REPORT: Numerous Pedestrians Hit By Van In Toronto

LATEST UPDATE: Toronto Police say 9 people dead, 16 people injured in Toronto attack.

8 to 10 people reportedly hit.

Numerous pedestrians have been struck by a white van in Toronto.

According to reports, eight to 10 people were hit by the van.

At this time, the seriousness of the injuries is not yet known, though there is word that some people may be ‘without vital signs.’

Police say the driver has now been arrested. They have not released the name or any details about the driver.

Here’s what Toronto Police said on Twitter:

Below, is a video reportedly from the scene:

More details as they become available.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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    1. Lets wait and see on motive. Alek Minassian is the name of the attacker and Minassian is an Armenian surname and despite its close proximity to the Middle East, most Armenians are Christian not Muslim. Now who knows what his religion or motive was, but lets not jump to conclusions.

  1. Wait for it – He was such a nice quiet guy who didn’t seem to have any mental problems. He was on the police radar but they were waiting for further developments. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian because it’s 2018.

    All the standard cut & paste reasons.

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