Hypocrisy: While Horgan Tries Blocking Trans Mountain Expansion, B.C. Leads The Nation In Untreated Sewage Overflows

Report shows that nearly 40% of all the untreated sewage overflows in Canada take place in British Columbia.

B.C. NDP Premier John Horgan and the far-left have been busy trying to stoke fears about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in an effort to crush the essential project.

Yet, perhaps Horgan is also seeking to distract from the real pollution problem in B.C.

Huge amounts of untreated sewage flowing into the water.

According to a Toronto Star report based upon Statistics Canada data, nearly 40% of all sewage overflows in Canada took place in B.C.

“That means pathogens — bacteria, viruses or other harmful micro-organisms — could end up in waterways used for recreation or even drinking water,” the report notes.

Interestingly, we don’t hear John Horgan making a huge deal about this, do we?

The hypocrisy is stunning, since the sewage overflows are causing serious problems:

“The risks to human health were highlighted this week by the B.C. Centre for Disease Control. About 40 people have reported acute gastrointestinal illness after eating raw oysters since early March, and norovirus was confirmed in some of those cases. As a result, two oyster farms in B.C. have been closed.”

So, despite the stellar safety record of pipelines, Horgan is trying to denigrate and demonize a project that will benefit all Canadians, while ignoring a serious sewage problem in his own backyard.

It’s a point that was well made by Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe on Twitter:

Hypocrite Horgan ignores real problem

It turns out that many cities don’t even notify residents when the sewage overflows are taking place, meaning people aren’t alerted to the potential danger.

Where is Horgan’s action on that?

Said epidemiologist Marsha Taylor, “It’s important for people to know that human sewage in our waters may be impacting some of the food we eat. It’s an important issue to a lot of us that live so close to the water.”

That is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, but instead, Horgan focuses on pipelines.

The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

He’s become ‘Hypocrite Horgan,’ and it’s hard to believe how he could have even a shred of credibility.

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  1. This show put on by Horgan to appease the Greens is just a taste of what it will be like with proportional representation. Remember Horgan wants this to happen with a vote of 50% plus 1 vote. We will end up here in BC with a number of small parties dictating to the rest of us or else nothing gets passed in the house – a disaster in the making. These smaller parties wont just be parties like the Greens but eventually parties based on ethnic lines, regions or religions… who knows. It will be a dog breakfast come time to form a government.
    I read that one of the Baltic countries, Latvia I think, has proportional representation and they have something like 10 major parties and about 10 smaller parties all with seats in their parliament. Forming a government there would be just like in Germany in their latest election, it took months for a government to be formed with Merkel in charge, of course.

  2. How do you buy off a politician? You offer a secret overseas bank account with a bunch of millions in it. American interests are making billions via Canada’s loss. Paying off a few million to some puppet politician is peanuts compared. This guy ignores the “diseased” farmed salmon industry that is destroying the wild salmon population, and he is ignoring the tons of pure crap being dumped into the ocean. He’s a paid off hypocrite, I’d bet a dollar.

    1. Ivan, you can safely bet far more than that — one must realize the 99% of all politicians (under the true meaning of the word) are as you describe.

      The trick will be to find a method of being governed by some means that eliminates that typical human failing — or, have it in law that, if and when one holding public office (an office of trust) that person is found guilty of such actions, the death penalty is applied — simply because such actions are similar to the rabid animal as is the result if not put down.

      If that sounds too strong for some, let’s hear other alternatives, because workable alternatives is what we need.

  3. Few people even have any idea of the huge amount of raw sewage that is routinely being poured into the ocean between Vancouver Island and the mainland, from the capital City of Victoria and likely from every city, town, village, and collection of residences and acreages along the entire coastline. The shellfish have been poisonous on the East side of the Island for so many years the Shellfish Poison Warning signs are faded. Just a few weeks ago a new warning went out about dangerous shellfish somewhere near Deep Bay/Qualicum Beach. A month ago or so, roe harvested from herring near French Creek, BC sickened a lot of people and the public were warned. These roe (fish eggs) are sold to the Asian market. How many poor people got sick there? We aren’t told as it might make BC look bad.


    Diseased farm salmon infect the depleted wild salmon stocks and BC natives are worried they might disappear. Seals also eat the sick fish but we aren’t told of any effects. At the top of the food chain are the fascinating Orca. The local pods are shrinking and there is a valid concern they might disappear. Fewer babies are being born. I wonder why? The enviro-terrorists continually blame ships and propeller noise, conveniently ignoring mentioning the open sewer ocean water. Where do the cruise ships dump their crap? Weaver and Horgan don’t seem to make this much of a priority at all, although to be fair, the Liberals didn’t do a damn thing either.

    The coastal highway NW from French Creek for a long way has dozens and dozens of signs begging, yes begging the Government not to pour any more raw sewage into the ocean. Why do people have to beg? We are told that pollution from an oil spill that MIGHT happen will damage the ecology. That might actually improve the open sewage that is being dumped as you read these words.

