which is separating Canadians as it is meant to. Trudeau’s foolish idea’s make him look more like a fool each day. It is obvious that he is not well balanced and his interest lies more with Muslims than Canadians.

  3. upon reading both of your comments< I felt such heart in Nancy comment. She was so right. The most honorable PM we have ever had is Stephen Harper. Trudeau is the evil and destruction of Canada. I was born here and have been a Canadian for 63 years. Never in my life have I ever seen such a diabolic PM like Trudeau. We have always been multicultural and we have always viewed each culture with respect. growing up I never ever saw a woman dressed in a hijab or completely covered. It was a total shock to me as well to many Canadian's. This is Canada and Canadian women do not dress like that. Then came all the changes along with their culture. Changes that don't belong in Canada. Why would our government bring a culture of people who do not see our values and will not accept our western ways? Then all the changes started in government. so Christianity was thrown out the window and trambled on. Our way of life was started to suit the people that Trudeau was bringing into our once great nation. Canada was founded on Christian values, ethics and moral's. our national anthem changed to address the PM cabinet. Was this a reason to change something that held so dear to so many? the way we were taught to address people. Mr. MRS. MISS, Mom and Dad, grandma and grandpa were proper and now not acceptable in the Trudeau politics. If the real true strong and free Canadian's cannot see through this evil traitor we are surely in trouble. Trudeau is a puppet, working for Satan or corrupt men and his purpose is Take the people of Canada under. We must stand together and fight the fight of our lives against the evils' of Canada. Trudeau must go.

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