Trudeau’s Carbon Tax 100% Discredited After Trans Mountain ‘Suspension’

The deal promised by Trudeau was for provinces to support the carbon tax in return for getting more pipelines done. That was a lie.

With opposition to the carbon tax surging across our nation, the announcement by Kinder Morgan that they are suspending ‘non-essential’ work on the Trans Mountain pipeline has destroyed any shred of credibility the carbon tax may have had left.

As they pushed the tax on provincial leaders, the Trudeau government said that going along with the tax would mean pipeline approvals, ‘social license’, and smooth sailing for future projects.

That was a lie.

Instead, we are left with the carbon tax, and pipelines are still being blocked.

It’s the old bait-and-switch, and the Trudeau carbon tax is now 100% discredited.

While it had no real credibility left among common-sense people, the inability of the Trudeau government to deal with the radical left B.C. NDPs anti-Canadian energy agenda totally reveals the emptiness and dishonesty of the messaging used to sell the carbon tax in the first place.

After all, if the carbon tax had lived up to its billing, then there would be no opposition from B.C. to deal with in the first place.

Additionally, the Trudeau government had no problem forcing the carbon tax on unwilling provinces, but are taking a hands-off approach as the Trans Mountain pipeline is delayed to death – showing their true ideological allegiances and priorities.

The carbon tax was a fraud from the very beginning, and that’s something that nobody can now deny.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Jr doesn’t give a rat’s a**. He has made his string pullers happy. Now, how many Inca costumes for the Inca trip is a serious concern.

  2. B.C.’s Premier gives the middle finger to the rest of Canada and Trudeau does nothing. Trudeau has let down the country. ‘The Federal gov’t has failed to regulate the economy of Canada in the national interest.’ John Ivison

  3. I don’t recall such rhetoric about social license from Trudeau but certainly from Rachel Notley. Even if it were true, it is tantamount to blackmail. Yes, the carbon tax was a fraud from the beginning but an even greater fraud is the notion of man-made climate change which has been the driver of such nonsense as paying a tax will change the weather.

    1. Well obviously paying a carbon tax will help stop the dreaded ‘global warming’ We pay it here in BC and we are having a hell of a cold spring.

  4. Horgan recently increased the carbon tax in BC but was very clear in stating that the increased income had absolutely nothing to do with carbon or the environment, that it was simply another tax and would be dumped in with general revenues. I wonder how high taxes are going to go when Albeeta shuts down transporting gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and heating oil in the existing KM line? Gas stations will run out of gas in about two weeks. Can Trudeau and Horgan spell anarchy?

    Horgan & Trudeau – hypocritical lying pieces of excrement controlled by Weaver.

  5. He’s just like Obama … full of lies and deception with no intent of EVER approving a pipeline.

    And now the players are starting to sell off the real estate in BC and Alberta, so where would any pipeline even go — there won’t be a place to put it.

    I know where it SHOULD go … !!

  6. The “Carbon Tax” is just another revenue stream for the Loony Left Lieberals to waste more money on their pet projects.

    Trudeau and the Lieberal Party have failed Canada again and it’s no surprise. Why do Canadians continue to vote these clowns into office?!?!?!?!


  7. While Quebec stopped the energy east pipeline, Ontario had closed it’s refineries years ago, now BC stops KML and our safest most environment friendly way to transport our largest cash maker if it gets to market.
    What is wrong with this country?

  8. Trudeau has proven his ability to lie to just about everyone, possibly even his wife and kids. So with the cancellation by Kinder Morgan for the funding of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, this completes exactly what he has dreamed about ever since his father failed to nationalize our oil industry and redistribute the wealth of Alberta and Saskatchewan with the National Energy Plan. His betrayal of Canadians and our oil industry by being very deceitful , arrogant and duplicitous by using a fraudulent carbon tax to accomplish what his father tried by imposing a export fee for the transportation of oil between the provinces; proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he has failed to uphold his legal duty to protect Canada and Canadians from threats both internal and external; simply because he is both the traitor and the threat we are to be protected from. He has so dishonourably disgraced the office of Prime Minister that the RCMP should charge him as a traitor to both Canada and Canadians.

  9. No fan of Trudeau or Notley but lets remember Trudeau did approve the pipeline although he has been way too soft on Horgan, but it is possible he might have blocked it outright if Alberta didn’t agree to the carbon tax. Also at that time, Christy Clark was premier of BC and the BC Liberals were for the Kinder Morgan pipeline provided it met the five conditions which they were on track to meet. Had the BC Conservatives not run candidates in either Courtnay-Comox or Maple Ridge-Mission or the BC Liberals gotten just 15o more votes in Courtnay-Comox, we would have a BC Liberal majority and the pipeline would be under construction. Otherwise it is John Horgan and his junior partner Andrew Weaver who are the main culprits here. Besides BC introduced a carbon tax in 2008 when Gordon Campbell was premier and with the amount of revenue it brings in, no BC premier will scrap it as it would mean doing one of three things.

    1. Running deficits which is a bad idea, especially considering BC is the only province still with a Triple A credit rating.

    2. Raising taxes elsewhere (NDP has no problem doing this, but BC Liberals support lower not higher taxes and the carbon tax was 100% revenue neutral under them unlike the NDP/Greens).

    3. Massive spending cuts (NDP won’t do this, BC Liberals may want to but realize it will kill their chances at winning next time around so won’t unless the fiscal situation is so bad they have no choice).

    A lot of conservatives seem to reflexively hate carbon taxes as tax is a four letter word, but all societies need some taxes to function, it is just what is the best mix. Consumption taxes (which a carbon tax is) are less economically harmful than income or corporate taxes, so while I don’t like carbon taxes, I would much rather have that than corporate or income. At least with behavior changes I can avoid paying it whereas with incomes taxes you cannot. The key is carbon taxes should be 100% revenue neutral as it was under Gordon Campbell, as Patrick Brown promised, and as Michael Chong campaigned on, not used for more spending as Notley and Horgan are doing.

  10. It makes me wonder how much has been siphoned off by the Liberals and used to support anti-pipeline groups.

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