Watch: Scheer Speaks After Trudeau’s Trans Mountain Meeting

Scheer says “The responsibility for the Trans Mountain crisis lies squarely on Justin Trudeau’s shoulders.”

Shortly after Justin Trudeau’s meeting with Rachel Notley and John Horgan to discuss the Trans Mountain expansion crisis, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer addressed Canadians and the media.

Trudeau’s meeting failed to budge Horgan’s opposition to the project.

On Twitter, Scheer said “The responsibility for the Trans Mountain crisis lies squarely on Justin Trudeau’s shoulders. Canada’s Conservatives will always stand up for the hardworking men and women of our country’s resource sector.”

In the video below, watch Scheer’s remarks on the crisis:

The responsibility for the Trans Mountain crisis lies squarely on Justin Trudeau’s shoulders. Canada's Conservatives will always stand up for the hardworking men and women of our country's resource sector. Speaking to media: La responsabilité de la crise Trans Mountain revient entièrement à Justin Trudeau. Les conservateurs du Canada vont toujours défendre les hommes et les femmes qui travaillent fort dans le secteur des ressources. Regardez mon point de presse:

Posted by Andrew Scheer on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Scheer notably pointed out that due to Trudeau’s policies, Canadian taxpayers could be on the hook for the project – if it even gets approved.

It’s a definitive rebuke to the argument Trudeau makes about his carbon tax making it easier to get projects approved. That argument now lies in ruins, as does energy investment in our country.

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  1. Sure hope all the ndpee & liberal lovers are happy with their choice of voting for pushing investment out of the country.

  2. At least he (at this time) presents a decent argument with respect to Trudeau’s failed policies, and it is time that someone in Canada make those comments.

    Everything that ‘he’ has done since the election has been detrimental to Canda and, by making such decisions, he has adversely affected Canadian citizens.

    Regardless of the fact that it is all too obvious ‘he’ does not recognize that reality and until he is removed from office will continue to make such poor/bad decisions with immediate effect on all Canadians.

  3. Trudeau’s bias against western oil and gas is so very clear, especially when you see that he has given approval for a natural gas pipeline to be built to supply a gas liquefaction plant on Quebec’s Gaspe .Trudeau shows everyone his deceit by forcing the cancellation of Energy East , that would have gone unto New Brunswick, while the Gaspe pipeline goes even further. Yet it didn’t have to meet any of the twisted and destructive regulations that western pipelines had to have to be built. That was kept quiet while he went about seeking his revenge upon Alberta and Saskatchewan’ oil industries. So Trudeau shows his hypocrisy, deceitfulness and duplicity, by benefiting Quebec at the west’s expense, by making only the west’s oil industry jump through hoops, while gifting Quebec and then have all Canadians pay for it with his fraudulent carbon tax. Trudeau is just replaying every move his father made with the National Energy Plan. All of this is being done for the twin purpose of destroying the wests and Canada’s oil industry and getting his revenge on the west for the way that Peter Lougheed stood up to Pierre trudeau and forced him to recognise that Alberta had jurisdiction over their natural resources. Also there is a another purpose , that is for the nationalization of the oil industry. If Trudeau should succeed, then we will be well on our way to becoming the next Cuba or Venezuela. Trudeau and his Liberals must be defeated come 2019.

    1. I agree completely!!! Such a mess he has created in the west…..I am praying every day that he be defeated in 2019.

    2. Shawn Harris – Nice to see someone stand up and tell the true story. What you have written is precisely true. Trudeau seeks control and ownership of our most vital energy industry. If we allow him ownership of any part of that industry it will result in a much worse social, and economic disaster for the WEST.

    3. SHAWN HARRIS… excellent comment … WOW, you really nailed !!!! You should put your comment in other medias so all of Canada can read and understand that LIBERALS, TRUDEAU MUST BE VOTED OUT in 2019 election.!!!!!

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