Get Ready For The Trudeau Liberals To Demonize Canadians Worried About The Border Crisis

A Trudeau-appointed Senator has already tried to shift the focus to ‘populism’ and ‘xenophobia.’

The illegal border crossing crisis continues, with the number of illegal crossings expected to keep rising in the face of inaction from the Trudeau government.

A recent report revealed that the number of illegal crossers making ‘asylum’ claims would surpass the number of legal claims in 2018. Meanwhile, many municipalities are saying that 

But, instead of actually dealing with the crisis, the Trudeau Liberals appear to be shifting towards demonizing Canadians who want our border laws respected.

In an op-ed titled “Asylum are seekers not causing a crisis for Canada,” Trudeau-appointed Senator Ratna Omidvar tried shifting attention towards demonizing those who want the crisis resolved.

Here are a few parts of her op-ed:

“The only thing that is a looming crisis is the rhetoric that is picking up. More and more voices are using populist tones to their criticisms. The opposition dedicated a day last week in the House of Commons to score political points on the backs of asylum seekers. And a Quebec political leader even called for a wall to be built along the Chemin Roxham. I wonder where he got that idea.”

Apparently, Omidvar thinks that thousands of people crossing illegally isn’t a crisis, but people talking about it is a crisis. Interesting ‘logic.’

There’s more:

“This is dangerous. What can be looked at as legitimate questions can easily turn nasty into a wave of dangerous populism.”

And then, Omidvar erases the distinction between illegal immigration and legal immigration before outright demonization the opposition:

“Let’s be honest. The common thread of today’s populism is anti-immigration. This populism legitimizes xenophobia and encourage the separation of people into “us” and “them”. It creates a politics that sees the other not simply as different, but as different and therefor dangerous. Adversaries become enemies.”

There it is: Because the Conservatives are against illegal border crossings, Omidvar tries to make them seem like they are against legal immigration and are somehow xenophobic. And then, she accuses the opposition of being divisive, even as she just finished demonizing them.

Omidvar’s op-ed is unlikely to be a coincidence. It comes as the Trudeau government is under more pressure from the opposition and the public (the majority of Canadians oppose the illegal crossings), and are desperate to deflect attention from their inaction.

And, as we have seen before, when the Trudeau government gets stressed out they start demonizing people as ‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘xenophobes,’ and more. So it fits the pattern.

It would be no surprise if Omidvar’s op-ed was encouraged by the PMO, and we should all get ready for the Trudeau government to launch a full-scale rhetorical campaign to demonize the millions of Canadians who want our border laws to be respected.

Of course, that demonization ignores the fact that Trudeau’s weakness at the border is a serious insult to all legal immigrants, and is hurting Canadians of all backgrounds by shifting resources away from Canadian citizens.

By rewarding illegal border crossings, Trudeau is the one showing a xenophobic attitude towards Canadians and towards those following the legal process to join the Canadian family.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. It is a typical cynical liberal scheme to get grateful illegals to vote left and keep the bastards running the country until it’s just another ‘United Nations Universal’ third world cesspool while lining their pockets at the expense of our failing healthcare and underfunded military. Meanwhile phony ‘asylum seekers’ get treated better than our veterans and seniors.
    He’s doing exactly what his Red Daddy would love, so what do you expect ?

  2. So typical. It also turns attention away from the Kinder Morgan pipeline fiasco. There isn’t a scintilla of doubt left–These lying ass jokers and clowns are in the business of destroying OUR country. They are attacking our quality of life–affordability of modern life’s necessities–pride and patriotism–decent paying jobs–prosperity–education–the family–strength of our nation–morality–historical truth. As one commentator wrote: “Canada is dysfunctional. I’m surprised it’s lasted this long.”

    Trudeau: The toilet paper companies should name their product after this poop faced miscreant.

  3. Shame on the Lieberals and Ratna Omidvar, they are mentally unstable spendthrifts at our expense, why are we paying these puppets to break apart but not defend our country.

  4. Justin Trudeau is a incompetent imbecile,he has no respect or regard for the Canadians or this country , Justin Trudeau is a corrupt traitor criminal that supports terrorist,terrorism and the ideology of it all .This mentally challenged child should be facing criminal charges on the highest degree.He has divided,embarrassed,disgraced and on the verge of bankrupting this country,The Canadian citizens do not fell safe in their own homes anymore .This is a absolutely disgusting ,embarrassing and a disgrace.I speak for the people of Canada we want him out as prime minister and charged accordingly with his corrupt crimes ,the people have had enough

  5. Any political leader who knowingly breaks or ignores ANY Canadian or International law, or condones any other person breaking or ignoring those laws, MUST be immediately removed from public office and charged accordingly! Any RCMP or other police office that knowingly aids and abets any criminal in their illegal or criminal activity MUST be immediately removed from his/her position (without pay) and tried for their crime! This applies to illegal border crossings, illegal pipeline protests, and illegal censorship of legal items as described in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

  6. In Canada, a person who aids or abets in the commission of a crime is treated the same as a principal offender under the criminal law. Section 21(1) of the Criminal Code provides that:

    Every one is a party to an offence who

    (a) actually commits it;
    (b) does or omits to do anything for the purpose of aiding any person to commit it; or
    (c) abets any person in committing it.[1]

    To show that an accused aided or abetted in the commission of a crime, the Crown does not need to prove the guilt of a specific principal offender.

