REPORT: Haaretz Newspaper Says Trudeau Government To Bring In Thousands Of Rejected Asylum Seekers Being Deported From Israel

According to the report, “Canada will be the main country” taking in the deportees.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz is saying that Canada could be the main destination for rejected asylum seekers being deported from Israel.

According to the report, Israeli “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Canada, Germany and Italy are among the countries that will take in asylum seekers after Israel signed a deal with the UN refugee agency canceling its mass deportation plan.”

“Interior Minister Arye Dery added that following tough negotiations with the UNHCR, Israel had agreed to resettle one asylum seeker in a Western country for every asylum seeker awarded temporary residency status in Israel. In a statement, the Prime Minister’s Office gave these numbers as 16,250 each. Currently more than 38,000 asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea live in Israel.”

Below is a short video report from Haaretz:

Most going to Canada?

In a Tweet, Haaretz, said that most of the deportees are expected to go to Canada:

“According to the deal, Canada will be the main country taking Israel’s asylum seekers”

What about Canadian citizens?

If the Haaretz report is indeed confirmed – as the Canadian government appears to have not yet commented – Canadians will be asking how Canada can keep affording to look after people from other nations while so many of our own citizens struggle.

Whether it’s Veterans, seniors, low-income Canadians, the struggling middle class, and many people living on reserves, many of our own citizens have been totally abandoned. As we know, Trudeau told Veterans that they were “asking for more than we are able to give,” yet he apparently has the money to bring in people who are being deported from another country.

Once again, it appears the Trudeau government is putting international virtue-signalling ahead of looking after our own Canadian citizens.

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  1. If Canada was not so large we could put up a wall around us, like Israel has just completed so no more refugees can get there? I am so sorry for these poor mistreated, in their own country, people. We are developing the same problems here now with our racist foreign Lieberal government. We have no protection left, not in Canada.

  2. More proof — if, indeed any more was needed — of ‘his’ inane plans for anything and every thing, except Canadians.

    This fool, having clearly demonstrated his detesting of our country, must go and go soon, before our country is beyond repair — socially, financially, politically and legally — and ‘he’ must be deported to a place, not of his choosing, but the choice of anyone in the position of getting rid of him.

    There is only so much abuse — not unlike a person — that a country can take before being rendered crippled for life. That appears to be his goal and for that alone, he should pay dearly.

  3. We couldn’t afford his father and we can’t afford him!
    That’s what we get when we elect a “head-in-the- clouds” drama teacher!!
    All he wants to do is get re-elected at any cost, with no consideration for what the future costs will be for young Canadians.

  4. I’m at a loss for words. From the East Africa? Ouch this will be interesting. I recommend resettlement in Qttawa.

  5. Israel cleans house while jihadi trudeau dirties canada. LOOK OUT CANADIANS YOUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE.
    The media are looking forward to Trudeau’s refugees.

  6. You see how well the last mob Trudeau allowed in has integrated into society, Calgary,Ottawa,Toronto has increased rapes, murders and even new criminal gangs, sex slaves etc etc etc. Israel should send them back, If they aren’t outstanding hard working people. Canada does NOT want them!!.

  7. ://

    Roy Green show spoke with Dan mcteaque. Check it out

  8. We dont want them. If Israel does not want them, it means that THEY ARE UNPRODUCTIVE IMMIGRANTS and SOME KIND OF CRIMINALS. We dont want them. We dont want more immigrants. The veterans have to be looked after FIRST; the retired people have to be looked after since many of them only get $800 a month to live. The average monthly CPP in Canada is $600; not enough for anyone. We have seen where many old age people are living. DISASTROUS! NO MORE IMMIGRATION UNTIL THE FEDERAL DEBT IS ALL PAID OFF! NO negotiating!

    1. Actually, Israel doesn’t want them because they aren’t Jews. Israel and the Vatican are the only two “states” founded on a specific religion. And of course Japan is an incredibly racist country. You can’t fake being Japanese; it’s not as easy as chopping the end off your penis and burning the New Testament pages of your Bible.

  9. The Conservatives had a refugee policy that every male had to be accompanied by his wife and children. No single males!

  10. This has to end what about white farmers being killed in South Africa don’t they count. I’m so tired of him making Canada a war zone not taking care of Canadians now living in poverty.

  11. I wonder if Israel will try and slip some Palestinians into those being deported?

    In any case, these refugees would have preferred not to be bombed out of their homes by Israel and her allies, including the U.S. and Canada. In fact it is quite ironic that Trudeau can’t find the money for Canadian veterans – these same veterans who drove many of these refugees from their homes in the first place. And the Isis murderers? Trained, equipped and led by the U.S. and Britain, mainly – with money and arms laundered through Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Isis is as much a hand puppet of the global bankers as Trudeau, Trump, May and Macron.


  13. Tell me again why Canada is taking another country’s deportees? Is this an arbitrary decision by the UNHRC. Was Canada even consulted or have we been reduced to governance by the UN? This could be a foreshadowing of life under the elite New World Order which Trudeau supports wholeheartedly. The Liberal government is equivalent to a malignant tumor. It needs to be surgically removed.

  14. I am so angry I could spit. Israelis are no fools; they know a security threat when they see one. The only things Eritrea produces are pinps, terrorists, soldiers of fortune and welfare clients. Israel was looking for a sucker nation to download their problem on and they found one – us.

    This has Trudeau’s fingerprints all over it; either him or his token Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, a Somali muslim refugee, who is now busy importing as many refugees and immigrants from his part of the world as possible. Can you say Hostile Takeover?

    Wake up Canada. With this Trudeau regime we are losing our country by the minute.

  15. When you migrate to another country there are a few basic hurdles , like language , money , a job , the culture , housing , medical , will I fit in etc . The answer to these questions is eventually , in another generation or so , mabe . So does the taxpayer end up on the hook for this first generation or two of imigrints or do they become permanent wards of Canada because we agreed to relocate them here . As an employer I cannot hire these unskilled , non English speaking people in our Plumbing shop , and I’m a typical Canadian employer . So my question is who will hire them , will they ever learn English , will they ever contribute to the Canadian culture or fabric of Canada , will this first or second generation ever contribute to the debt . The answer may be right in front of our noses . Look a large city in the US , say Detroit or any large city where immigrants became citizens, blacks , hispanics and natives on reservations as well have now become permanent wards of the government . By this I mean four or more generations of welfare recipients housed and living off the the very people who took then in and tried to help . As I said the answers may be right in front of us . The solution to immigration is to have educated immigrants come to Canada, immigrants with something to offer an employer like me , if not don’t come looking for a job or welfare from me .

  16. Justin should build a camp at 24 Sussex Drive…I am sure he could fit in thousands! His nannies could make and serve the meals for them. He can afford it!

  17. IS it NOT blatently obvious to anyone else , that Trudeau is doing everything he can to attain some sort of international humanitarian award, which his old man NEVER got & he doesnt give Damn what it costs our nation as long as he can make himself be seen by fools as some hero. He is a TRUE actor ! Not PM material in the least How the hell could 39% of the voters NOT seen this? How could the think that an actor who has never had to balance his own personal cheque book could possibly run a nation wisely??? 39% of the voting public were FOOLS

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