LOL: McKenna Calls Climate Change $30 Trillion “Opportunity,” Refers To Opposition As “The Conservative Government”

A tough QP for McKenna, who continues to hide what the carbon tax will cost Canadian families.

It looks like Catherine McKenna is having a tough time defending the carbon tax in Question Period.

The government recently released a document that contained the cost of the carbon tax for Canadian families.

Except, the part showing the cost was redacted, totally blacked-out.

When Pierre Poilievre asked McKenna to tell Canadians the number included in that document, she tried to deflect to her talking points.

It didn’t go well.

First, she made the outrageous claim that the economic cost of climate change to Canadians by 2020 will be $5 billion, while saying the economic opportunity would be $30 trillion. So, McKenna wants us to believe that the possible economic opportunity for Canada from climate change by 2020 is bigger than the entire US economy?


Then – perhaps predicting the future – McKenna referred to the opposition as “the Conservative government.”


Watch McKenna’s tough QP below:

At every step of the way, Poilievre asked straightforward, common-sense questions. McKenna responded with mangled talking points, avoiding the truth every time.

McKenna’s outrageous stats and deflection reveal yet again that the Trudeau carbon tax is a total scam, and the government can’t justify it on any logical grounds. They want to fleece Canadian taxpayers with a massive tax grab, and hide behind the environment while doing it.

It’s also indicative of the increasingly dictatorial attitude of the Trudeau government. They want to reach into our pockets and take our money, without giving us any transparency or any details. That kind of arrogance, entitlement, and secrecy is not acceptable in a democracy, and it must be defeated in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. Trudeau is a contradiction in terms, saying and promising , while actually doing just the opposite. Trudeau promised Canadians openness, transparency, and accountability, none of which has he delivered upon , except to do just the opposite.Trudeau proclaims he is saving the world with his carbon taxes , but doesn’t care that it will destroy most people’s lives and finances. Yet he repeats the same lie, that he has reduced our taxes , even though they have and will continue to go up. He claimed to want to do politics differently, nobody would have guessed that meant, never answer a direct question, just use lies, deceit , obfuscations and non answers. When pressed for a direct and truthful answer to a simple question, he and his ministers have been trained to ,a,revert to election talking points or b, blame it all on the Harper government. Yet in all of this deliberately inspired Trudeau confusion, he and his entire cabinet see nothing wrong with failures to support our oil industry, our citizens, and our economy . And they believe that both the opposition and all Canadians should applaud them for creating such a unnecessary disaster of a country and economy, that they see as being worthy of world wide praise. Trudeau must never ever be allowed to have a second term in office.

    1. I agree that Trudeau must not be allowed to have a second term. I was so angry today while researching this “must agree with abortion” crap or you can’t have any grant from us. Then he stands up and blathers on about how they are the party of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms…and how only they are looking out for women’s right and they defend freedom of speech unlike those meany Conservatives…oh, and it is all Stephen Harper’s fault. The man is so so stupid that he doesn’t even know that women’s rights and reproduction rights are NOT in the Charter and the law was struck down in 1988..forgive me, I think it was 1988. What I want to know is what we can do to NOT get Trudeau elected! I post a lot of things to my Facebook page to make people aware..I posted a Rebel Media video about how Trudeau cares more about Islamic fighters than our Vets…(the 10 million bucks to Omar Khader…and then telling the Vets they are asking for more than they can give. Guess what, my relative said he didn’t believe me! I would love to do a direct mailing, but that must cost a lot.

  2. The climate barbie insults Canadians and repeatedly displays her contempt for all of us. For some reason, she doesn’t seem to realize that Government bureaucrats don’t work for free. Charge a $100 Trudeau Carbon Tax, spend $20 processing all the BS paperwork and calculations and return what’s left to the same people she took it from. It is clear her definition of “revenue neutral” is nowhere near what mine is.

    All she needed to do was give numbers but instead persisted in spewing bullshit. Where is the famous transparency? Transparency my Butts.