    The Crown must show something more than mere presence to prove the act of aiding or abetting. Presence in the commission of a crime might be evidence of aiding and abetting if the accused had prior knowledge of the crime, or if the accused had legal duty or control over the principal offender. For example, the owner of a car who lets another person drive dangerously without taking steps to prevent it may be guilty because of their control over the driver’s use of the vehicle.[2]

    Further, the Crown must show that the accused had prior knowledge that “an offence of the type committed was planned”, but it is not necessary that the accused desired the result or had the motive of assisting the crime. Intention to assist the crime is sufficient.[3]

  7. So fed up with this piece of crap. Canadian’s need to rise up above this piece of shit and the rest of Trudeau’s puppets. How much more can Canadian’s take of this gender, feminist lying dictator? Trudeau does not speak for me or any other Canadian, only the Liberal voters who voted for this loser. Something has to give and it will. Thanks to a journalist like Spencer spelling out the truth. It’s not enough. We Canadain’s have to take a stance and fight back this Liberal government tooth and nail. So fed up. So stressed out. Trudeau has done a wonderful job of causing division in Canada. He has stifled us from our freedom of speech and speaking out. What goes around comes around and hopefully sooner, not later, Karma will hit him in the ass.

  8. Normally, one might say that the comments of the Senator were somewhat ‘off center’ on the subject matter.

    However, being recently appointed and obviously of the ‘correct’ intellectual understanding required, her comments simply reflect not only her own, but the Liberal government’s opinions and, as such, deserve no recognition whatever.

    As an average Canadian citizen, as opposed to a hand-selected Senator, she cannot be unaware of the very real and serious problems that are facing Canadians and Canadian society by the influx of illegal migrants — (never mind the politically correct ‘irregular’ migrants) or, if she can lay claim that she truly sees no potential problems, she is in need of serious and immediate help — as would anyone making that statement.

    However, being a Liberal and being unquestionably loyal, she feels safe making her comments.

  9. They can demonize all they want. this proud Canadian wants this fiasco to stop. Start securing our borders. It’s trudopes fault we have a serious problem not harpers and certainly not the Americans

  10. It is strange that the Liberal Government, our Government, can “afford” to bus and house these illegal border crossers to locations a fair distance from where they’ve crossed. Yet, at the same time, our Government does not seem willing to work with CANADIAN LAW and bus them to a legal port of entry where under LAW only those who are true “asylum seekers” would be let into the country. This is not rocket science.

    If our government is unwilling to bus these illegal border crossers to a legal port of entry, then why not simply make all of the Canadian Border a legal port of entry?

    This is not an issue that should take over a year and 50,000 illegal people streaming into our country before our own government acts. It should have been dealt with at the first indication of an issue, months ago.

    1. For sure! But, clearly Trudeau doesn’t want to fix it. After all, he’s the one who invited them in when America threatened to deport them as they didn’t meet the criteria for asylum.
      Here’s an interesting fact……
      Asylum seekers must be taken in and kept safe in the FIRST safe country they enter. Since they come from America, they have already entered a safe place and so Canada is NOT obligated to take in those asylum seekers from America.

  11. Trudeau – and the unmentionables – have no respect for the Rule of Law. Without respect for the Rule of Law, Canada will become a third world sh*thole.

  12. The Customs Act is clear! Everyone seeking entry into Canada must report to a Customs Officer at a Port of Entry and declare all goods and answer all questions truthfully! Period!
    Anyone of any stripe who usurps this law…..including Justin Trudeau is aiding and abetting criminal behaviour and must be arrested and charged criminally! Where is the Commissioner of the RCMP? The Head of the CBSA? The Leader of HMLO? Why don’t they do it?
    By not…..they are complicit in this criminal behaviour and are part of the problem!
    Totally disgusting!

  13. Prime Idiot Justin Trudeau is a globalist puppet who would probably feel more at home on the end of George Soros’ leash than he would in Parliament.

  14. The LIEberals will make ALL immigrants valid to vote, illegal or not. Therfore the election of 2019 MUST BE DECLARED INVALID. Justin makes new law that anyone with any I.D. can vote, well that isn’t good enough. The plan behind this invasion is to enable the LIEberals to win power again. the election must be made INVALID.
    Justin has created a gigantic mess which will be nearly impossible to clean up. The LIEbrals have an AGENDA in mind to have allowed this tsunami of illegal border crossers, and it is foul and evil. those people are being USED against Canadians in more ways than just one.

  15. Populism merely means democracy. The left loves to use the term but they don’t realize that all it does is rip off their masks and expose their agenda.

    The totalitarians really love to twist language to their own Orwellian ends.

    Terms rendered meaningless that immediately come to mind are:

    – human rights
    – liberal
    – far-right
    – pro-choice
    – free speech
    – peace-keeping
    – populism


  17. It’s bad enough that we Canadians have to suffer constant lecturing from he who is supposed to love us.
    But, we should NOT have to deal with a newbie appointee lecturing us. Especially since she’s WRONG. I’m fed up with the left “not knowing us for what we are”. We are far better people than them. People on the right are just as caring of others as the left. In fact more so, considering the ‘left’ hate the ‘right’ for no good reason.
    Imagine the whole world ‘without borders’.
    There is still one ethnicity that still wants to take over and rule the world and that’s Islam. They’re already doing quite the job of taking over Europe and North Africa. Imagine if there were NO borders???

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