LIAR: Trudeau Caught Spreading Falsehood About Conservative Pipeline Record, Tries Blaming Harper Again

Trudeau once again refuses to take responsibility for anything, as he tries to blame pipeline struggles on the Harper government.

Sometimes it seems that Justin Trudeau forgets that he is the Prime Minister. It’s as if he still thinks he heads the third party, and only has to criticize the Harper government to make it seem like he’s doing something.

That’s certainly the impression with recent comments where he tried to blame the Harper government for Canada’s pipeline struggles.

Reporting on his remarks, the Edmonton Journal noted that after a visit to the Suncor Fort Hills operation, “Trudeau said the Harper government failed to get major pipeline projects built because Canadians did not trust those in power “to both grow the economy and protect the environment.” For 10 years, Stephen Harper’s government talked up the oilsands, but couldn’t get it done,” said Trudeau. “Their lack of any sort of responsibility on the environment didn’t just hurt the environment, it hurt the economy.”’

Of course, that is 100% false, as Jason Kenney pointed out on Twitter:

“In Fort McMurray, Justin Trudeau repeating myth that Harper Govt didn’t get pipelines built. Demonstrably false. Trudeau the one who killed Northern Gateway & scuttled Energy East, and is failing to fight Trans Mountain obstructionism.”

Trudeau trying to deceive Canadians to hide his own failures

As we can see, Trudeau’s contention that the Conservatives didn’t get pipelines built is a flat out lie. Clearly, Trudeau is getting desperate as more and more people stop buying his bullshit, so he retreats to the only thing he has left: Blaming others and lying to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. Keep at it Mr Fernando. You are a welcomed blessing of news in this insane liberal media controlled environment .

    1. I agree with you Michael and so do most Canadians. Bless you Mr. Fernando for letting Canadians know that Liberals and Trudeau are traitors, liars, they constantly spread lies, and BS. These Liberals are scumbags of Canada and most other countries. KEEP UP your EXCELLENT WORK!!

  2. Justin Turd Toe will never actually answer a direct simple question, he will only babble around the question with tons of “Ummm” and “Uhhh” with meaningless words in between. Justin won’t commit to taking any responsible steps that any sane person in a responsible position would certainly take. Justin is being dishonest, irresponsible, arrogant, and unwilling to stand in the shoes of his position. He was even lying when he stated the words in taking his “OATH” of office.
    We should never expect to see any honesty or action of a positive or constructive nature coming from Justin Turd Toe or his party of puppet minions, we should only expect an ongoing long long list of negative and destructive actions. This is just another of his frequent deceptions.

  3. So far, the Liberals have merely approved two pipeline upgrades. Under the Harper Conservative government, two entirely new oil pipelines were approved and actually built: The non-XL version of Keystone, from Alberta to Nebraska, approved in 2006, completed in 2010; and The Alberta Clipper, to Wisconsin, approved in 2008 and active in 2010. The changeover in Line 9 taking oil west to east was also approved and activated under the Harper Tories. In total, Alberta got an added 1.25-million barrels a day worth of pipeline capacity under the last government.


  4. From the aFinancial Post

    Kevin Libin: Beware of fake news reporting that Liberals are better than Tories on pipelinesBY KEVIN LIBIN


  5. He has no choices left, except to blame Harper — or him, or her, or them, or anyone or anything for his lying, conniving, spending, ignoring the homeless, our veterans, for giving away our money, for taking unearned vacations and all of the other deceitful things that he has done.

    Until and unless we get rid of him, Canada cannot survive — there are limits even for conniving politicians, and he has exceeded every limit with insane abandon.

    1. Not only Harper but India as well, are responsible for Trudeau’s lies.They make him do it. India, for some odd reason ,made Trudy behave like JUDAS, and pretend he did not know well the Khalistani criminal he had been taking pictures with ,for many years. Like Judas ,he even forgot his name and referred to him as” that individual” as if the conversations between him and Atwal, in the privacy of Atwals vehicle, had never taken place. This man was an “habitue” at any Liberal events ,among the East Indian Community.There are pictures dated from 2011 of the PM and Atwal, alone or with Atwals family. How many times did they meet without knowing each other? Like a woman who claims she was a virgin ,before a sexual encounter with each new lover that came by. This time ,the lie against the Indian Government is crude and should not be forgiven, but our Media is paid to play and facts do not bother them. I never heard ,from CBC , that Trudy had a long history of meeting with this man , with whom he had important things to discuss . Now, because it is 2018, Trudy, the Canadian(?) JUDAS ,does not know this shady character, till he goes to another Liberal fund raising in the Indian Community. Well ,well… Didn’t he plan more money to the Media, which, due to incompetence and dishonesty,can not make it on their own? Didn’t Trudeau choose already a new director of his liking to CBC? While we pay for the media, the media makes us a Banana Republic. We are asking for it. While Trudeau is the most laughable , our Media keeps on using their time and a lot of my money,to copy CNN and laugh at Trump.We hardly know what colour of socks the PM is wearing, and what all his” butts” are doing against us ,hour after hour, but we are well informed about the President of the USA, all the details of his activities with any possible sex worker in his country and how much he has done ,through this century, to protect that industry from being in the danger list. We also know how many times he cuts his toe nails, weekly , and how much he differs from the norm in that aspect. About Pm The Turd? Every thing is a secret. The truth is that his government is the greatest security risk to its citizens that our country has ever seen.

  6. All comment show and express the truth about the scumbags; Liberals and Trudeau. This shows and proves that the majority of Canadians LOATHE, DETEST, DESPISE Liberal TRUDEAU.!!!

  7. Such an incompetent child this Drama queen is.
    Do you guys and gals think he stands a chance of being re-elected in 2019?
    It’s kinda scary seeing people still support Trudeau.
    Because if so Canada is absolutely doomed with his current actions bringing interrorists, taxing us to no end, and his inactions for improving the economy.

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