    Are Weaver and Horgan being influenced by foreign money to concentrate on oil when they should be looking after their own backyard? Soros doesn’t give a damn about Orca or salmon or cholera. These hypocrites need to answer some serious questions. They sure seem to be trying to damage BC and Canada and they must answer to all Canadians. Should CSIS get involved?

    andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca http://www.andrewweavermla.ca 250-472-8528
    john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca http://www.johnjorganmla.ca 250-391-2801

    1. Excellent Del, I have often wondered how the west coast deals with some of their raw sewage issues, they don’t.
      It’s kind of ironic that some of us first heard that Montreal and Quebec city dump raw sewage in the Saint Lawrence about the same time that they were stopping the Energy East Pipeline. Hypocrisy knows no bounds

  4. The massive immigration that Trudeau is letting in is disastrous. We DONT HAVE the infrastructure across Canada to cope with the current new immigrants that came in the last 2 years and forget about bringing new immigrants. This is a prime example that shows that the infrastructure is not there. And it is a basic requirement to treat sewage in order not to pollute the waters. Sohi at the HoC only talks about some bus system in the East Coast when discussing infrastructure. He needs a lesson in infrastructure. In Toronto, the average person who goes to work drives 3 hours a day to commute.NOT ENOUGH ROADS and population is too large for the infrastructure in place. Furthermore, the government dismantled the train network across Canada several years ago which allowed to move merchandise from coast to coast. Now it’s all done by road. 70% of accidents involve a truck. As a car driver, anyone who gets involved in an accident with a truck, they are history. So Trudeau gang, you plan for infrastructure in Canada should a lot more certain and definite than all that babbling at the House of Commons.

  5. Victoria discharges all of its sewage into the ocen.

    Vancouver is the biggest coal expaort port in Northh America.

    BC’s number one export is coal.

  6. Trucks? They’re tearing up the roads in BC. The roads and highways in BC–generally speaking–are a disgrace. Potholes; ruts; crumbling pavement; manhole covers not level with the pavement. (Sorry Trudope; I meant “peoplehole” covers.) The white and yellow lines have faded…almost non-existent. The signage is far too small. Driving at night? In the rain? Total darkness. Poor to no lighting. Can’t see any guiding lines. I investigated why the highway lane dividing lines are in such poor condition. The answer: The BC government uses a “plant friendly” paint. Forget our safety…Gotta worry about the roadside weeds. The paint must be water based, and fades quickly. I lived in Ontario before the McGuinty/Wynne years, and the roads and highways were very good. BC? Not much money going into the roads.

    Untreated sewage? I didn’t know that. Unsurprising. One more serious problem added to the list. That’s something one expects in Bangladesh. Canada? Well; I guess the politicians roll in it all day; that’s why they stink. A thought: If you kicked a male politician between the legs; there would be no sudden expression of agony. They have no balls. Canadian politicians have no balls; no spine, and no guts. The Americans have a swamp; we have slick little strawmen politicians frolicking in a huge cesspool.

  7. The West to East pipeline (already existing as nat gas line) was killed by Wynne and the Quebecers because of spill risks. Look who is also spilling sewage into the St Lawrence #3 QUEBEC. The hypocracy and lack of environmental leadership and wisdom is killing our country.
    We can refine our own crude, earn the value added, sell our products at RETAIL and add thousands of maritimer jobs. What is wrong with the brains of our politicians.
    The WE pipeline is already in the ground. Refineries in Canada and the maritimes can do the job.

  8. Just more proof that being an NDP (Liberal junior) and/or a Liberal that most of what comes out of their collective mouths (with few exceptions) is nothing more than political drivel – – plain and simple.

    There is no substance to either group and the fact that they can get elected at all does not reflect well on the rest of Canadians who have not bought into their policies.

    Individually, either party is dangerous — but, together, they are more dangerous than the black plague.

  9. In supposedly good conscience our government spends millions of dollars appeasing countries that are our enemies and paying several terrorsist 10 million. Mean while raw sewage still flows into our own waters from our cities and towns. Hospitals are not funded properly and overall we are losing our status as a great nation due to our governments wasteful spending and deficits. Wake up dummy government lets solve the problems at home before we tackle the worlds problems. It’s my belief that most Canadas raw sewage starts and flows from the parliament buildings in Ottawa.

  10. Premier John Horgan press conference after the meeting, held firm his conviction that the Provincial government has the legal right to decide for Canada what does and doesn’t go through their province, or on their Ocean. The Federal Constitution Section 19 10 states that no one province shall prohibit another province from getting their goods to market. If the courts or the citizens of B.C. decide that they don’t want the KM twinning to be built. And if our Federal Government allows this to take place and this project will be cancelled. This would set a precedent for future disputes. Canada is a Dominion of Provinces and Territory’s and there is only one ownership and administrator of the land, and that is the Federal Government of Canada. The citizens of the lower mainland of B.C. need to understand that it is not their ocean, it belongs to all the citizens of Canada. In closing if Justin Trudeau doesn’t get this project moving, then no investor in the World will consider Canada as a country to invest their money in. Time for Mr. Trudeau to put on his big boy pants and do his job.

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