  3. I am all for climate green energy to be used but IT ISN’T READY. It is too expensive, NOT GREEN or better for the environment. So instead of digging deep into my pocket and stealing my hard earned cash maybe they should invest in scientific development and technology and make it better. Instead I am left with NOTHING. The environment isn’t any better for it, my pocket surely isn’t, yet their pockets grow. As long as we use the resources we have as diligently and environmentally friendly as possible THAT IS THE BEST GREEN STANCE WE CAN HAVE…. Canada has the most strict environmental and ethical oil anf gas on the planet… USE THIS AND BE PROUD not hide under ridiculous social licensing… BTW OUR GOVERNMENT IS USONG OUR CARBOM TAX AS A CASH GRAB!!!!!! NOBODY IS GIVING BACK TO GREEN TECH, OUR POCKETS OR ALBERTA IN GENERAL…. Climate Barbie is a joke

  4. I can’t believe the tax payers are actually paying these people to carry on in this manner .The Catherine McKenna cannot even answer a question every one wants an answer .There making Canada look incapable of handling our affairs and business dealings .The leading party in Canada look like a dog chasing its tail were loosing respect of other governments that we need to be doing business with dividing our great country for no reason .The leaders of this great country are making me sick with the unacceptable behaviour they are displaying.

    1. I agree with you Eldon, but how do we “not” pay them. They just take it from us. It is hidden in everything we eat, breath and live. It’s added on to our power, gas, food, transportation, housing, and on and on. The Liberals are arrogant,corrupt, greedy, thieves and I can’t wait to get rid rid of every one of them.sooner than later preferably.

  5. “It will grow a clean economy.” Well, the pollutants and carbon emissions China and India spew daily into the atmosphere apparently isn’t affecting their growing economy. “It’s about the kids.”
    Yes, when else fails to convince, resort to using the old adage ‘it’s for the children’. And where is our climate, Saviour Trudeau? Preparing for a trip to the United States on board the carbon emission polluter Challenger plane. Our Saviour has taken 33 international trips to 27 countries and 15 trips to the United States since elected PM. Maybe McKenna should have a sit-down chat and explain to our climate change Saviour Trudeau how the carbon emissions the Challenger plane spews is NOT helping ‘grow a clean economy.’

    1. Funny how they say it’s for the kids, yet think it’s okay to borrow on our kid’s future and guarantee them higher taxes for the rest of their lives, thanks to the Liberal’s out of control spending, with no end in site.

  6. it is sooooo apparent that they wait until they are challenged to act and provide some kind of answer ….unfit , kiddish , we are paying for their ON THE JOB TRAINING …get that climate barbie off the stage …this is what canadians want , this is what canadians expect ….!@#%&

  7. If traitor Trudeau, unhinged Mckenna and the rest of the boy-man’s merry band of lying snakes were even the slightest bit concerned about the environment, they would NOT be jetting all over the world in fuel guzzling planes, they would do ALL out of town and ALL out of country business by SKYPE and never take another international or domestic flight period! Trudeau took 33 international trips to 27 countries and 15 trips to the USA since elected PM only TWENTY NINE months ago, yet he has the audacity to inflict a bogus Carbon Tax on Canadians???

  8. it’s time to send all these liberal & ndp socialist progressive communist politicians for ‘carbon sequestration’

  9. Let’s hope this joker and his court jesters are gone by autumn 2019. “He” could drag it out until 2020. There will not be much left of Canada by then. I’ve been watching this slow train wreck since his father took office in 1968. Not even Harper attempted to slay all of the sacred cows in this socialist country. Who exactly is pulling the strings offstage??? There is far too much power concentrated in the hands of a few anonymous people. That, and the passive nature of the easily duped Canadian voter. Give me the power, and all of the sacred cows would be drop kicked down the mouth of a fiery volcano. [CBC/Multiculturalism & chain migration/Kowtowing to special interest groups/Weak borders/Enforced bilingualism/Marketing boards & quotas/Interprovincial barriers to trade within Canada…etc…etc…etc.]

  10. barbie spews all kinds of numbers like $30 trillion which seems to be a definite dollar figure, yet is incapable or refuses to provide the dollar figure on how much her Trudeau Climate Tax will cost taxpayers and their children.

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