As Hypocrite Horgan Opposes Trans Mountain Expansion, The Vancouver Airport Authority Is Building A Pipeline To Import Fuel From Asia


If you thought the hypocrisy and insanity surrounding the B.C. NDP government’s opposition to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion couldn’t get any worse, then hold on tight.

Even as all attention focuses on Trans Mountain, it turns out that the Vancouver Airport Authority is working on a pipeline that will be used to import jet fuel from Asia.

As reported by BIV last year, “The project involves building a new marine terminal on the south arm of the Fraser River, a tank farm and a 15-kilometre pipeline that will run through Richmond along Highway 99 and stretch west to Lulu Island. The new terminal will be able to receive Panamax vessels, which will allow the consortium to source jet fuel from Asia.”

So, as Horgan tries to stop more Canadian oil from coming into B.C., Vancouver is building a pipeline to bring in imported oil – supporting jobs in Asia instead of jobs here in Canada.

It’s a disgusting level of hypocrisy.

Worst of all, it could actually hurt already existing Canadian jobs:

“Once the VAFFC project is completed, the consortium will be able to buy jet fuel on the open market. South Korea is one likely supplier, said Rob Smith, energy director for IHS Markit. He expects having access to new markets for jet fuel will drive prices down, which will affect both the refinery in Burnaby and Kinder Morgan.”

While the Vancouver Airport pipeline project has received very little attention, that has started to change, as people pointed out the hypocrisy on Twitter:

As more and more hypocrisy is revealed, Horgan is revealed to have zero credibility. Help share this article to spread the word on what is really happening in B.C., and help expose Hypocrite Horgan and the radicals who are damaging Canada’s economy while helping make other countries rich at our expense.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Not only hypocrites, but also reveal themselves to be traitors to the future prosperity of the citizens of Canada, determined to achieve their socialist utopia on the backs of the people.

  2. Tankers will travel their waters one way or another. Protest is short sighted and won’t stop business and money. There isn’t any protest over the “DISEASED” farmed salmon industry that is destroying the wild salmon population. There isn’t any protest over the dumping of raw sewage into the ocean. The LONG list of horrible abuses of coastal waters is basically ignored, while people magnify their protesting concentration onto only one issue, that isn’t really an issue. There are countless tankers already traveling their waters, there is already a lot of ocean pollution happening, but nothing is said about that.

    1. I think the issue has more to do with the economy. Yes I guess it would also gradually decrease the tanker traffic. I think Alberta was going to pay for it or something. It kind of makes sense to use our own petroleum but we could buy it for increased costs. With negative stimulation and sustained economic interests. But what do I know. I’m just another person getting nowhere because fuel is too expensive, and the Canadian / North American currency is attacked by not allowing for our product to be sold in our home and native land.

    2. Sorry to disagree but there is plenty of protesting going on about the farmed salmon industry’s effect on the ocean salmon, including Kinder Morgan’s illegal interference in the salmon spawning rivers, the dumping of sewage and toxic mining waste into the river systems, as well as the effect of all the ADDITIONAL shipping traffic that will accompany the completion of the pipeline.

  3. What a terrible surprise! Sneaky Lieberal/NDP socialist divisive governments destroying Canada, the indigenous people of Canada being used again and the foreign groups doing it, they better get there quick to protest this hidden agenda. Is this what the 4.1 billion Federal money to BC was just given to them to build, while with holding money from Saskatchewan? Airports are way more polluting than cars trucks trains and buses together, I have read.
    If we do not see huge protests on this project, but continuing to block the trans mountain KM lines we now know the Lieberals/NDP separatist party are breaking up Canada on purpose and they are traitors to Canada. Their lies are worse and worse.

  4. You dumb ass Horgan! Does he think that using dirty oil from foreign countries will lessen the price at the pumps? Of course not. They will jack up the price so high to suit them.
    If Horgan and the protesters actually think that by protesting their own country’ oil and using foreign oil instead , all is well?
    For none of the fake protesters toprotest against the incoming dirty oil from foreign countries should tell us all by now that it has nothing to do with ‘oil’ at all but rather that those countries and others need to sell their oil For their own prosperity and what better way to do so is to influence a bunch of stupid protesters to kill their very own canadian oil and theprosperity of canada.

