Watch: Rempel Asks Hussen To Stop Making Excuses For Illegal Border Crossing Crisis, Hussen Responds… With Excuses

The Trudeau government keeps creating more and more of an incentive for people to enter Canada illegally.

During a recent showdown in Question Period, Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel asked Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to stop giving excuses, and finally explain how he will end the growing illegal border crossing crisis.

Hussen responded with excuses.

He even tried to shift blame to the Conservatives, for not voting in favour of more government spending on ‘processing’ illegal border crossers.

Despicably, he then tried to attack the Conservatives on the issue of resettling survivors of Islamic State brutality (or “Daesh” as Hussen referred to it). What makes that argument by Hussen so absurd is that for many months the Conservatives were demanding that the Trudeau government do more to bring Yazidi refugees to Canada, while the Liberals slow-walked it. In fact, Rempel was a key leader of the effort to help the Yazidis.

So, for Hussen to try and throw that back on the Opposition is a disgrace.

Rempel responded by suggestion something that could help solve the problem – making the entire Canadian border an officially designated point of entry, which would fix the ‘third safe country agreement’ loophole that lets people make asylum claims if they cross illegally.

Hussen flat-out ignored Rempel’s suggestion, and then attacked the Conservatives for ‘cutting refugee healthcare.’ Of course, many would point out that the first duty of the Canadian government is to provide healthcare to Canadian citizens, but Hussen and Trudeau have never showed much interest in helping Canadians.

Watch the exchange below:

Hussen’s refusal to answer the questions shows that he’s not interested in solutions. As a result, he and Trudeau are ensuring that the illegal crossings continue, by leaving all the incentives to cross illegally in place: Welfare cheques, housing, healthcare, and work permits.

So, expect the surge of illegal migrants to continue until we have a government that actually serves the Canadian people, not those who violate our border.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. Hussein and the liberal mps should offer their own homes as well as clothe them, feed them and educate them themselves, if not, DEPORT THEM PERIOD.

    The media should all do the same since they too support jihadi justin maasive illegals.

  2. Notice how many Liberals were disinterested or on their cell? Yup, Liberals hard at work, working for the Canadian Tax Payer. When the Liberals or the Prime Minister refuses to answer questions, gives mixed answers, rehearsed speeches, blames the Opposition Party and ignores Canadians concerns, you know exactly how they feel about us. Just fork over the tax dollars and don’t concern yourselves with were the money goes. If they feel like wasting our money, they are just going to do it, whether we like it or not. It’s basically what they are telling us with their behaviour and their answers. As long as Trudeau is in favour of giving everything to these illegal border jumpers, then they will keep coming in droves. They fork out tons of money just to get to this border. Taxis, bus service, some by plane, etc. Just walk across the border and the Canadian Government will go out of their way to make them welcome and pay everything and give them stuff, like housing, clothes, healthcare, fix their children’s teeth and everything they need. Canadians….Are you happy “supporting” all these “illegals” crossing the border, while you “struggle” to pay your bills, your rent, gas prices, raise your family, keep up with inflation, buy groceries, work one or more jobs to get by and then pay close to half of your income in taxes? Half of Ontario can’t even find a doctor but they get doctor care. Some Canadians can’t find affordable housing but the Liberal Government finds homes for these people. Trudeau stated that the Vet’s are asking for too much but he won’t put a stop to this border crossing and he refuses to put any control on it. Seems there is no end in sight. They just keep coming and Trudeau keeps giving. Summer is coming, which means even more illegals at the border. They know where the gravy train is. Many millions of dollars have been spent to support these people and many millions more will be dished out. Hope no one loses their jobs because someone has to pay for all this but if you do lose your job, don’t expect Trudeau to help “you”. It seems he’s not interested.

    1. Sandra, in my opinion, this is the result of the ‘giggle vote,’ as I referred to it immediately after the election. It is always preferable, if not popular, to closely examine and pay attention to those who seek public office — and, sadly, Canadians had not learned that prior to the last election. Perhaps, with luck, we may collectively pay more attention to those seeking public office the next time.

