MUENSTER ATTACK: Driver Shoots Himself After Driving Van Into Crowd In Germany, Three People Dead, Around 30 Injured

Police in Muenster Germany are treating the incident as an “attack.”

Three people are dead and more than 30 are injured after a horrific attack in Germany.

A man drove a van into a crowd of families outside a restaurant in the city of Muenster. After the evil act, the driver of the van shot himself.

Police say they are treating the incident as an attack, and while the authorities have not specified the motive, it fits the pattern of ISIS ‘inspired’ attacks that have taken place across the western world.

Notably, the attack took place on the one year anniversary of a terror attack in Sweden where an Islamist terrorist drove a beer truck into a crowd, killing five people and wounding 14.

Muenster police say they are not looking for further suspects at this time, and are investigating a ‘suspicious’ device under the vehicle used in the attack.

Below are videos from the aftermath of the attack:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. SO, let’s look at this, shall we? is THIS what we( G-d forbid!) want for Canada? What our government does not or will not understand, is that if we bring in “immigrants” without properly vetting them (and I mean PROPERLY…not the Liberal way where they have allowed the vetting process to be done by people who are themselves more than suspect in their ideology and intention!!!), we are opening up Canada to more and more (G-d forbid again!) of these “lone wolf” attacks. These are in actuality NOT “lone wolf”- they are part of a tactic and a plan that empowers these “lone” attacks as part of a much bigger and lethal plan that supports terror, Sharia Law and Islamization! Say NO to this unvetted and dangerous immigration NOW!

    1. Vivienne Ziner, you are totally correct. However Justin will NOT say no to unvetted and dangerous immigration that he inspired himself. A madman purposefully drove into a policeman in Edmonton, sending the cop FLYING in the air, then the madman jumped out to stab the policeman numerous times, then he drove off to crash into four pedestrians… Courts won’t charge him with committing a terror attack. He was declared sane by psychiatrists, though he’s a simple puppet of Wahhabi extremist Islam and a complete madman, he’s NOT declared a terrorist. That was one attack, and I suspect we should expect many more. Justin is completely at fault for his irresponsible, irrational, idiotic, foolish actions. Justin invited the world to walk into Canada, then Justin ordered any and all would basically just have a little chat with someone who is very much like them to see if they fit here. Justin is a complete FOOL.

  2. Spencer , you have it all wrong.The driver did not run into this crowd.It was the car.Thats what that left leaning shithole newspaper the Globe and Mail said.It was the cars fault.Wake up Germany or your days are numbered.

  3. If one expects anything resembling accuracy from the ‘Grope and Wail,’ they will constantly be disappointed — that paper, as with so many today, simply avoid the truth with a passion.

    I have not seen the article in the ‘Grope’ respecting this incident, but I would not be surprised that they would report that the gun jumped up and killed him — because he was hesitating.

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