    1. Horgan ought to look at his own backyard for not just the sewage (his shit being one of the many turds) being dumped into Georgia Strait but to the fact that Vancouver Island has no refinery so refined petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel etc.) has to be barraged over to the Island. These barrages could run afoul on the shores of the Gulf Islands. Oh but no one protests this potential transportation disaster! I wonder why. Could it be that 2 of the Greens have their ridings in this area and it would a inconvenience for them if the ferries had no fuel to transport their sorry asses back and forth to Swartz Bay.

      Hey Horgan call a snap election to get the will of the people of BC on this matter with the KM pipeline.

      1. It’s bad. I don’t consider myself to be overly intelligent. Uh who is running our provinces? Who’s interests are they serving? The products are needed either way. I just hope we aren’t being milked too heavily by foreign investors for our resources. Let’s buy our own resources off USA after it is refined and the price set and carbon taxes ready to be added on to this ??? Experiment???ah… hopefully…

        1. We might as well step back into the 1930s. If this continues to be the deciding force for an unfortunate /misfourtunate consumer , without the option to eat an egg from his own basket.

  5. It so easy to influence a bunch of protesters to kill their own country’s (canada) oil to increase other countries’ wealth than it is for those same protesters to stand and be proud of their nation own wealth of resources.
    When canada oil reserves are shut down to suit a bunch of ignorant protesters, sooner rather than later they will need oil to live and move around with, the price of foreign oil into canada will rise so high that canadian will have choice but freeze and walk since the cost of living would become so unbearable.

  6. What is the surprise? Horgan, who is only a Liberal with a different name, but the same mentality has not problem in clearly demonstrating that reality at any time and under any circumstances.

  7. Now wait a minute. There are SO MANY mixed messages being thrown around wrt this pipeline its getting stupid!!
    The airport would have to build that pipeline regardless of the TMP. The TMP is being built to ship oil TO China which we would then be buying back. It is not there to supply any refinery in BC. What AB and SK want to do is cut the flow of the existing pipeline that does feed the refinery to blackmail BC to allow the other pipeline. The airport would be getting most of its fuel offshore anyway.
    Yes, we need oil. Yes we need to get it to market. The govt isn’t about to allow green energy tech into the open market, NOR will it pressure the oil companies to release their patents on existing green energy or cars that get 100+mpg, any time in my lifetime. They make too much money off oil to worry about the “climate change” carbon that they BS the public about to get more money from.
    BUT what we really need to do is start processing our OWN resources in our OWN country instead of selling oil at $60 a barrel and then buying the refined products back at a net loss. PLUS paying the tax as well. The whole oil industry becomes a global farce. We NEED the oil and gas because they don’t allow any alternatives and they buy up any viable alternatives as soon as they hear about it.
    What 2018 vehicles get over 40mpg, or less than 5l/100km? Hardly any. We had better cars with better mileage being built in the 80s after a fake oil shortage.
    We could be done with oil wrt vehicles within 5 yrs if govt would let us. IF they were serious. But then the world economics would fall apart. So, do they want a clean earth and stop climate change (if it is actually being caused by man’s pollution) or do they want the money?

    And in researching, came across this article which points out the hypocrisy of the Vancouver area mayors as does the above article.

    Really makes me wonder what is REALLY going on!!

    1. Wow, you still believe that the oil companies are supressing the 100 mpg carburator. Grow up.

      The number of incremental steps the automakers take to get tiny increases in efficiency are so far beyond the mythical 100 mpg carburator its amazing. Variable cam timing, cylinder deactivation, turbocharging, efi, direct fuel injection, etc etc.

      Not to mention weight saving composites and aluminum.

      Drop the conspiracy theories already, and look ti where the problem lies, energy dependant consumers and soecial interest groups running amok.

    2. Any body with half a brain and backside should be able to see what the glorious NDP is doing. They couldn’t win the election on their own so they decide to gang up with a party that has a lousy 3 seats. Neither of these leaders have BC in the best interest of the people. The whole idea for these 2 is to tax as much as possible. Where is the money coming from for losing the Hwy tolls, the cheap day care and on and on. People need to no that the the more cars on the road, the more is spent on fuel and the more the government can collect in taxes. So much for our governing body trying to be GREEN………boy of them have to go….

