Customs & Immigration Union Leader “Begging” For More Resources At Border, But Hussen Offers ‘Messaging’ Instead

“It looks like the government doesn’t take this seriously” says the leader of Canada’s Customs and Immigration  Union.

For a long time now we have seen that the Trudeau government doesn’t take Canada’s borders seriously.

Now, the head of Canada’s Customs and Immigration Union Jean-Pierre Fortin is saying the same thing.

As reported by CBC, Fortin is ‘pleading for more resources at the border’ as the influx of illegal border crossers is expected to increase.

Already, over 500 people illegally crossed the Canadian border at Roxham Road in Quebec over the Easter weekend, and it looks like that’s just the beginning:

“It is a clear indication right now … that there will be a major influx over the coming weeks,” Fortin told CBC.

Fortin says the government is not ready for an illegal crossing surge, saying ‘he fears border officers will be left understaffed and under-resourced.’ 

Meanwhile, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen doesn’t seem willing to strengthen border resources, saying instead, “How you get ahead of it is you’re always vigilant, you track the numbers, you also track the different nationalities that are coming in and you tailor your messaging to those people.”

Yet, the report points out that while the government focused messaging on Haitians, most of those crossing illegally now are Nigerians. This could render any ‘messaging’ campaign totally worthless.

Fortin is “begging” for the minister to give more resources, but says “It looks like the government doesn’t take this seriously. It seems for them that it’s going to disappear in six months to a year, and we don’t see that. We don’t see that at all.”

As a result, Fortin is concerned that “security could be compromised” and waits at the border will go up.

He also noted the contradiction between the government saying “don’t come to Canada,” but pointing out that “we are building almost a brand new facility on Roxham Road.”

Since visuals often overpower words, the government is encouraging illegal crossings by having RCMP carry the luggage of illegal crossers and building new facilities to house and process those who breach Canada’s borders.

No amount of ‘messaging’ can beat those images.

Canadian concern vindicated

Using their usual strategy of trying to gaslight Canadians, the Trudeau government kept saying they were dealing with the border problem and wanted to discourage illegal crossings, even as their actions encouraged those very same illegal crossings.

Now, we can see that the concern of Canadians about our weak border has been vindicated, with Fortin saying exactly what millions of us have known for months: The Trudeau government refuses to take the security and integrity of our border seriously.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. By now it would seem that most Canadians would be aware of this but, as usual, the government is acting as if all those illegals crossing our borders are simply passive refugees with no criminal intentions but the reality is that some will and do have intentions to harm our country and in many cases, our citizens.

    Even at the best of times open borders would be a fatal mistake, which is why countries all have borders — not that that reality would register in the House on the Hill — actually, it does register, but they choose to ignore it. That fact, in and of itself is, by definition, an act of treason.

    This government has either a far more sinister plan, or their collective stupidity (innocence is not applicable here) is in itself treasonous.

  2. Any canadian citizen who are confronted with illegals and have no idea what to do with them, the answer is very simple: take them to the nearest liberal mps offices or to any media outlet. “Here are your illegals you allowed in, look after them and leave us alone. This is your mess, deal with them.”
    Each one of the lib mps should be greeted with illegals at their doorstep. We are going to be treated like a dumpster.

  3. My Canadian Brother and Sisters the plan of Soros, Trudeau, and his hand picked Minister of Immigration are carrying out the plan of Open Borders to all those who walk across and are welcomed by trudeaumaniacs. Immigration Judges are swamped and cannot do what is required of them to ensure that all those who come to this country are vetted. Now we do not have enough border personnel. Go figure, If you want to let people come in unvetted we are doing it under the arse we have as a PM. Not enough Immigration judges and not enough Border staff. All planned by the cronies of the LIBERAL PARTY. So easy to see. What are we going to do about it? I bet some will sit on their hands and say that we can’t do anything about it. How about when you hear of a peaceful protest against Soros Junior and his party we join in and let our collective voices be heard. It is our country and not just for liberals but all of us. We can stop this pillage of our country by this prime minister and his flunkies, which is been done through immigration and weak ministers such as Goodale and Hussien

    1. The reports about who are those illegal immigrants are: at least 50% of them are heavy duty criminals. That is all we need to know.

    2. Very Accurate comment, Liverpool Sailor…What a disastrous bunch in Office selling Canada down the River while Canadians sleep…easier to sleep than take Action!!

  4. The Union is of the Front line Workers. These Workers along with the RCMP are being abused by the corrupt, vindictive and in your face Management of this Government. The methods used by this Dictatorship is now placing average Canadians along with Canadian Hero’s in danger of harm and death. Trudeau has placed a Minister who is able to be in favour of directing all of his efforts to accommodate his Children Of Islam Brothers and Sisters. Trudeau will illegally flood the Vote in his Favour 2019. Who is able to convince me this is not the Liberal intent.

