After Failed Pipeline Crisis Meeting, Trudeau Makes Vague Pledge To Pursue “Legislative Options”

He offered no details.

After his pipeline crisis meeting with Rachel Notley and John Horgan, Justin Trudeau tried to spin the meeting as a chance for him to discuss what the government is doing next.

Of course, what really happened is that the meeting failed.

Right after the meeting, Horgan announced that he was still opposing the pipeline.

So, nothing has changed.

After Horgan, Scheer, and Notley spoke, Trudeau addressed the media:

No details

Trudeau says he’s telling Morneau to negotiate with Kinder Morgan on potential financial support, while vaguely saying he will “reassert and reinforce” federal authority. Additionally, he said he could ‘expand’ the ocean protection plan.

Yet, Trudeau offered no details on any of that, and gave no indication of why he failed to overcome Morgan’s opposition.

Additionally, Trudeau didn’t explain why there are even negotiations taking place, if the federal government has the authority to get the project going.

As I said on Twitter, “Trudeau says he has constitutional authority to get Trans Mountain expansion built. So why is it still being discussed? Why isn’t it already underway? If you have the authority than stop talking and use it. If you don’t, then stop lying.”

Spencer Fernando

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  1. What a twit. So why didnt he do the same for the Energy East pipeline. No, because Quebec would’nt allow it
    What a flake for a leader

  2. As there’s no opportunity to dress up in exotic costumes and virtue signal Trudeau is lost The pipeline is over his head •

  3. I knew his Mother closely . and when he spoke to me, he had a wimpy hand, no force at all. When he spoke to a recent pre-vote rally I was part, all he said was displayed on a screen he read back designed by liberal thinkers
    I am not impressed at all. I can not change those memories.

  4. Is this a Quebec Crisis? No! Therefore, there is nothing to see here folks.
    Had it been a Quebec crisis, Trudeau would not make the mistake of ‘just popping in for a few minutes discussions then quickly leave. Instead, Trudeau sit for hours at end defending Quebec; for Quebec.
    Alberta and other western provinces? Well, they just have yto defend themselves.

  5. Remember this? I bet many canadians have not heard this everyday:

    In audio recording, Trudeau says Bill C-24 makes citizenship conditional upon ‘good behaviour’ Staff 
    Published Sunday, September 27, 2015 10:26PM EDT 

    The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship … because I do,” Trudeau told a Winnipeg town hall in July. “And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.

    He added: “As soon as you make citizenship for some Canadians conditional on good behaviour, you devalue citizenship for everyone.”

    Trudeau was conducting town halls across the country back in July. On that same day, he tweeted about the “great discussions” in Winnipeg.

    Trudeau also told the group that revoking a terrorist’s citizenship is not the answer, and that Bill C-24 “exemplifies the Conservatives’ approach to politics.”

    “There are penalties for anyone convicted of a terrorism or an act of war or offence against Canada — they end up locked up in jail for the rest of their lives. “

    But one member of the Toronto 18, convicted of being involved in the plot to bomb the city, has already been paroled. The so-called mastermind behind the plot is eligible for release next year, and the government announced Friday plans to revoke his citizenship and deport him to Jordan – the first such case in Canada since the new law was enacted.

  6. Trudeau with all his skills as Prime Minister on full display for everyone to see, he has shown very clearly, that he doesn’t understand the position of Prime Minister and that he has never had anything resembling a plan, let alone a solution to the crisis that he created all by relying upon ideology and the support of foreign funded NGOs. As Prime Minister , you are the most powerful politician in Canada and he doesn’t get it; that he has the authority to build the pipeline and it has been reaffirmed many times by the Supreme Court of Canada. Even if he should possibly understand the power he has, Trudeau will be afraid to use it because, just like he did with Energy East, he caved into his basic desire to preserve votes at the expense of all Canadians. Trudeau may just be starting to see that everything he has done to our oil industry isn’t working out the way he hoped for,and is now starting to panic over the thought of losing the next election. Thus he is at a loss for what to do, preserve votes and face the wrath of Canadians without jobs and a economy in ruins or do the right thing and tell BC in the strongest possible words, that he has to step aside and let the pipeline be built and face the possibility of losing his voter base of foreign funded NGOs and far left voters in BC, Quebec, Ontario , and the eastern provinces. His next few decisions will what defines the rest of his time in office and confirm what the public already thinks about him. Either way he is unfit for the office of PM and should be voted out of office in 2019.

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