  8. To continue supporting a constitutional crisis is one thing that Justin the Wise is good at. A serious discussion of ‘ManSaskAlta’ seceeding and becoming a (rather large) State within the U S of A is looking better and better.

  9. No one should be surprised. I have come to the conclusion that politicians lie through their teeth. They sit on the fence but don’t seem to understand that you are going to fall one side or the other and it might not turn out to well.

  10. Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and say “Why?” It like
    Premier John Horgan has been bought and paid for. It just doesn’t make sense and he’s the most popular Premier in Canada, Plus the people of BC are really peeved at the gas prices around $1.50L, Its like everyone in BC is hooked on a green leaf that will be legal in July. lol

  11. Trudeau and his handlers are intent on the breakup of Canada. Part of the Open Borders/NWO agenda is to divide existing nations financially, politically and culturally; ultimately bankrupt the country to make the people dependent; enslaved. It’s clear that BC has fallen to a radical socialist regime more aligned with socialist ideology than Canadian values such as democracy, confederation, the rule of law and free provincial trade. Greenies (E. May and Andrew Something, the eco-terrorist) are Soros’ surrogates. Canada is in crisis. Trudeau can’t be trusted. We have 12 months to make it right or lose it all, Canada. Giddyup!

  12. ‘Peoplekind’ need to do some research on where the ndpee spawned from. The former name was CCF, ‘canadian commonwealth federation’.
    ‘Read what their agenda is for the country, here are a few paragraphs from it.The CCF is a federation of organizations whose purpose is the establishment in Canada of a Co-operative Commonwealth in which the principle regulating production, distribution and exchange will be the supplying of human needs and not the making of profits.
    WE AIM TO REPLACE the present capitalist system, with its inherent injustice and inhumanity, by a social order from which the domination and exploitation of one class by another will be eliminated, in which economic planning will supersede unregulated private enterprise and competition, and in which genuine democratic self-government, based upon economic equality will be possible.’
    ‘No C.C.F. Government will rest content until it has eradicated capitalism and Put into operation the full programme of socialized planning which will lead to the establishment in Canada of the Cooperative Commonwealth.’

  13. Unlike that lying POS Crudoe, Horgan is holding to his election promise. I suppose with your level of ethics (or lack thereof) doing what he promised during his campaign (as we know that brain-dead turd Trudolt lied during his campaign) is the wrong thing to do since you don’t agree with that promise but it’s the first time in years that I’ve seen anyone hold to an election promise …

    1. So what you are saying is that everyone in BC that voted an NDP or greenie is at fault not just the stupid leader. And the rest of Canada can just go to hell as long as he keeps his word. Pretty sad what is happening to our once great country. Oh well bet you don’t care.

    2. It’s ok most of the economy is owned by a small percentage of the population. If the economy collapsed I’d be starting from where I’m at anyway cause carbon tax has got me down. It is horrible. I need more facts. Reliable hopefully not nessecarily likely though. The future is frieghtening and bleak. Leagalize pot soon so I can escape this nightmare for a while. What a headscratcher

  14. It’s time for the forgotten Canadians stand up and be counted. It’s supposed to be a sharing caring union we have not this. But that being said time for alb. And sak. Say enough no more personal investment from our res. Buy California wine,out source lumber etc.penalize bc products being run through our provinces and stop the flow of petroleum products to bc.

  15. How difficult would it be for someone to work on recalling one green party member or ndp members’ “conscience” to bring down this house of cards?

  16. Well someone is a hypocrite and misleading, but it isn’t Horigan. Once the pipeline is built, BC will still need to import more than 90% of its oil and gas.

    First, when the pipeline is built, none of the oil will be for BC consumption. We don’t have the capacity, nor do we have the capability to process it.

    Second, when the pipeline is built BC will be charged more for gas imports because less gas will be going through the lines to Washington.

    Third, Burnaby is looking to sell and likely close the land under the only refinery in the lower mainland increasing the cost to BC.

    Fourth, Kinder Morgan has already said they will close the Kamloops refinery when the pipeline is built.

    In whose interest is this pipeline?

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