WATCH: “Are You Kidding? Guys, Seriously?” Reporter Asks After Liberal Ministers Flee From Trans Mountain Questions

Jobs and investment likely to flee as well after incompetent display.

In what was supposed to be a show of confidence after an emergency meeting on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, three Trudeau government ministers addressed the media.

And then ran away after just a few questions…

That’s right. In their effort to calm down a situation that is totally spiraling out of control, Catherine McKenna, Jim Carr, and Amarjeet Sohi just ran off once the going got tough.

If that was meant to increase confidence, it did exactly the opposite. Watch the incompetence below:


The reporter at the end summed up what everybody in Canada is thinking:

“Are you kidding? Guys, seriously?”

Yep, after an emergency meeting (on an issue that should have been on the government’s contingency planning radar for months), that’s all they got.

Think of the lost jobs and lost investment that will be caused by this display of total incompetence. The Trudeau government has once again sent a message that under this regime, businesses and opportunities will be strangled, stifled, and stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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33 comments Add yours
  1. Catherine McKenna, Jim Carr and Amarjeet Sohi. Wow!!
    A triple threat of total incompetence and ineptitude.
    God help us all.

    1. McKenna and Carr look like they’d rather rip each others’ clothes off and jump in the sack together rather than be there. The expressions on their faces indicates they aren’t focused on the job at hand. Sohi looks like he’s thinking, “I’ll just hide in the background. I’m just a prop here anyway so so no one notices that the round mouthed boy didn’t show up”.

    1. They can’t … that’s why they ran away!

      None of them, including Mr. Dressup, has any intention of actually getting behind this or any pipeline.
      Just as his old man screwed-over Western Canada and bankrupted Alberta, the kid is even more brainless and is set to finish off all of Canada as we knew it.

      Indeed … God help us all.

  2. WoW sewage troll, How high are you? what are you on? the pressures of being a disposable scape goat getting to you, cut back on the meds

  3. I think it’s past due for a media collaboration to put together a compilation of videos, statements and interviews with narration that shows just this type of incompetence on the part of Trudeau and his ministers. There is enough here for a 2 part series. I think CTV might buy it. If there isn’t enough uptake in Canada then Fox will use it.

  4. Meanwhile, here in lala loonie BC, the papers are gleeful that “we did it!”, showing native leaders and the brain- and otherwise unwashed eco-freaks joyfully partying. Meanwhile, justie is pushing his womens rights spiked punch. It’s a kindergarten country, not one working to boost jobs, a strong economy and the prosperity offered by a Kinder Morgan.

  5. Horgan’s sanity and maturity are now being questioned in BC. His constituents had better take a good look at his suitability for his position as Premier and as their representative.

    For the moment, he is shitting all over Canada and Canadians as well as Trudeau and all the while his precious coastal waters are filled with shit and tampons and all kinds of filthy chemicals. This untreated sewage dumped straight into the ocean by communities all along Horgan’s “precious” coastline, is poisoning oysters and scallops, filling beach oceans with cholera and killing wild salmon with farmed salmon diseases that will destroy generations of food for the native communities and kill the fishing industry. On top of all of this, the local Orca pods are diminishing and in danger of extinction, and these assholes wonder why?

    The enviro-terrorists bitch and complain about saving/preserving what, a coastline that smells like an open sewer? Victoria, the friggin Capital, is dumping millions of liters of poop into the ocean every day, and these enviro-terrorists are bitching about something the MIGHT but probably won’t happen? An earthquake sinking Vancouver Island MIGHT happen, a tsunami destroying Vancouver MIGHT happen, the Yellowstone super-volcano MIGHT erupt. A cult of narrow minded selfish whiners scared of something that MIGHT happen and the Liberals are scared shitless. Cowards running away. Canadians don’t have Governments that stand up for this country. We have to start draining our own swamp.

  6. They just follow Justin’s lead, to NEVER actually answer a simple and direct question. Avoidance is a simple tactic requiring no mind or skill. We have enemies in Ottawa, and lots of them.

  7. do they EVER say anything different and substantial ‘ THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE SAID AND THIS IS WHAT WE WILL DO ‘… then they either break their promise or excrete more blabber …we certainly know WHAT TO DO in 2019 !!!

    1. you are not serious john franks, where in the hell have you been since mr. prissypants started destroying canada as soon as he got into office. for over two year, and you are still asking that question. one little hint for you…..nwo….. look it up you will be amazed how trudeau follows his soros.

  8. It would be very hard for the unready Lieberals to deal with real people, about real world needs. Their “pie in the sky” pot induced, foreign, too far left socialist agenda will not be able to solve real problems in Canada or make really fair responsible, helpful to all laws, that would be carefully balanced to work for Canada and it’s real people. LIE BERALS live in their little cute dreams, not facts or figures, and cannot have an intelligent conversation with for real thought or help put into it, they are here to play a fun game for some power hungry rich people in thoughtless politics, they think only about a game they want to play.
    Hopefully Canadians realize now, if we want to get our country back and working for us, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO VOTE FOR USELESS TOYS WITH USELESS SILLY AGENDAS, THAT ARE COLLAPSING A ONCE HARD WORKING FRIENDLY SAFE USEFUL COUNTRY that we were proud to call home.

  9. Well you’ve got an oboe player, a beauty queen and a guy with brown skin. That’s the sum total of their collective qualification to be in Cabinet so what did you expect?

  10. ALL Liberals either run from reality, or ignore it completely. They exist only in their ‘Disneyland’ world and cannot accept nor face reality — it simply terrifies them.

  11. Just another thought, The lieberals and NDP have been working together for many years. Has anyone else thought about the possibility that the whole idea is for the Alberta NDP and the BC NDP argument is because they want to buy out this pipeline project for the government or stop it, while the Fed liberals are coming up with ways to control it, their man in, and tax it to death or totally disable it, KML probably has the picture and realizes they have to get out of communist Canada. Since you really can not trust these greedy big money people it seems to make us look for what is really happening????????

  12. The only plan Trudeau and his trained team of Liberal supporters have is nothing; simply because they still believe that the public will love whatever they do , regardless of the consequences. They repeat their same stupid statements with the hope that you will tire of asking important questions, so that they can get away with being corrupt and incompetent. As with all leaders , their elected members and supporters become like their chosen leader, both in mind and action. That’s why you get these insulting and condescending non answers. Trudeau’s real and only goal here is the same one his father had, turn Canada into a socialist nightmare of a country. To do that he has to first kill off our economy, the oil industry, thus making everyone dependent upon the government and creating a very much larger class of low income and poor people. After all, transfer payments will be useless because, right now most of the provinces from Newfoundland through to Saskatchewan border, are have not provinces and are receiving transfer payments. No oil industry, means no real well paying jobs both directly and indirectly, which in turn means lower tax revenue, which leads to less services and more problems than if the oil industry was allowed to survive and create more wealth for everyone.

  13. moe, larry , and curly, i call trudeau shemp, what can you say, didn’t expect anything much out of their mouths, and remember reporters you have to ask them easy questions, and say it very slow, so they understand, just sickening

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