REPORT: Trudeau Government MP Facing Possible Ethics Questions After Inviting Business He Profits From To High Commissioner Reception In India During Trudeau’s Trip

Can the Trudeau government even go one day without a new scandal?

A new report reveals that Liberal MP Raj Grewal put a business that he profits from on the guest list for events during Trudeau’s India trip

The problem?

Despite his link to the company, it seems Grewal may not have gotten ethics commissioner approval first.

As reported by the National Post, “The head of a Greater Toronto Area construction company from which Grewal profits went to receptions attended by senior government officials in India last month, posing for photos with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi, who is responsible for managing Canada’s massive infrastructure portfolio. In the company’s photo album on Facebook, Yusuf Yenilmez, CEO of Zgemi Inc., also appears in photos with Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, House Leader Bardish Chagger and Trudeau’s chief of staff, Katie Telford, along with Grewal and other Liberal MPs.”

The report points out that Grewal’s justification for the invites is similar to the justifications used for how Jaspal Atwal was able to attend events in India, saying that they are glad to invite any person “interested in attending.”

How convenient…

And yet, for such a ‘nice’ and ‘open’ invite process, the Trudeau government doesn’t seem to wish to talk about it:

Reportedly, the PMO won’t give any on-the-record comments, and Grewal won’t say whether they knew about it. Also, “Grewal would not give a yes-or-no answer when asked if the ethics commissioner had reviewed whether the invitations from his office were appropriate.”

What makes this such an interesting story is that the Trudeau government appears to be following the exact same strategy that has gotten them in so much trouble: Release the bare minimum amount of info after apparently either skirting, or outright breaking the rules, then refuse to comment further while the scandal grows and people ask more and more questions.

What’s next, blaming Harper and Scheer?

Whatever the final outcome of Grewal’s actions, it will reinforce the growing perception that the Trudeau government simply doesn’t care about the rules, and doesn’t take the rules seriously. It’s an attitude that is spreading from the top down, as Trudeau’s arrogance is increasingly infecting the entire federal government.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Spencer – rules are for the little people; the Liberals are above such constraints. Think M. Cretien’s comments when PM Martin established the Gomery Commission to investigate Adscam. The former PM was furious that Martin would even think of looking into the affair; much less concerned about the bribery and corruption thus revealed.

  2. Canada needs to change their policies as they are not obviously working for the Canadian citizens who work and pay for these idiots to abuse every one of us who work. And furthermore, all this bullshit with Islamophobia needs to be washed out of the politician’s mouths and look after this country because we are following in Europe’s footsteps people.

  3. Oh the dress up party is getting so much fun for the Lieberals, they cannot help themselves, pass the pot, Canadians are so stupid, they will pay and pay and pay, we don’t care what they think, they were dumb enough to vote for us, and as long as were having fun at their expense we will keep borrowing keeping ourselves amused working at lying, ha stupid people, who cares what happens to them, as long as we can keep stealing from them and they can’t do a thing. Who voted for these imbecils, I can’t believe Canadians really did, history repeating itself Communist daddy and communist son and the Lieberals should all be destroyed for following them, Canadians even have computers now it was easy to look things up or ask an older Canadian, if, or when the country collapses you only have yourselves to blame for destroying all the regular good peoples lives. I still cannot believe they got voted in legally and we have no way to stop their treason.

  4. Ethics, schmethics! I said 18 months ago to anyone who would listen, this Liberal government under a Trudeau elitist will go down in flames of scandal leaving a slimey mess for the Conservatives to clean up. The conservative medicine is usually effective but often tastes bad to the whiney soft masses who eventually return to the false promises of liberal pols who serve their invisible ‘handlers’. This has been the pattern for several decades and in various jurisdictions. After being banished for corruption for nearly 10 years, Trudeau Liberals dreamed up a false but attractive agenda and wooed the Conservative weary population in 2015. Climate change, marijuana, inclusiveness, transparency, yadayada, blablabla. Witness the Liberal government destruction again. I am truly afraid that we are reaching a point where Canada is so weakened by liberalism that Conservatives may not be able to fix the damage. But we must try!! Canadian voters young , old, male, female, LGBT etc must discuss the FREEDOM that is under attack by the liberal left wing ideology and the elite cabal. The latter feel they’re above the fray but use the political left as “useful idiots” in their quest for a NWO and one world government. The liberal and socialist ‘sunnyways’ are defined by ‘big’ government spending and social engineering thus limiting freedom to speak, choose, spend, not spend, worship, own property, etc. Liberal and socialist governments rule over us whereas, ideally, conservative governments work to serve us. When prefaced by the word ‘progressive’ even conservative governments have been known to be overbearing and forget they are elected to serve not dominate our lives.

  5. Trudeau and gang have no respect for the rules. They prove it every single day. They do not deserve our respect. They were elected with the strict understanding that they will follow the rules and NOT CHANGE THE RULES HALF WAY TO SUIT THEIR UNETHICAL AGENDA. So not only they broke their promises, they broke the law.

  6. Since his own leader violated laws why cant he? Surely the ethics commissioner cant penalize him without first penalizing Justin trudeau. And since he trudeau has yet to obey the rules, why would this one. WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER. In fact, none of the libs mps have to obey any rules.

  7. ” Grewal may not have gotten ethics commissioner approval first. ”

    It doesn’t matter that the Liberals keep spewing that pathetic excuse. The Liberals control every word and thought of these fake “Commissioners”. The Ethics, Privacy and Conflict Commissioners are Liberal controlled and directed pandering sycophants, commonly referred to as ass kissers. There are virtually no “bureaucrats” in the Canadian Government that can be or are believed. Based on the Liberal record of “truthfulness and transparency”, we Canadians have no choice but to assume all bureaucrats lie.

    There is nothing Trudeau and his Liberal narcissists can ever say that could be believed. Take Monsef for example – we don’t even believe she is a Canadian citizen as she even lied on her migration documents and then tried to hide it. Typical Liberal

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