If Canada Shut Down Our Entire Economy, It Would Make Almost Zero Difference To Global Emissions

Even the smallest emission changes in China can totally overshadow anything that happens in Canada. Yet, the Trudeau government continues pushing the carbon tax scam.

The Trudeau government keeps telling us that the carbon tax is needed to ‘save’ the world from rising emissions.

Yet, the federal government website itself reveals how little Canada contributes to global emissions. Here’s what the government says about it:

“Between 2005 and 2013, global GHG emissions increased by 18.3%. During that time, emissions from China increased by 61.5%.

Canada’s emissions in 2013 made up 1.6% of global GHG emissions.”

Here are two charts they put on the site:

Canada GHG Emissions World Comparison

Note how Canada’s total emissions are just a blip compared to the increase in China’s emissions. It’s also interesting how the chart combines all the nations of the European Union (many of them far bigger emitters than Canada) into one ‘region,’ just so they could push Canada into the ‘top 10’ emitters.

The charts above reveal how massive a scam the carbon tax really is.

We could shut down our entire economy, and the world would barely notice any difference in emissions. China is building hundreds of new coal plants around the world, and that output will totally cancel out any change Canada makes.

The makes everything more expensive, weakens our ability to compete, and makes our country poorer, and does nothing for the environment.

The government knows this. Their own website makes it clear that Canada can’t do anything to impact global emissions.

That’s why more and more people are seeing that the carbon tax isn’t about the environment at all. It’s about money and control. The government wants more of our money, so they can have more control over us. Plus, imposing the tax lets them fulfill their fevered virtue-signalling dreams of being global heroes – all at our expense.

We should be – and we can be – the wealthiest nation in the world. But that will never happen while our own leaders betray us through lies and harmful taxes.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. I lived in Australia when they brought out the Carbon tax, they called it a Levy and not a Tax, basically the same thing. All 4 Automotive companies left Australia, They no longer make cars hundred thousands plus jobs gone, The National airline almost went bust because of an additional of almost 1 billion debt that other international airlines didn’t have to pay and out priced the tickets. The very next election it was vote for Labor and keep the Carbon tax, Vote for Liberals and they’ll ‘axe the carbon’ it will be ‘Done and Dusted’ mas the moto’s. Well the voters turned on Labor and the Carbon Tax/Levy was axed within days, but it was too late to save the auto industry by then. Australia also wasn’t really adding anything to the carbon levels being that they only had 24 million people in a country the size of mainland USA. Australia’s Carbon Tax was the highest in the world, Canada’s will be the highest in the world in 5 years. Its suppose to be something like $10/ton this year and it grows $10/ton every year for 5 years until it reaches $50/ton. Trudeau is insane, he does not care about the economy one bit, Canada’s credit rating has just been down graded to dangerous by China who holds most of our debt. The best thing to do for all Provinces is make a class action suit against the Liberals and drag it out for 18 months until the next election. Protect Canadian Jobs and the Canadian economy should be any governments first Job of the day. Our debt and deficit is out of control and Trudeau needs a wake up call!!

  2. As I have learnt that Canada’s Trees in Canadian Forests eat up and process a lot more CO2 out of the air than we Produce . Canada is a non-polluter and Carbon Neutral Nation !

    ED P.

  3. The so called government of Canada ignore obvious realities of environmental abuses affecting waterways and oceans while being hyped in a small minded singular direction. The so called government of Canada are capable of spelling three words, each with three letters: oil, gas, air. That is where their attempt at thinking ends. As money is of no consequence to them, creating unbounded debt is their main directive and obvious goal, and blowing money on ridiculous purposes is their ambition, Canadians face a future of debt enslavement. The so called government of Canada are hypocritical fakers regarding their concern over the environment with ignoring obvious problems affecting countless species, while pretending concern over air borne pollutants which are inconsequential in contrast to that which they ignore. This carbon tax is abusive and based on punishing the people rather than making any sense whatsoever in taking steps that could actually bring positive change for the world. Canada is capable of setting an example for the world with science based solutions, but instead, the so called government sees abusive measures involving money as the solution to everything imaginable.

  4. “The Trudeau government keeps telling us that the carbon tax is needed to ‘save’ the world from rising emissions.” The next question should be SO WHAT if there is an increase in global emissions of carbon dioxide, a gas essential for life on this planet, which Catherine McKenna, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, absurdly calls “pollution”.

  5. I believe we have a very shonky and incompetent (Not for the politicians own ends.) government here in Australia. But your bloke Trudeau makes ours look like Einsteins. He scares the hell out of us with his Muzzy policy. As you say, he, like most, but more than the rest is busy on building his own castle. He will wake up before too long, but too late to discover it’s built of sand and will quickly collapse. I should not write the following as it might stimulate another action on his part. Why not cut down all your forests and put down solar panels? Crazy but, well, you know him better than me so could think this idea has merit in his eyes. Best for you to get rid of him fast as possible. I have never followed Canadian politics so am ignorant of the facts but ask, How the hell did he get to where he is?

    1. Wazza, we Canadians are in shock that this foreign drama queen is running our country, but it seems the pot smokers love him as he is also legalizing it, for them (so he can tax it of course). We are embarrassed by him daily, but our hoping the next election will put him in jail where he belongs, as I still feel the last election was rigged.
      We in the province of Ontario, also with a Liberal government who did do almost what you said but it is windmills, some solar, now have one of the most expensive, low performing hydro in the world and a huge debt to go with more power than we can afford now and companies are leaving.
      Our media keeps lying about how great they are, and running other parties down, we have no option than to try and find actual democratic politics as Canada and its provinces are collapsing under a huge debt and under this government our laws that protected us Canadians are ignored or changed and illegal immigrants are swarming us.
      If you read all of Spencer Fernando Articles, you will know the mess this once good country is in, he is one of the last non Liberal truthful media sites left in Canada.

  6. Turdeau is proving to the globalist bankers that he is a “good” pet monkey, worthy of promoting to head the U.N. Turdeau is your classic “post turtle” – a turtle on a fence post moving his legs and not getting anywhere, but shitting on those below. Turtles can’t climb, so you know he didn’t get their on his own. Someone put him there and either they went away laughing or they still show up once in a while to feed him. A real turtle is worth rescuing. Turdeau? Not so much….

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