  3. The Romans had a way of dealing with this – Siege Warfare. They would surround the site with men & prevent the occupants from leaving, while building a double wall to both keep in the occupants & protect themselves from attack while they waited until the people inside became too weak to fight back from starvation. If they were in a hurry they would just surround the site & burn it down & pick off those that came outside… If you think we aren’t in a State of War (of attrition) whereby these Traitors are doing everything they can to ruin Canada, then you are sadly mistaken… This is my assessment of the situation Canadians find themselves in> A. we have a Majority Liberal Gov’t Unwilling to do what is Right for both the Country & it’s Citizens> B.we have a Liberal majority in the Senate>C. we have a Liberal dominated Supreme Court of Canada (6/9) >D. we have a Queen’s (Governor General) Representative appointed by this Tyrannical Gov’t that is both unwilling & conspicuously absent to order a dissolution this Corrupt Gov’t quite literally destroying Canada in a quest for a”Post-National” State which I am sure is Not in either the Queen’s or the Citizens’ best interests.>E Trudeau&Co. have quite a few unfilled appointments yet to fill with more political hacks & supporters before they finally relinquish Gov’t (which they are demonstrating they are unwilling to do by Any/All means >F. The Country we have All sacrificed & pay for daily through our efforts & taxes is intentionally being bankrupted & overrun with illegal economic migrants, jihadists & criminals more than willing to support this illegally Criminally-acting Gov’t in it’s path to ruin as it benefits them at the expense of the host Residents of Canada. I am Not inciting hatred, but rather suggesting that this Evil gov’t must be deposed of Power & Replaced either directly by Canadians or by Agent(s) acting on our behalf; as This Gov’t simply will Not act in OUR or The Queen’s Best interests… This Gov’t does Not have Our Consent to Sell us out to Foreign interests – be it NGO’s working for George Soros or Competing interests…

  4. Trump has caused most of this! Canadians have responded in civilized fashion. The issue is not that Canada responds in Humanitarian fashion but how we do that? Slower ? More calculated? Faster? Integration a problem? Money? What if Trump really is impeached? Will the pressure be off? So many variables. We must tend to these very frightened folk one way or another.

    1. Well Bruce you may start some initiative such as sheltering 5 or 6 young men in your house. If you have a wife and daughter (I doubt you can reproduce) all the better.

    2. Trudeau caused this by “inviting anyone from anywhere to come here illegally”!! These people have nothing to fear in the U.S., how many has Trump sent back? None! What he has done is put on notice, the people who are illegally entering Canada, that they will no longer recieve the U.S. gravy train treatment that Obama gave everyone. They will no longer be able to work illegally, partake in criminal activity, sponge off tax payer dollars and sit on their ass living the American dream, off hard working tax payers backs. The problem is; we have an idiot government in Ottawa, that has no clue how to stop it, won’t enforce the law, and really don’t want to stop it, because these free loaders will always vote Liberal, thus keeping the free loading Liberals in power as well! All governments in Canada are running massive debt and deficits, and their only answer is to pile on more debt, with no plan to ever stop it! These thousands of people coming don’t contribute to the country with anything, if they ever get a work permit and get a job to pay taxes, where will they work? They aren’t engineers, scientists, doctors, teachers, etc. They’re people who are in the U.S. illegally and don’t want to work. Now they’re in Canada, sponging off those that do work, as we watch this countries standard of living on a continuous downhill slide. Liberals are a disease!!!

  5. If it is true (and I have no doubt it is) that the government has a responsibility to provide health care for Canadian citizens, that is no problem.

    On the other hand, if someone is NOT a Canadian citizen, then there is not a requirement for the government to ensure they have health care.

    If that is the extent of Hussein’s abilities as a lawyer, I guess I will never request that he represent me in some legal matter.

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