    1. Maryam musef recently introduced a bill to change our electoral system, making it easier for illegals to vote. Sure. She’s also the NON-citizen who LIED on her immigration form, somehow got elected MP and is now minister of women’s affairs — that’s rich, a non-citizen muslim in charge of chick stuff. And, I bet she voted for herself, several times.

  5. The U.S. border security caught illegal border crossers walking across their border from Canada, Haitians, Romanians, German, and Guatemala border crossers. Instead of giving them support and housing until their claims are heard like Canada does. Instead, the U.S. immediately prepared them for deportation, turning the border crossers over to ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions implemented ‘zero tolerance policy’ and warned illegal entry into the U.S. will NOT be rewarded, instead will be met with the full prosecution of the Dept. of Justice. ‘Enforcing the rule of law is vital to protecting a nation, it’s borders, and it’s citizens.’ In Canada, newspaper reports as of January 2018, there were 1,517 illegal border crossers. For February, the numbers were 1,565 illegal border crossers into Canada. All crossed at the open border between the U.S. and Quebec. Toronto and Montreal are both designated ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegal immigrants.
    The Trudeau gov’t is alleged to be allowing asylum seekers with U.S. deportation orders, those who were already living illegally in the U.S.A. and failed asylum seekers from other countries, such as Israel, Sudan, and Somalia to walk into Canada. Many are not victims of persecution, they just want to live in Canada. ALL Canadians and legal immigrants should be outraged that the Trudeau gov’t refuses to enforce our immigration policy which was NOT designed to accept rejected illegal asylum seekers from the U.S.A. or other countries.

    1. Trudeau want us legal law abiding citizens to look after his mess. In fact, he said that ‘ canadians wanted him to bring in those illegals’.

    2. I agree Trudeau is breaking our immigration laws, it is not up to Canada to take in this illegal coming from the United States, I applaud President Trump and Jeff Session to enforce the laws of United States, to bad that we have a corrupt government that won’t follow Canada laws. Trudeau is the worst mistake and the enemy of Canada.

  6. So just why would he be concerned and be wanting to stop his “friends” from just walking into Canada …??
    Run that by me again, please … ’cause the only concern of his (and JT) will be if these illegals CAN’T just walk across the border …
    This government will be the ruination of this once-great country … watch and learn …

  7. The only thing that’s going to solve this mess is a new government. 2019 is coming, so I hope that Canadians will do the right thing and sweep his bunch of incompetents to the dust bin of history.

  8. Only one answer to all this: DO NOT LET IN ANY NEW IMMIGRANTS, not even one, AND TELL THEM THERE ARE NO RESOURCES. Have a good day!

  9. Sad to say but I do not think that Trudeau respects the law, in fact he has openly flaunted the law from making the sick, twisted gagging joke with Chretien about the assault of Bill Clennett to his flagrant taking of a major gift regarding his holiday. Frankly I do not think may I say that Trudeau respects, loves his country as he should, the question is to why.. ???

  10. We need a zero population growth policy, by which for every refugee we take in we must expel a Liberal MP, senator or senior government worker. Sending Turdeau to Africa in exchange for a hundred Nigerians should increase Turdeau’s feeling of self-worth, and Canada would come out ahead. We could become the source of the world’s internet Nigerian money scams. “I am the widow of Canada’s crooked finance minister, and I need someone to help get his money back from the Bahamas….”

  11. Since Zoros and the UN and the Clinton Foundation etc. put this Lieberal/NDP Bloc etc separatist government to destroy our country, can we not go to the world court? Have every foreign destroyer of our country charged and deported, along with all the Lieberals,
    The rich do not care what happens to us, or to these people seeking refugee status illegally, which will again hurt us all, not them. We do not even grow enough food in Canada anymore to feed ourselves, though we could be. We no longer have enough jobs left here to support all of us, though we were growing business, now we mostly only have expensive government jobs that they cannot afford, so borrow to support, mostly them but some others too.
    This whole foreign run Lieberal/NDP separatist dividing government is trying very hard to bring in people who will hate us and cause rioting and more and more crime as the money is cut back, left with that as their only recourse, and we have less and less law and order, left in what was Canada, but that’s OK for these rich people they can then totally destroy us. They already call us names.
    To me, looks like that is their plan?????
    Maybe we should take that $180 billion or so of borrowed money that they have not wasted yet and put up walls, between our friends to the south and us ,they are trying to protect their country, while we are destroying ours. To help them from our unruly rich people, Lieberal government trying to destroy this indebted country, They sure will not want us trying to escape the mess here. We can not seem to do anything to fix this mess.

  12. It is more evident every day that Liberals are the biggest liars and the most hated people in Canada.
    Trudeau is offensive, Trudeau is disgusting, Trudeau is treasonous.

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