Catherine McKenna Sides With New York Billionaire In Campaign To Eradicate Canada’s Coal Industry

What would McKenna say to Canadian coal workers?

Catherine McKenna is sharing her support for the #PoweringPastCoal campaign on Twitter, linking to a New Yorker article with the following title:

“Michael Bloomberg Takes on the Coal Industry”

Bloomberg is an American billionaire, and the former Mayor of New York. Now, he wants to destroy the coal industry, and Catherine McKenna is inexplicably helping him, as noted in the New Yorker article.

Here’s an excerpt:

“On Monday afternoon, Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman and former three-term Mayor of New York City, escaped to a deserted ballroom at the Grand Hyatt, in midtown Manhattan, to talk about climate change. Moments earlier, he had announced to attendees of the Bloomberg New Energy Finance summit that his philanthropic organization was partnering with the Canadian and British governments to expedite the global eradication of coal mining. His two new partners—Catherine McKenna, Canada’s minister of environment and climate change, and Claire Perry, the United Kingdom’s minister of state for energy and clean growth—came along for the discussion.”

Bloomberg is also the United Nations Envoy for Climate Change.

Who is McKenna working for?

Catherine McKenna is supposed to be working for the Canadian people. But by standing with a New York billionaire against an industry that employs many Canadians, she is acting against Canada’s interests.

While she’s hobnobbing with elite from the US, what does she have to say to Canada’s coal workers who depend on the industry for their livelihoods?

How is it seen as acceptable for a Canadian minister to actively advocate for the destruction of an entire Canadian industry?

Once again, we see that McKenna and the Trudeau government are willing to sacrifice the economic prospects of Canadians for an ‘environmental’ agenda that won’t actually do anything for the environment.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. If they are so concerned about clean energy, release the hidden Tesla knowledge. Most of our power plants run on either coal, oil or water. Seems the liberal will only be satisfied when the world goes dark. I was born into a household with no running water, no electricity and only wood for heat and kerosene lamps for light.. Not fun and not interested in going back there. She is on the same wave length as Elizabeth May. Stop all progress and hug a tree and wipe your ass with leaves.

  2. I guess Catherine McKenna plans to eventually close down British Columbia’s coal industry.
    Typical McKenna, running off her mouth without doing her homework first. British Columbia’s coal is it’s #1 export commodity, $3.32 billion worth for 2016. Just happens to be the largest coal facility in the world. Exports ‘metallurgical coal’ to Asia for steel production. Imports ‘thermal coal’ from Wyoming and Montana for the production of electricity. B.C. ‘s annual revenue depends on its mines and petroleum resources. (read the article by Tristin Hopper, National Post/April 12th) I guess climate Barbie can’t read or could care less how her stupid proposals would devastate the entire province of British Columbia.

  3. Catherine McKenna, as with the rest of the Liberal government we have, never have had any intention of working for Canada and Canadians.

    That has never been something they were either prepared to consider, or prepared to do. Their job, as they see it, is the destruction of Canada as per the globalists they actually work for.

    Years ago (and it is still in the dictionaries) such actions would beget a charge of treason.

  4. For Trudeau and McKenna, they both still think that there will be plenty of jobs for every laid off coal worker and oil industry worker because Canada is shifting to green energy jobs and economy. If they would care to take a look at Ontario and see just how marvelous the green energy industry has made life so much better for Ontarians, there might be just a hint that they wouldn’t follow through with their plan to kill off another vital economically important industry. Here in Ontario we now have energy poverty, electricity so expensive, you get chose, pay the hydro bill or buy food. Oh, just incase i forgot to mention the promised 60,000 new green energy jobs, never happened. But thanks to green energy we now proclaim loudly that we have the world’s largest sub-sovereign debt load in Canada. So to sum it up, according to the brilliant minds of our dear leader Trudeau and his trusty sidekick McKenna, we will all live happily ever after because we all will be unemployed living the green life that will save the world from either freezing or burning up.

  5. We have all noticed that around the world all the countries that have much oil are in trouble, their governments seem to all almost have been bought out, and the country is involved in war or is having financial problems and they are trying to break up the countries? Coal is another energy source still needed for many applications around the world and probably burns cleaner than the biomass they are destroying woodlands, roots and all, to make and sell as fuel.
    Here in Ontario Wynne has been saying that we will be heating our homes with electricity and driving electric cars. We have expensive hydro and way too much that they give away cheap outside the province and still buy Quebec hydro at more money. etc. very confusing. Very Lieberal. Trying to force people to do as they will and keep losing jobs and security.

    1. The CPP investment arm just bought a whole bunch of windmills in Ontario for over $500 million. They cannot nor will not ever pay for themselves, so why is Trudeau buying windmills? A very bad investment with taxpayers money that will never be recovered. Were the owners close Federal & provincial Liberal friends that got a huge payoff?

      1. I believe that Trudope’s man Gerald Butts is behind Ontario’s windmill scheme. I’m still searching for an answer to one question: Huge numbers of bats are being destroyed by these monstrosities. They are a vital part of the ecosystem, and contribute to the important work of pollination. Where is the outcry from the eco-warriors?? Who cares about sap sucking woodpeckers? No bats; no food.

  6. Coal is naturally dying out anyways due to increases in natural gas which is cheaper than coal. Also personally I don’t think we should ban coal mining in Canada, but I do support banning coal fired plants considering how dirty they are and whether one believes in climate change or not, the air quality from them is quite poor and hard on those with respiratory problems. If you’ve been to China, which I have, you will see just how bad the smog can get from coal fired power plants thus part of my reason for opposing them. I don’t oppose them because of their impacts on global warming, that is not the issue for me, rather because of how dirty they make the air and how hard it is on people’s lungs.

    I actually for electricity support hydroelectricity where possible and nuclear power elsewhere, both types of electricity many environmentalists oppose as they favour only wind and solar even though you cannot produce nearly enough with those two. By contrast with hydroelectricity in BC, Manitoba, Quebec, and Newfoundland, while nuclear in Ontario, you can meet people’s needs and do so in an environmentally friendly way.

  7. As a pensioner living here in BC we are getting very close to Ontario’s food or hydro choice. Throw in the possibility of other fuels going through the roof thanks to McKenna and Turdeau bungling (deliberately?) things may get desperate by winter.

  8. climate barbie is screwing canadians out of jobs… her and trudeau are doing their best to kill the economy in canada…

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