Authoritarian Trudeau Punishes Liberal MP Simms For Opposing His Canada Summer Jobs ‘Values Test’

What happened to Trudeau’s promise to ensure MPs represented their constituents instead of being shackled to the party-line?

Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian instincts emerged once again, as he punished Liberal MP Scott Simms for voting his conscience.

Simms – the MP for Coast of Bays — Central — Notre Dame – voted in favour of a Conservative motion that opposed Trudeau’s Canada Summer Jobs ‘values test.’

The widely-opposed policy forced Canadian faith organizations to sign a statement going against their most deeply held beliefs, or have their funding taken away.

After Simms voted his conscience, Trudeau removed him from his position as chair of the Commons Fisheries Committee.

As noted by the CP, “He said he was told it would be a whipped vote — meaning Liberal MPs were to toe the party line — but that he stood in favour of the motion anyway, because he believed the Conservatives had crafted it in a straightforward way and that the Liberals had gone too far. “This to me was a personal issue,” he said. “I just felt that it was an insensitive thing to do and we should have stepped back and worded it differently.”‘

Simms deserves credit for standing up for what he believes in, especially in the face of pressure from his party to do the opposite.

The fact that he was punished shows just how much Trudeau was lying when he said he wanted MPs to represent their own beliefs and the beliefs of their constituents – instead of just following centralized dictates from the PMO.

Trudeau heavily criticized Harper for centralized control, and while it’s true that Harper was often too controlling, Justin has taken things to a new extreme.

Harper regularly made sure that MPs could vote their conscience on contentious measures, whereas Trudeau imposes his own view on everybody, while punishing those who dare stand against him.

When it comes to dissent and disagreement, Trudeau is increasingly governing like an authoritarian (not a surprise from an admirer of China’s basic dictatorship), and his attitude poses a serious threat to democracy in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. Liberal MP Scott Simms must cross the floor and become Conservative MP Scott Simms. He would be the first of many who believe in representing their voters and who stand for their beliefs. Crossing the floor would show that democracy is still alive in Canada in spite of what the Liberals think.

    I hope you don’t object, Spencer, but here is a new site that also supports Canada and Canadian democracy. My bookmarks toolbar is filling up with loyal Canadian links. I wish I could afford more support.

  2. An avalanche can happen when one stone stars to roll away and loosens other stones on its way down until the mountain starts to crumble. A lot like Trudeau’s leadership will start to crumble, This isn’t the Canadian Liberal Party, This is the United Nations Agenda 21 Liberal Party of Europe/middle east. The Liberals need to push Trudeau out in a Leadership race and go back to its grassroots, Big Business and the Canadian economy/debt comes first, Then you fund infrastructure in Canada not China or some Arab nation. You place Canadian values and unity high on the list and place Minorities who want to change the West Minister System to Islamic on the rock bottom of the list. Canada has been the best country in the world to live over 20 times, Tell me one Arab nation that was number 1 just once? We have it right and they have it wrong. Trudeau has brought nothing to Canada other than massive debt, division of people and races and welfare for life refugees for future generations and increased taxes to pay for it. Down with Trudeau and time to rebuild the Liberal party and save Canada from happening in Europe.

  3. Simms must cross the floor and join the conservatives. His vote against this hideous document is proof he is not a Liberal. His constituents will love him for it. Many will follow him .Trudeau is not a man but a human being. Human was defined in Ballantyne’s Law dictionary in 1930 as monster. They have no spirituality in them. Genisis 1:27 God created man male and female he created them. Genesis 6:6 The LORD regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled God and Lord are not the same and man and human being are not the same. In Isaiah 2:19 it is the Lord who is on the move. He created them and he will destroy them.

  4. What else to expect from a privileged little twerp who has never held a real job and always relied on his trust fund and the fame of his father to get by?

  5. If there is one thing i want to see happen in the Democratic world in the future is for the people to vote the Person and not the Party. I don’t care if you are Green, Blue, Pink or Yellow, Just vote for the Person you think is best.

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