W. Brett Wilson Rips Elizabeth May, Suzuki Foundation, & Greenpeace For “Eco-Terrorism Tactics”

Our country is being weakened and impoverished from within, and people are starting to push back.

Respected Canadian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist W. Brett Wilson ripped into those who are trying to destroy Canada’s energy industry.

Wilson was responding to a great Tweet by @Manny_Ottawa, which explained the “pure madness” of the anti-pipeline extremists:

“2.4 Million miles of Existing Pipelines (most built with primitive engineering and rudimentary environmental laws)

Now with advanced engineering and robust environmental laws pipelines are stopped.

Pure madness.”

In response to the Tweet, Wilson lit into Elizabeth May, the David Suzuki Foundation, and Greenpeace:

“Yup – @ElizabethMay, @DavidSuzukiFDN, @Greenpeace – the likes of you have outlived your welcome in Canada. Your eco-terrorism tactics – misleading – misguiding – anti-Canadian rhetoric is toast. Please leave. Now. If another country will have you. Or – join our nation.”

Wilson’s Tweet was tough, and 100% right.

Canada is being weakened, impoverished, and really in many ways betrayed from within. After all, our nation still needs the oil, so we will either get it from our own people, or we will get it from foreign sources – all of which have far worse environmental laws and labour laws than we do.

Meanwhile, every time a pipeline is blocked or a project is cancelled, we lose millions, and in the long-run billions of dollars. That’s money that could have gone towards lowering the tax burden on Canadians, investing in our healthcare system, giving people a hand out of poverty, supporting seniors, keeping our promises to our Veterans, and many other important things for our country.

Instead, thanks to the radical anti-energy industry extremists, that money is lost, gobbled up by other countries.

Making all of this worse, many of those ‘Canadian’ organizations that oppose the energy industry are funded by foreign sources intent on crushing our energy industry. Total disloyalty.

Wilson is right to condemn those trying to wreck Canada, and all Canadians need to come together and support our energy industry. Our future prosperity and security depends on it.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Enough is enough. It’s about time that conservatives follow Wilson’s example and get tough, boldly calling it like it is, foreign-funded ecoterrorism. The same crowd of Canada-wreckers that Wilson condemns undoubtedly would also dismiss Wilson, horror of horrors, as a ‘denier’ because he happens to have the guts to say that the science of man-made, er, people-made, climate change is not settled. Hopefully others who call themselves conservatives take their cue from Wilson and start standing up to this nonsense.

  2. Brett is a smart man … lot smarter than our dumbass government. Do you think anyone will listen? Hello? McKenna, are you home … nope, still nobody home. Trudoh, you there … nope, still brain function absent.
    BILLIONS of revenue there for the taking, but Liberals would rather raise taxes that create literally, thousands of good paying jobs, and reduce the tax burden that THEY’VE created on the taxpayers of Canada.

  3. These enviro-terrorists are the first to demand expensive bike lanes, earthquake-resistant schools, smaller class size with more teachers, more Government funding for “green” research and technology, more safety on the ocean, more doctors and nurses, more and bigger hospitals, more MRI’s, Lower taxes, cheaper food, more mass-transit, more cancer research and on and on.

    No thought as to where this money comes from, and NO, it doesn’t come from the Trudeau / Wynne / Horgan / Notley carbon taxes. It comes from the efforts of working Canadians who explore for, extract, transport and sell our natural resources. Canada is a resource-rich country with an amazing record of blood-free, terror-free oil.

    For you simple minded, narrow-minded enviro-terrorists, here is an example you might understand. Your local grocery store is run by a corporation that has thousands of investors. Those Canadian investors have used some of their hard earned wages, possibly in the resource industry, to buy shares in that grocery chain with the intent of making money and supporting the Canadian economy. That store cannot exist just on the purchases of it’s employees, it must have outside customers to buy stuff from the store. Canada is the store, customers are foreign countries and companies. Stop buying groceries and the store fails, stop selling our resources and the country fails.

    Hmmm. Now that I think of it, could this be the intent of these foreign-funded eco-terrorists? Do they want Canada to fail? That is the impression we get. Could it be considered treason to be employed by a foreign entity aimed at damaging the Canadian economy? Should CSIS, the RCMP and Revenue Canada be conducting investigations and audits? It would be interesting to see the tax returns from these “protesters”. How can they afford to be out “protesting” rather than working?

  4. That is absolutely true, Brett. But with the brainless, clueless government that we have right now, we can not expect anything to change. It’s a sad day for Canada.

  5. This article could well come under that old saying: “I hate to say I told you so, bu……” — this gentleman is correct in all of his comments and I, and I suspect most Canadians, will thank him profusely for his opinions.

  6. It’s interesting these pseudo-journalists hurl their buzzword “eco-terrorism” at those concerned about stewardship of the planet, while conveniently ignoring the industry’s 150 year old litany of human rights abuses globally, from the Belgian Congo to N. America, Nigeria, Burma and everywhere in between.

    Pathetically hypocritical.

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